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>everyone says he's alpha
>10 mins in and he's getting grabbed and threatened by a random bitch and allowing it

Man why don't we get male protags who would uppercut a chick for pulling this shit?
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alpha /= bitchy sshole
It's for alphas to make them feel safe and then rape them

let the summer be

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anime pillastuu.jpg
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post very fast anime girl pictures
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hullu anime ukko.png
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bored sakura.png
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Is it me or there hasn't been anything good to watch the last few seasons (except aho girl)?
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It's just you.
Made in Abyss, Ballroom and Tsurezure Children are all great and from this season.

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Was anything past the TV series worth watching?
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the third movie is a direct sequel
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Yes, but that wasn't the question.
yes dude it's worth it

it's like watching nge but not watching end of evangelion

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Which one would you marry?
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Kyoro (female)
The maid. Still hurts how the mc followed her sub-route until the last choice and then chickened out.
The fang.

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>Gohanpedos BTFO by based 7 quads and Satan trips
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dark spirit.gif
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Are you ready for another round of falseflagging and shitposting?
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My husbando > you're husbando
No. He's cute.
Hes not even the best husbando in that series.

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She died?
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She grew up

I fell in this meme, such a boring show, even for being Yuri series.
>tfw anime already peaked

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Fumiaki Maruto: is he a prodigy or a hack?
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Just like your average garbage LN writer.
Megumi > Setsuna
Tomoya > Haruki
Kazusa > Eriri

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240KB, 1600x1200px
If you write everyone must die, everyone will go to hell? This better than Death note and faster.
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Did you even watch the series?
It ends up a ghost town. Everyone die.
File: 1473765190514.png (248KB, 456x480px)Image search: [Google]
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>4 season
>12 episodes
>6 of them are recaps

>same shit happens again

This show is fucken boring
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The girls tho
I want to see the blonde get excessively bullied
So it's not Kaiji or Akagi with dykes? Disappointing

File: SVC_1st_Sheet015b.jpg (1MB, 2000x2833px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 2000x2833px
>be her
>her beloved brother's death
>his superior talking shit about how he died
>try hard to be an enforcer which once was her brother's dream
>take intense training under the white devil
>be frustrated because it doesn't feel like she's getting strong
>challenge the devil with her best friend
>get shot
>hijinks ensue
>become an enforcer, also get capable of shooting Star Light Breaker, even defeat the devil in sequel

Is she, dare I say it, /ourgirl/?
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>going to make a daily general
Are you, dare I say it, a shitposter?
Dumb Nanohaposter
He's not a Nanohaposter, he's one of the shitposters that has been tormenting Nanoha threads since Vivid Strike's shitty edge brought him here.

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Why not?
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mother of god.jpg
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File: your time has come.jpg (118KB, 1688x951px)Image search: [Google]
your time has come.jpg
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File: katri-girl-of-the-meadows.jpg (54KB, 451x550px)Image search: [Google]
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Has anyone else here watched this anime?

I stumbled upon it yesterday and have been watching it with enthusiasm ever since.
It is comfy as fuck. Basic gist is slice of life of a Finnish girl living in the early 20th century countryside Finland which was still under the rule of the Russian empire.

You can find subs for all the episodes here:
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Katri is 2perfect4me but I didn't really care as long as the rest of the cast was prominent. That OP is amazing.
File: Katri.jpg (309KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
309KB, 1280x720px
Katri is super qt indeed.
I also like how the show uses the Finlandia hymn on occasion.
As a Finn I am amazed how accurate and authentic this show feels. It is rare to see foreign media that depicts Finland even remotely accurately, let alone Finland that existed 100 years ago. Everything from the buildings to the social strata depicted in this show is accurate to early 1900 Finland. This show warms my nationalistic heart. I wish that our national TV would start airing it.

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nug tomoko.png
143KB, 475x265px
so Umaru will get a 2nd season instead
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Fuck this gay world
There is zero reason why you can't like both Umaru and Tomoko

There is zero reason for this shitty forced fanbase war

stop being a faggot, you are making both Umaru and Tomoko cry
everything is right with the world

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