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I want to have sex _______ Kanna.
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I want to have sex with someone outside of Kanna.
On? Behind?
I want to have sex away from Kanna.

Is the Dark Tournament the best tournament arc in all of anime? What else could compare to it?
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all tournament arcs are shit, YYH ones are specially shit except for the toguro fight
The tournament in kill la kill was the best part of the show, though.

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Sakisaki best girl
She needs a spin off so goddamn much, holy shit.

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What do the Oscars have against anime movies?

The only ones they nominate are from Ghibli. Everything else they thumb their nose at.
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Your Name isn't worthy of an Oscar, though.
The same reason Avatar didn't win an Oscar, the actual narrative has the depth of a puddle. It's a very nice movie with a nice story and nice visuals but anyone could write it.
Old White Men at the Academy rather judge movies based on how many black cocks are in it rather than the quality of said movies.

Who gives a fuck about the Oscars anyway? If I wanted to see a bunch of entitled leftists congratulate one another by sniffing each other's farts then I would just go back to work.

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>Hosting Images on Blogspot.
>Please Donate.
I have no words.
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>AHOTS is only half the length of normal episodes

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It's for your protection. Any more and you might get infected.
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because the other half of its timeslot is filled up by Aho Girl
Because if it was normal length it wouldn't be AOTS any more.

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Why did his mom enable his shitty behavior so hard? She should've made him volunteer at a childhood leukemia ward so he'd learn to appreciate his perfect normal health.
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in a world where having some sort of power is the norm, he is the child with leukimia
They still had diseases didn't they? Most people being able to shoot lasers out of their eyes or bench-press cars doesn't mean cancer's cured.
So capetards can self insert into him better. Waaaah why can't I be like Lebron.

This makes no sense.

Why aren't there shows about high school boys acting like retards and trying desperately to get laid and failing miserably? That would be a lot more relatable and fun then "boring , beta motherfuck somehow gets super hot girlfriend"
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I think that would cause a mass suicide of otakus.
Why do you want this when every second Western show is like that?
So, like Love Lab with guys?

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Why do people like this and call it a fresh take on the shonen genre? Its literally Naruto
>Start off with everyone wanting to be hokage/top hero
>Everyone has different quirks passed down familially
>Protag is shit but is given this power by said hokage/top hero
>Chunin exams/one on ones
>Protags love interest loses to his rival but proves herself
>going to the sensei of the sensei
>evil guy licks blood to immobilize victims
>edgy friend with daddy issues comes to the rescue (Gaara, little different place in the story though)
and thats only 53 chapters. Why do people like this other than Momo being best girl ?
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because it isn't a fresh take on the genre. It just has a lot of cool characters
>Why do people call it a fresh take on the shonen genre?
Who the fuck said that?

>I think Naruto invented shonen tropes
You need to leave.
is just a shonen check list, nothing is really new or interesting

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This is the only LN protag with a personality and a sense of dignity, say something nice about him.
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He has a very nice dead author and ending never
Welp, that sucks.

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What do you guys think about Key the Metal Idol?
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I think OP is a massive faggot.
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It was my first "adult\serious" anime.
Watched it as a kid, kind of blew my mind.

Wish bakabt was up so I could watch it again.
Fucking answer me, OP. Keep the convo going.

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What if they made a second season of Umaru?
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punch umaru.jpg
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Are you for real?
I'd an hero

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I wish Lucoa was my mommy.
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Can you have sex with mommy?
report /e/ subhumans
You'd never stop the breastfeeding phase, ever.

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Anime can't be kin-
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report /tv/ shitpost threads

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Oh hey, edgy card game updated.
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The only edgy thing about this series is the MC. She's the darkness itself.
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And that's what makes it great.
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