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Does she make a good maid?
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there's too much
going on here
is komi sexually attracted to traps
Are there people who aren't?

Do other anime girls poop?
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That's the sort of stuff that smart girls delegate.
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who wants to know
do you think anime girls do enema?

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I've used mpc-hc+madVR+xysubfilter for years. Which are the alternatives? mpc-be? mpv? vlc?
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Who removed his rotating the velocidensity of several girls and not taking responsibility?
so? what's stoping you from using mpc-hc+madVR+xysubfilter for another years?
I've been trying to remember that pasta for ages thanks mate

What did she mean by this?
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Who am I attacking? What's your problem?
Don't engage it
Subs when?

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Why was the MC reincarnated with a crotch tattoo that usually only sex slaves have? Is this foreshadowing?
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>Loli vampire

Which manga is this?
Tensei Kyuuketsuki-san wa Ohirune ga Shitai
Cause he is the future sex slave of lesbo vampire.

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Satania time.
Why is she so perfect?
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Thread theme

cause either way the bulling goes its beneficial either way

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Top-tier taste right there, OP.
nice blog

Surprisingly good taste/10

Relax and take it easy
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Mina Collection 2.jpg
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Another WWD is upon us. Let's get this started.

I'm requesting Mina Nishizawa from Hyperdimension Neptunia lying down next to the viewer in bed while smiling and saying good morning (optional), dressed in a nightdress

* Nightdress reference: http://i.imgur.com/cAMAFjt.jpg

If that request doesn't work for any of you guys, I have 3 other follow up suggestions:
- Mina patting her lap while looking at the viewer and smiling
- Mina receiving a headpat with her hat off while enjoying it.
- Mina leaning forward to the viewer while preparing for a kiss.

If none of those work, anything cute or beautiful is fine.

With that said, thanks in advance and have a good weekend everyone.
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Requesting Risty in any of these KOF characters' outfits:
Leona: http://imgur.com/a/oPVUH
Angel: http://imgur.com/a/FApDO
Vanessa: http://imgur.com/a/ql9op

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What is a borderline divided between fat and thick.
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when the waist is larger than the hips and breasts
By that logic all flat chests would be fat

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If none of what she said really mattered to her why the fuck did she still break up with him?
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>Caring about Piss x Sensei
She thinks she's going to be messing up his life by dating him, and it'd be better for him to date girls around his own age.
Got to have retarded characters if you want a story to not last half a chapter

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So is this the new 2deep4you ending?
Which ending was worse? This one or the original ending to Evangelion?
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There was nothing deep about it. It was just a cop-out from being left with no good options after too much bad writing.

And the ending to NGE(TV) was great, if a bit strange.
>There was nothing deep about it. It was just a cop-out from being left with no good options after too much bad writing.
It was too deep for you.
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I didn't have a favourite character in Evangelion I hated them all equally so as a zaShuninafag Kado's was worse, by far.
Even though I know in my mind that he ascended and didn't die and he'll process all that information eventually I cannot forget his anguish as he died. Since his crying face is the last thing I saw I get the sense he'll suffer for eternity. And it makes me mad.
It only makes it worse that his death was at the hands of an underforeshadowed, rushed Deus ex Machina. I know it's good to break the rules of storytelling sometimes but really I cannot see Yukika as a successful case of that.

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Spring season 2018 can't come soon enough.
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I wish the seasons would stop rushing past us so. I'm getting old and rickety.
Chaika on the front page!
I'm also waiting for the return of best girl.

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Is she supposed to be so unlikable?
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She's supposed to be TAIGA.
it's very unappealing
I want to stick my dick in her.

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Is this anime of the season?
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from what ive seen so far, yeah probably. could be a contendor for aoty.
maybe if you like edgy pseudointellectual crap. if madoka was aoty for you, this will be too.
Ballroom for me

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Why is this even a meme
Back to Facebook
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Fuck off

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