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>be me
>attempt to watch Gundam Unicorn and Thunderbolt
>they look like shit compared to 0083 and F91
What went wrong?
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>implying 0083 looks good either
If it's not directed by Tomino, it's shit. Every time.
083 is a technical marvel but god damn is it one of the worst written shows I have ever seen. I cant think of a single series that wastes a budget quite like it.

Thank god its really not well liked, usually these shitshows get free passes cause muh animation but the when i started watching it I heard almost unanimously its one of the worst if not the worst in the series. I think the thing thats proof of how awful it is, is that depsite being one of the best looking shows of the decade its so unbearably dull in the 2nd half and the parts that arent are infuriating. The general guy was the only likable character and his death was so fucking insulting it was like the writer was intentionally trying to ruin the show.

Really is the guilty crown of the 90's, incredible animation combined with the shittiest writing possible.

>Be me


Choose one: An oppai loli goddess or a perfect petite young girl with nice tits?
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one is 4 feet tall and the other is 3 feet tall
and your question is retarded
I'll take someone from a better franchiseö.
Right is a piece of shit, so Bestia.

ITT: Girls too pure to fap to
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Speak for yourself. I want to FUCK Kurisu intellectually!

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I'm a big Gundam Unicorn fan I must confess. For my money I don't know if it gets any better than that final episode. Has everything you could ever want.
I see that it has fallen out of fashion to like it though here on /a/. I can even see this happening on /m/. But when pressed for their reasoning for no longer liking this anime, they cannot bring up an argument with any substance. I think it's time we recognized the brilliance of Gundam Unicorn together.
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Gundam X was better
Forgot the MC's name (iirc it was something ducking stupid) but he was horrible. One of the worst characters in the history of anime. Seriously shit shit
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Mobile suits are fappable and OST is god-tier, at the very least.

Why exactly they thought it would be a good a idea to give a second chance do this series 2 years later after the first season being a massive flop?
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>yami yugi
card games are always an easy cash grab from kids
Because the manga became huge once Duelist Kingdom hit so they tried again and struck gold

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so dandy could have been an unregistered alien right?

and what did everyone think of space dandy in general?
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anyone else prefer the dub?
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Pretty meh overall, but still worth a watch.

Most people weirdly enough.
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/a/ generally liked it a lot. Definitely one of the best in it's season and year. But there are no waifus to post and fight over, and no deeper meaning or >plot to discuss, so it came and went rather quietly.

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How is this supposed to be the good ending?
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Wait a few weeks, watch it again
Did you miss everything that was being said?
Rewatch it
Somewhat open ending that answers a lot of questions (in subtle ways)
Also great role reversal of Asuka/Shinji

Would you date a cute Steppe waifu?
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>you will never make Pariya blush so hard she passes out
I am STILL angry about the Mr. Smith story line.
Get ready for Russians soon.

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There are people on this board who pronounce it "lolly"
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I prefer to call it "pedobait"
law - e

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I think Boku no Hero Academia is as shitty as Shounen goes and doesn't deserve a general on /a/, but its drawings and animation are pretty fine though.
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so we should post other faggot anime like Knights and Magic with trap protagonists instead? Or how about another all-girl SoL. How manly is that?
haha got 'em
Where did that even come from? No one mentioned manliness.

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Wow. Not only is this a great anime it's actually one of the FEW ANIMES IN EXISTENCE which is actually funny and manages to make me laugh.

How is KonoSuba so good?
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It isnt that good, just your personal taste i suppose
Its decent, nothing more
Also aqua best girl
Fuck off.
Name 3(THREE) comedy anime that you have failed to laugh at

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This is a Japanese checkmate.
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I thought only Kings couldn't be next to each other.
If two retard are playing chess, sure. Anything can happen
>literal suicide by pawn
He should have just killed Suzaku

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Jiren the gray vs Hitto dickhead.

What do you think the outcome will be?
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Hit would stomp Jiren if the fight goes on for an extended period of time but we haven't been shown Jiren doing anything so this question is pointless.
Right, but we know that Jiren is capable of eliminating broly Kale with one punch, he can transport himself without being noticed by base form Goku, and he can also predict block movements. So I suspect we can imagine something about this match
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Waku waku more gohan !!! reach Super Tingle 2 !!!

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These gals are your friends!
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Do you think this symbolizes something?
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Ange left this behind to go finish her mission. If that isn't dedication to her job and country, I don't know what is.
Ange popped her cherry

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Would you?
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Why is Ranma such a slut?
Ranma-chan is literally the sexiest anime character of all time. Of course I would.
yes, although i would never read any doujins about it oddly enough.

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