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Thoughts on Lesbians in anime?
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contrary to Islam
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Only way it should be
Honestly, all anime should be girl only yuri. Men just ruin anime and yuri is the only true form of love.

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Is she capable of love?
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yes, but Reg is taken
Nah he will just leave her behind or kill her because she goes full yandere.
It is a well known fact that autistic people are incapable of feeling human emotions

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more like good characters in excellent series
More like good characters in shit series
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KLK was just okay but she sucks and is gay.

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What's in the box?
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A bap?
A cat, and a source of radioactivity connected to a bottle of poison.
A vid.

Type-Moon Comiket (2017) popularity poll results revealed so far:

01. Ryougi Shiki
02. Emiya (Archer)
03. Altria (Saber)
07. Arcueid Brunestud
14. Kirei Kotomine
14. Kohaku (tied)
28. Satsuki Yumizuka
29. Akiha Tohno
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>literally who higher than akiha
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>02. Emiya (Archer)
As expected of the master.
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I'm torn between my joy of Sacchin being so high but at my fury for Akiha for being so low.

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I fucking swear /a/, if i have to see another episode and this guy is crying AGAIN..
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you'll what? Drop it?
Nobody cares senpai.
Boy I sure love balls
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Only if they are not touching.

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Would you drink her menstruation?
dry cum

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class 1a.png
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>shoji, a giant, is at the front of the class; jiro can't even fucking see in front of him
>momo, a know-it-all who would most likely be focused on learning rather than slacking off, is sitting at the very back instead of the front
>mineta, the resident pervert, is allowed to sit in front of the hottest chick in class
>ojiro is sitting in the very front, his huge tail can be used as a distraction (hell there's been a panel where kaminari is literally fiddling with the fucking thing while paying attention to a lecture); it'd make more sense for him to be in the back

who's the moron who came up with this seating arrangement
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Fuck off. We don't need another thread.
rasie your powerlevel, its in hiragana order.

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I thought Yu Yu Hakusho was supposed to be good? I just finished the Saint Beasts saga and it's actually becoming grating to watch. Does it get better?
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It's just people's nostalgia goggles. It's honestly pretty boring.
I thought the first arc was the best personally. It's all downhill from there. The Dark Tournament's resolution is the part where it really becomes just plain bad. If you don't like it now you probably won't enjoy the rest of it.

/a/ is just full of Togashi dickriders who will defend him no matter what shit he writes
Don't worry, I understand. New anime fans have an incurable disease that makes them blind to great adventures. It's quite sad actually, that there are people who will never know great shounen anime just as it's sad deaf people can never know great music. You have my pity.

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Reminder that Kabeneri has a S2 and you're favorite show doesn't.
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>you're favorite show doesn't
It does. I wish it didn't.
But what if Habanero was my favorite show?
Fuck off and kill yourself, cancer.

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New Team 7 when?
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but Boruto is competent and thus was able to stop them before they really hurt each other, twice.
Of course, Sakura isn't gifted in TnJ

But aesthetically it must have been an intentional comparison.
What would of happened if Kakashi didn't show up and they accidentally killed Sakura.

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What is /a/'s verdict now that the dust has settled?
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I liked the outfits, but that's pretty much it. The whole plot was Glen constantly saving Rumia or that cat (forgot her name) every single fucking time.
I think you should try out gay sex.
awful show

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Miss Kobayashi wants a boyfriend!
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That would be gay.
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That's a strange way to say dragonfriend my European compatriot.
Dragon Yuri is the best Yuri.

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Would you?
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No, she can get her stank feet out of my face before i bite them off.
Hell yeah I would, who wouldn't?
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I'd rather massage something else.

Is this good? I've watched 9 episodes but I'm easily entertained and think most stuff is good.
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You seem to like it. Why are you so concerned about whether other people think it's good?
>tell me what to think
Leave and never come back.
Just curious. It seems different and I want to what others think of it

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