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Whos ready to ramp up the madness?
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What will you be watching this Fall?
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Kekkai Sensen. Not sure what else.
Kekkei Sensen, Gintama, Shokugeki and Pop Team Epic
Blend S
Sunshine 2
Whichever else that gets threads with goodposters

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You have 10 seconds to name an animu where MC receives an incest-confession from his sister and rejects her

Protip: You can't.
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wat are sum where he accepts?
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I can think of a couple where imouto just never confesses. That good enough?
Yosuga no Sora
They get together after though.

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Light Yagami looks like THAT!?
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not anime
>let's take the perfect honor student good boy and make him an edgy faggot lel

Literally WHAT were they thinking?
This is light's new gf
say something nice to her

It sucked. Does it become not retarded at some point? Neither JoJo nor Dio are interesting or likable in the slightest. Japs seem to have a huge problem with writing good villains.
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No. You can fuck off forever now.
Episode 3 is great.
It's retarded macho fun

The Saiyan Saga is painfully overrated. Nothing happens in it except overly long fights and Goku traveling to King Kai

The Nammek saga is honestly better. At least the plot progresses in ways other than fight after fight
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Can I have back two hours of my life? What an abomination.

>deaf whore kept raising the bar for her classmates
>classmates split because of her
>classmates encouraged a kid to bully her
>kid took the blame and nobody believed him that this classmates were behind it
>classmates reunited and kept forcing the notion the kid is responsible for everything
>kid's sister is a racemixer and he is only around to raise their child
>kid thought about killing himself
>deaf whore decides to kill herself and the kid saves her but he falls instead, thus falling into life threatening coma
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That's Kyoani for you.
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Just admit your heart is made of stone.
if ur deaf, go to a fucking special needs class, dont push ur attitude and inferiority on others

also, kill yourself, i remember ur spergy ass in dota 2

Twitch will stream Mob Psycho 100 on july 27 + other animes https://twitter.com/Twitch/status/887345000266313728
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No one cares.
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>watching anime with twitch chat
Perhaps it will never be that more relevant than it is right now so I'll say it for once


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Yammi from Bleach

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Have we reached the "meet the parents" stage of the relationship?
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Toda couldn't handle the real thing huh.

NakaMom a super hot.
>Ayako, you didn't tell me you borrowed a shirt from someone this handsome
Fuck this fag, will get the girl and now the mom too.

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Am I the only one who gets triggered by shit like this?
Making upgraded steam gun, fine. But then also having method to reverse the bite?
With all the people who made original steam guns no one could come up how to get more pressure out of it? And no one else thought that that you can strangle yourself to avoid infection or at least try to cut off the bitten arm? No they have to seppuku for fucking drama.
It would have been more believable if god him self ascended from the skies and reversed his bite in this scene
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>And no one else thought that that you can strangle yourself to avoid infection
Evidently there were others, otherwise Mumei and the others wouldn't exist.
>And no one else thought that that you can strangle yourself to avoid infection
It's a pretty retarded idea. People on /a/ were triggered that it actually worked when the first episode came out.
You could say the same for very basic technology like Color TV no one realized how easy was to make it untill some spic came and did it. And yeah he "reverts" the bite so what nigger? thats exactly the plot of the anime and hes not the only one. I dont get whats your fuckign problem.

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Worst Girl, Why she so shit.jpg
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ITT: indisputable worst girls in their respective series
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>make a thread
>call best girl a worst
>guaranteed replies.jpg

Explain this right now 99 fags.
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Looks like Gon kicked Illumi and he fell.
Its slowed down by 70%, thanks for the bait picture, now kys
Wanna explain how a little twink can knock down a top tier nen user like Illumi?

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I love you, anon.
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What would sex with Ange be like?

>I'm not cumming! I'm not cumming!
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What the fuck is her problem?
Don't lie to me Charlotte

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>The girl is taller than the guy

How ofter this happens?
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>tfw she is taller than me
In real life? more than you know... Fuck high heels.
Anyone who's smaller than 1.80 should just become a trap.
Yo will never be considered a man.

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