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And you're a loser who got like one good fight in the whole damn series. kys
YYH had the best tournament arc in history.
>character that makes the series worth watching
>one good fight
What did he mean by this?

he is back bois!! LET'S GET READY FOR A SHITFEST!
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posting a classic.
will be delayed week before the release date
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>Walk into your house
>Suddenly this rushes at you
>What do?
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Protect her from Ueno.
sure is summer in here
Both protect her and fuck her brains out

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Murata streaming again
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Is this Sonic?
There's the tattoos and OP assumption in the filename.
I hope Che Gorilla will be ok

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THE [email protected] SideM PV is out, will ya wahtch this series anon?

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Only if the producer is a mid to late 20s woman
Probably not.

[email protected] 2011 and CG were both boring.

I think I'll watch Aikatsu instead.
>only real trap isn't in
Fucking dropped

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just living in the database.
Man season 2 was so fucking shit.

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why are they not so common anymore?
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> tfw no new yandere year

sad, isn't it?
Pretty sure they never were common.

Did you post in wrong thread?

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>character with small breasts is shown to be to be insecure about her chest
>all her gags constantly involve about her small chest
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>little sister character ambiguously wants to dick aniki
>trap insists she's a boy despite acting like a girl
>character eats a lot
>character acts like an irredeemable bitch with motives the main character couldn't possibly know
>he still somehow forgives her
>this is considered the good end
Thanks janitors for deleting the image, hopefully people won't bitch about it now. Sorry for the incovenience.

>character eats a lot AND is cheerfully, unapologetically dumb as fuck

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Out of all the seasonal waifus ever, who has the most longevity and staying power?
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megumeme probably
>fat asses
That's a good idea, the fat blonde gyaru with huge tits and ass from last year is still fondly remembered. Follow the boners and you'll get staying power.
Chaika died out recently, but she had a long run after her show.

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ugh, me too
Fairy Tail and One Piece, I don't like the faces in the former's case and I dislike the One Piece designs in the general, I find them ugly.
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Accel World

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>downloading random shit without knowing if it is good or not
keep going
>being on an internet plan where you have to ration your downloads carefully
You have my sympathy.
>being too stupid to realize you're downloading anyway
I want my sympathy back.

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Is this the ultimate Pleb filter?
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>Pleb filter
Why do you crossboarders care about this so much?
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Spotted the pleb
>they hate it
good taste
>they absolutely love it but think its trash
even better taste
>they love it unironically
literally subhuman

My new waifu

Why is she so cute?
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Shouldn't you being telling us why SHE is so cute? SHE is your waifu after all.
Just fapped to Astolfo for the first time, how gay am I now?
>new waifu

Darkness claiming her body "isn't that hard" implies that her body is at least a little hard.
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Deepest lore.
She was the hardest thing around though.
her body definitely makes me hard if you know what i mean

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If you would have a change to direct an anime, what song would you choose to the ending theme?
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>if you direct a japanimation series, what song would you choose for its ED?
>what song would you choose to the ending theme?
Wouldn't that depend on the anime?
Not really for the most part

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