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Who would win in a duel, Gennon or Donovan?
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what kind of a duel? Gennon wasn't known for his combat prowess, as i recall.
Would it be genital jousting? Or a competition to see who can fuck the most little boys in the shortest time?

Donovan got virginal little boy ass for like two hay pennies and a loaf of bread, Gennon had to supply an army for used and abused teen ass.

Donovan is the MVP here.
Your mom.

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What the FUCK was her Problem?
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Crippling loneliness
She let her magic go to her head.
too pure for her own good

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Is Haruhi Suzumiya a well written character?
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Not really.
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Best girl of all times and all volks.

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Beerus gets mad easily. Don't do anything to make him mad, okay?
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Champa is better and U6 has a higher mortal level
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Beerus is a punk.
Beerus's waifu is shit

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Mana a best, as usual.
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But Nakano a cute! A CUTE!
If you die in your thoughts do you die in real life?
I still can't believe Toda is dead.

Lets play a game /a/

Post an anime without posting its name, or any images from the anime or of its characters. Others try to guess the anime

lets start off with something easy.
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Get in the robot!
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I hate these things because they look like turds.

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So, why did Thomas kill himself?
Did Hagio even know or was it just a good dramatic setting?
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Didn't he kill himself so that the other boy would realize the importance of life or something? It's been years since I read this.
Yeah, that's what I got too. I think he even mentions it in his letter, but my memory isn't the best here.
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Something like that, but it still doesn't make sense to me.

How is that supposed to teach him anything.

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If dubs, OP's mother by me
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alien desu ne.jpg
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Delet this

Holo is PURE!

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What the fuck was her problem?
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So how many /a/nons have eaten balut?
Its pretty fucking good.

Theres this peddler always selling them on the market. Always make it a point to drop by whenever I can.

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Why hasn't KyoAni made an idol animes?
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even kyoani has standards
But they made Lucky Star
Too much competition of an already crowded market

What they could do is a musical with a mixed gendered cast

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Sachiko is the cutest.
No they're just replaced with new ones when they get too old.

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So I'm sitting here in the dark fucked up right now and I've been thinking about anime or whatever reason, Inuyasha in particular and I've realized something about myself. I've always said here that I like Kagome better than Kikyo but I actually don't. I don't understand why I do this to myself especially when I'm anonymous anyways but I like Kikyo better and I think I always have since I was a kid but I feel a need to want to like Kagome more for some fucked up reason that I just don't understand. I really do like Kagome but if I was somehow magically in Inuyasha's shoes I would have this conflict within myself for no reason even though I know deep down that I wanted Kikyo. What the fuck is this? I don't understand if this is normal and if you watched this series what do you all think about what I'm describing because I just don't know.
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Considering you're talking about Inuyasha it's probably the same way a landfill clogs your senses
I don't understand.
im sorry, but I think you have autism.

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Get in the robot, Shinji.
Adam jacks off to Eve
Self love is the meaning.

Why does Hime have a plushie of a terrorist attached to her bag? Is she some kind of Frog ISIS supporter?
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Why did the teacher bring up a socialistic concept of rule during class and get checked on as if the Thought Police were watching her
Not all amphibians are terrorists.
Frogs aren't Terrorist yet they're just niggers.

It's more like a Gollywog than anything

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>/v and /a merge once again
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I'd rather take over /v/.
You must be squidding me.
Don't /v/ and /a/ merge in every Dragonball thread?

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