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How's your country represented in anime?
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What nationality is Lotte supposed to be?
her name sounds swedish or at least scandinavian
One mention in Maria+Holic when Kanako blurts out Trinidad and Tobago!

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This is your mother tonight
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Well shit, now I do feel bad for the gay kid.
>Head injury
So he is gonna be a vegetable now, unable to tell the others that the mother is a pshyco?
Did he died?

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Name a better girl.
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Right here.
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Yumeko 2.png
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There isn't
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2MB, 480x270px

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what the hell happened?
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Twin tower attacks.
>ebin meme quips: the animation
That meme doesn't even really make sense, considering that "metaphor" is as paper-thin as any random sentence in K-On.

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Why is the story so fucking boring now that he's the MC?
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Stop starting threads with some retarded bait you dumbfuck.
Why are Killuafags allowed to post on this board?
Is he on the boat /a/?

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It's time for another Miuna Monday!
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No, you've had enough of those. It's time to give the poor girl a break.
miuna does deserve a vacation, she should go to the chupacabra kingdom to relax.
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miuna dy.jpg
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Did the new chapter already come out?

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How do you think they handle this incredible power?
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That's not /sp/ though.
Look at him. Look at him and laugh at his shit taste.
Furuhashi, Ogata and sensei are top tire.
/sp/ is shit

Episode 3 is out for the few anons still watching this.
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It seems everyone dropped this already.

It's warming up on me. The boy's story was pretty sad

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>Conrad: Gluttony
>Void: Sloth
>Ubik: Greed
>Slan: Lust
>Femto: Pride
>Casca: Envy
>Guts: Wrath
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First three are kinda questionable. Last four are spot on.
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More like

>Griffith is the Demiurge
>Femto is Abraxas
>Casca is the fallen Sophia
>Guts is the everyman, or possibly Christ

Get on my level plebs.
Conrad is all puffy because he represents disease and is also a reference to the movie Brazil. Void can't be Sloth since he is the leader and the most involved one.

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>Take favaro's personality, slap it on a girl
>make her 10x more obnoxious, to the point where she overwhelms all existing characters personalities
>anime seems to always make her the central point of focus when she contributes nothing but slapstick, hamminess and needless romance to the plot
Why is she such a clusterfuck character?
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A cute
She has literally nothing in common with Favaro.
>will probably deus ex dragonchina her way through whatever bullshit at the end

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Would you stick your dick in a xenomorph?

This is a new series by the author of Youkai Shoujo, and yes this is a oneshot, but it's canon in the serialization. Dumping the chapter, keep in mind it's low quality images from the free preview on their website and it hasn't been through QC yet.
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File: 004.jpg (1MB, 1055x1600px)Image search: [Google]
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Mahoro 06.png
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I think dirty thoughts are bad!
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I didn't Sofia Nishikinomiya posted on /a/.
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I think dirty thoughts are good!
Lets sexualize Mahoro!!

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down syndrome eyes?
That's a big cookie
That's a clay-made star.

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Did Kiss-Shot and Araragi love each other?
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They still love eachother and know they are realistically the best partners for one another. They share a bond deeper than anyone else Ragi knows and also the whole extended lifespan thing .
Nah, Kiss used vampiric suggestion on him to get him to offer his blood but it didn't work right. All of his feelings for her are a result of that lingering curse.
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Yeah nevermind that he near killed her and sucked her dry of all vampirism and also denied her death which causes her to hate him for a good portion of the series. On top of that, he has a girlfriend already.

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