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>Villain just wants to watch the world burn
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>Villain wants to save the world
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>villain makes more sense and is actually right compared to the hero who just have a boner for saving people.

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After seeing a lot of threads on him I was wondering why no one likes to discuss how Kamina was a coward. People like to paint him in this light of "complete badassery with no fear" but honestly he was just a teenager with a front. Numerous instances he stated that he was extremely scared but it was Simon that kept them going, he could keep up that fake confidence because of Simon, and Simon persevered because of that confidence. The point was that team dai-gurren found meaning in that facade.
So yeah, Kamina was a good character, but not because he was fearless- but because he was afraid and kept moving forward.
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oh ok
Bravery means to go ahead despite being afraid.
Exactly, facing your fear is bravery. A simple concept, yet a lot of people tend to not get that. They think he was fearless.

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Shinka is the kind of the girl who would fight back when you hit her.
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>implying that doesn't turn her on
Only if it's dog
i would not even think of hitting her

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The children in this look like 10 year olds. Is Evangelion really a kids' show? I mean it has sex in it and EoE is graphic.
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It's a kids show for kids who are fucked up. Not one of those kids shows for normal kids.
The kids in the video were normal Japanese schoolchildren though
Anime is for kids.

BIG headsup to the Kare Kano heads out there; there's actually a really good encode available for us now, recently released.
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Cool, thanks for the heads up. Could provide a link? Or is on the nyaa clones?
I have the DVD's. How does the encode compare?
Right now I think it's only on the sekrit club.

check it out.

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New chapter out, what do you think her secret is?
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Trap brother
Author doesn't do traps try again
>Author doesn't do traps try again
Nice bait

I'll admit, I teared up when I first saw this scene
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My favorite SS transformation.
theres an afterlife. Hes just chilling

>janitor deletes thread
>3- 4 different dbs threads.

You know it really kind of takes a lot of sting out of this shit when you know that the DBZ afterlife not only exists but it's pretty chill.

I mean Buu murdered fucking EVERYONE and next time we see they're sipping tea talking about boys

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This is literally my dream. I aspire to become as beautiful as Rize.

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go back to Eiken.jpg
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I want to nene Nene's nenes
Is this the age of shortstacks??
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Name ONE(1) bad thing about Mugi
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She's a dirty strawberry thief.
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>anything bad about Mugi goddess
nigga please.
always thirsty

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Cockaroach girl (a.k.a most abused waifu) thread
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tfw best waifu thread is a dead thread
Maybe if you weren't using a trip, didn't misspell the name and hadn't uploaded such a shitty upscale for a picture but instead come up with a proper topic to be discussed, the thread would thrive more.
read the mango op was pretty good

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Tower of God thread

So the rules of the Virtual Floor are :

1. Anyone who reveals details of the existence of the floor on the outside loses both their data and memory of the place

2. once you become a ranker you can't go back in or update your data

3. after you complete it you can't update data and take any items or goods from the Virtual floor

So you can go in there to become stronger but you can't farm items there.
Also, when the fuck did Rak get there? When did he even split from the group?
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Based Rak cleared the hell accidently train well before Bam and anyone else in their crew.
So do we know how Gustang feels about Zahard? Presumably he fucking hates him if he's doing all this floor of death shit, so he could have been talking about Zahard rather than V when he said "your father is a faggot".
>inb4 Rak is actually dead and what remains in the hidden virtual floor is just his data
everyone will bet that young zahard will look like a mirror image of wangnan

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Why are so many people got killed for bullshit reasons in this manga?

>Wahhh H-he took my favorite burger
>Uhhh.... Let's kill him
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Most murders happen for what rationally amounts to bullshit reasons.
The difference is, Tokyo doesn't actually see all that many murders.
Most people end up getting killed for bullshit reasons in real life too.
Sera is an overrated smelly boy.

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oh boy here we go
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>web series
i guess
Eh, at least there will be an influx of squid porn.
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Okay cool but I need more scanlations.

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So, anyone else thought the whole Akko!Diana thing was lost potential?

>inb4 first cour everyone already talked about this
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>Akko!Diana thing
Explain, OP. I'm lost.

The entire series was wasted potential to be honest, but at least we got a funny scene out of it.
Episode 12, Akko turned into diana but did basically nothing with her. Just a prank on Barbutt and Hanncocked.
And then failed miserably on fixing a statue.

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