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Could she have caught Kira?
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Which one?
I can't stop cumming
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I think the better question is would L be able to solve all of the class trials by himself?

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What do anime characters do after they graduate from high school and/or save the world?
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They revert back to middle schoolers.
4 years of university, then work in an office for years and not get married because everyone in Japan is awkward now.
I'm surprised that there isn't at least a manga on this concept yet. Only thing I can remember similar to this is a hentai manga where the shonen hero marries the villain after defeating her and they have kinky sex everyday.

Extremely divine lolis!
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So is the girl who plays Kami Daio in the cast or not?
Why is this anime so unpopular? It's really cute.

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I'm currently watching Darker than Black, but I can't figure out what exactly is going on in this series. It's all so random, and I can hardly remember the main characters of this story. Is this normal or I lack attention?
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No, it definitely has some of the weirdest pacing I've seen in a serious anime. Just focus a little harder, and you'll realize the ep's are not really that complicated and you'll get it.

I stopped caring about the plot and just enjoyed watching chinese electric batman
> I can hardly remember the main characters of this story
The overarching plot is pretty sparse and barely important, but this is a weird complaint.

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By buying the English translated, colored manga when it's out? Will you do it for Rin? Will you do it for Watashiya?

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O no. I only watched a few minutes of the series. It was too pedo for me. Won't buy the books.
Do you say the same things about very violent anime, that they're too violent for you?
didn't they already do one before?

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What is sex with Shinka like?
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I'm not sure I want sloppy seconds of a dog.
Like a tug of war between two different dimensions where you serve as the rope.
Delete this and please don't post your weird fantasies about my wife ever again.

Do the Doraemon storyboarders have a foot fetish or what?
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Do Fujiko F Fujio have voyeur, public nudity, hypnotism fetish towards lolis?
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Nah, they have a ENF/bath scene fetish. seriously, how they got away with this?

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What's the most token "trainwreck" anime, in the most literal sense of the word?
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Rail Wars

Does Leiji Matsumoto work all take place in the same universe?
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So Daft Punk lives in the Matsumotoverse as well?

I think it's more like Tezuka. He uses the same characters a lot but each story is unique to itself.
He's supposedly writing his "magnum opus" meant to tie together nearly every story he's ever written. Nothing has been published yet, but he's been touring a lot the last few years in Japan, with a lot of exhibits countrywide two years ago. Hopefully he's actually started.

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>straight dudes all over the world ejaculating to Astolfo
>everyone praising Mordred nonstop, to the point of saying the is carrying the show
>everyone saying how adorable Fran is
>everyone bullying Jeanne for being a slut
>Jack and Atalanta haven't really had any screentime yet so not much to say
>no one cares about Semi
Isn't is sad?
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she have knife ears that's why.
They haven't animated her yet. This is literally the only reason.
Why would anyone care about some evil turboslut?

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What's going on in here?
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Quiero saborear tu cuerpo despacito

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Does /a/ like Dungeon Meshi?
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I like it
How fucking new are you?
>Great artwork
>Interesting concept

Can't why anyone wouldn't like it. I'm not saying it will be a favorite, but I can't imagine anyone disliking it.

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is he a bigger jobber than Yamcha?
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>Set up as THE CHOSEN ONE once goku is gone
>japs say no

what do you think anon?
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I think Jiren needs to hand over the Donuts
What a loser.

ITT: Post confessions
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>and then she let their female friend keep him wet while she's away
nice story /a/

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HA! I'd like to see anyone try!
Homo doujins, hopefully

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