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Does my girl Clare look better with or without glasses?

Also, post your cute girls.
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Glasses a shit >>159919266 better but both look like shit anyway. Go back to deviantart
literally noone in the history of ever looks better with glasses.

Would you watch a lucky channel anime?
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Amusing banter between coworkers, one of which being a dude who can go from beta to alpha at the drop of a pin, and the other being a cutesy brat who is actually a rotten bitch? Damn right I'd watch it.
lucky channel was the only reason i watched lucky star

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I'm gonna star watching the Lucky Star anime.
Sub, or dub?
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I have the same question for k-on
The answer is always sub except for Cowboy Bebop and Space Dandy, why even fucking ask.
>The answer is always sub except for
Except for nothing.

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who is best brojo
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quick reminder than 'Naked Silver' is best image song
caesar desu
This. In both parts

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Just finished this and I feel so empty, and emotionally drained.

How did /a/ feel about it?
What was god supposed to represent?
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he wasn't god, just the thing that Punpun wanted to hear
when i finished it i was like
>thats it?
because i didn't feel anything emotionally while reading this. when aiko died, i didn't even know she fucking died. i thought punpun was telling the truth. i can watch stuff and cry like a little baby but as soon as i have to read something, i might as well throw out all impacting emotions. the most i got was goosebumps. also, aiko ruined punpun's life and he deserved better. the whole cult shit was fucking annoying and the manga arc was boring. overall i'd give it like a 7-8/10
Why did it appear in the eyes of the uncle's child?

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The least amazing of all
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Even as a brat, Kacchan looked like a psycho. Amazing.
They should've beaten Bakubitch's ass with a belt before he turned to a fag.
So, who do you think is the traitor?

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Why aren't there more Magical Girl anime?
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Aren't there plenty?
Madoka ruined everything.
Its never been a huge genre outside of very young girls with only a few exceptions. PreCure currently dominates the hell out of the market so there isn't room for a whole lot of different shows except when they do something like Madoka.

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Episode 3
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Couldnt he just
>Uh oh. Ok. Were out. Good look killing this dumb bitch. Either way its win for me.
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Are the Apocrypha books that bad?

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Remember, Gals are whores that must be cleansed and purified
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Commander Yellow!.webm
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that's a really good episode
Fuck you Shwampy fuck you Capcom fuck youzzkggnnz Sokky you too Sokky don't think you get away with this!
Are you okay?

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Why do people still like Jotaro, he's probably the second most boring Jojo.
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Joseph > Jolyne > Josuke > Giorno = Jotaro > Jonathan
People like jotaro better in other parts, mostly because he matured and isn't some dork, seriously who wears all black while going through Egypt. You shouldn't sacrifice practicality to look cool, and don't get me started on those cheesy one-liners
People like him? I thought he was one of the more unpopular JoJos.

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season 2 when
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Hopefully next year, this show was unexpectedly amazing and could even be my AOTY.
i don't think it will get one
they went out of their way to avoid having iruru
Gosh I hope so.

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How well can you recognize an anime just by an obscure screen shot?
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I haven't watched anime in a year.
very well. ~1000 completed and i've lurked for 12 years. i can almost always recognize at least 1 character or art style
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let me start

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I can't wait for my water to boil for tea
I want more of the OVAverse.
Huh I don't think I've seen a BRS at least in two years.

OVA was good enough. TV anime was batshit insane. Innocent manga was pretty good. Buy her nendos.

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/a/'s thoughts on Trashuke?
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best in the whole series
kurapika is better
worst in the whole series

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>find manga by complete accident
>cant stop reading it

What the fuck
Why is this so good
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>find an Urasawa manga by complete accident
How new?
And you're even newer, what the fuck is going on?
>name is literally in the image
>asks for it anyway

what did he mean by this?

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