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Motorcycles are for retards.
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This show was great.

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Why would you deliberately watch the worst show of the season?
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how would i know it's the worst show of the season without watching it?
Why wouldn't you take this shitposting v-tier thread to the garbage bin it belongs in?
But I didnt watch Attack on Titan.

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Find a flaw.
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It wanted the audience to sympathize with people that murdered entire races and sold their planets
you were blind then, it was a story about gokus father, everybody wanted that.
Not canon

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3hz&Kinema Citrus win
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made in shit and princess flopper are garbage tho
Fate/Apocrypha 5
Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu 6
Ballroom e Youkoso 6.5
Princess Principal 9.5
Senki Zesshou Symphogear AXZ 7
Made in Abyss 10
Reminder that your beloved "3Hz" show has Actas' name on it too.

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i better character than Gohan.png
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Why is Gohan the worst anime character in history?
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Because he was a massive faggot until one moment then he fucked up and was cool again for another minute before getting blown the fuck out for three four straight sagas then popping up again just to get fucked again and not mattering in the tournament.
I agree completely
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Gohan is back.webm
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Fuck off. Gohan will be back this arc better than ever. CELL STYLE.

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Is Shuu Gay?
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Why did you leave a picture of Trunks?
cause fuck you nigger
>arguing with dubs with a shitty anime
Double-nigger spotted.

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How the fuck did ONE PANEL completely ruin his character? He went from a likeable antagonist to the poster boy of what shounen manga shouldn't do
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>Shounen manga shouldn't have asspulls
You clearly don't understand the art of making bestsellers.
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I hate to break it to you, anon, but there is no asspull to be found there. Try reading the series yourself.

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/a/. In youth your true self wished to be a hero, did it not? A hero that would save the world. You believed in that. You desired it more than life.

Am I wrong?
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How young are we talking. My freshman year of highschool I wanted to destroy the world. I was an edgy brat.
Archer was right.
When I was little, the only thing I wanted was for my dad to get out of prison and for my mom stop drinking.

18 years later and neither one has happened yet.

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Screenshot (26).png
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Someone presents you with the argument that an anime is all style and no substance. What do you do?
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style is substance
I accept their opinion gracefully.
Guns won't stop trucks, Momo.

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>Protagonist dies before the final battle/episode
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I'am still upset that wire bro never got to hook up with robo arm milf.
Out of context this is one of the weirder arrangements of words I can think of.

I'm just kinda upset Sayo and Ieyasu weren't even in his dead friend flashbacks. What a nig Tatsumi.
I forgot their names. Your gonna have to describe them.

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Can we forget about whether this show was good or not and tell me who is officially /a/'s best Eromanga girl?
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Can we forget about this show altogether?
No because it was a very enjoyable show, and it was popular in Japan which means it can have some impact in the industry wheter you like it or not and that's why it should be discussed.
Elf was best but it's not like she had competition. The other girls were a more annoying version of kirino, a meme, a girl who exists just to lust after kyousuke 2.0 and a jew who was suddenly forced into the harem war for no reason.

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Goth Loli .jpg
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The fuck happened to the last thread?
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She's the hidden achiever who everyone forgets or ignores. You'll see later on how much of a kunoichi she'll be.
I wonder what happened to the last thread

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Hey /a/ I've noticed that in a lot of isekai Light novels the protagonist is usually hit by truck-kun sending him on his fantasy harem journey, so my question is what are my chances of being isekai'd if I let myself be hit by a truck
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Try it and report back.
Try it, post results.

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I finally got around to reading Yandere Kanojo, and, well, is this a bad TL or does Azami say that she's worried one day she might fuck her son?
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What the heck?
That or she was scared of going back to him after seeing "him" all the time.
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Well he'd already gotten back together with that bitch from the letters anyways. But yeah, when I read a manga about a yankee gf I didn't expect to get Karekano2.0

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Best anime this season?
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You posted it.
3p! Makes me feel like a disgusting degenerate. But I love it.
Its an abomination. Anime truly was a mistake

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