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heretics who got what they deserve
We know literally nothing about them other then his mother was hanged from a tree. And I think that what we don't know doesn't matter at all.
Zodd and Slan

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>Other CGDCT SoL threads
>Full of /u/ girl x girl posting

>Gochiusa threads
>Heterosexual ANON x Girl posting
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They are secondaries that just post memes
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Most intelligent fanbase.
My Wife Chino is so cute.

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>it's like he's saying look at me
>look at me
>look at me
>look at me
so is this an anime for millennials
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...Wouldn't most anime today be for millenials?
No, I'm sure most anime today is for 40 year old single men.
It's mostly for women, just like real life dancing.

I want to commit a crime.
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Not a lolicon, but I'd ravage her. She has such a sexy flat chest too...
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Will Zeke be okay when he see the manlet in the festival?
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Annie is love
Annie is life
I just want Annie to smile again
Annie a miracle of the universe
Annie might've done some things wrong, but she's still a beautiful person inside and out
are you one of those autistic retards who do not understand what a bump limit is?
>complains about something this pedantic
>calls others autistic


Hey kid, want some Chocolate? How about some cake?
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Or maybe you want something else?
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She looks better without the green tint.

Do you know this flower's name?
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>A magical restaurant from another world appears, offering dozens of tastes from a distant land undreamt-of by its customers, all prepared and cooked by a master chef
>Literally everyone only ever orders a single thing, to the point that it becomes their nickname

The fucking doors are wasted on these guys.

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How loyal would you be if your girlfriend gets coma'd for several years already knowing the possibility she will never wake up again.
Would you leave her?
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Pull the plug
Why not fuck her unconscious body? And then unplug
I would just convince her best friend that we would all be much better off if we accept a menage a trois and spare ourselves the drama by showing her this piece of shit show.

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if /a/ was a ninja sensei, what kind of techniques would you teach?
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Ecchi no jutsu
Shitposting no Jutsu
I would reinforce them the basics. Naruto learned the rasengan only by going to an autistic level with his chakra control training.

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This is the King of Midland coming through. You must say something nice about him to proceed.
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Do we know anything about Griffith's background? I would like to know his pedigree before I start calling him nobility.
Faggith apologist scum
when we get Casca back ur fucked m8
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>implying Casca could harm one hair on Griffith's head

What, do you expect her to become some badass warrior when she stops being retarded? That's cute.

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How do you feel about cakes who make this kind of face?
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"pls send nudes."
- Shouhei Yamato
They should act their age
She's going to lose in the end. Suffering.

Which K-ON would be the best fuck?
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Objectively Mio.

5 more months and its 10 years Noefags

How are you feeling?
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Like used goods
I really wish to turn back the clock right now. 10 years of wasted life watching anime. FML.
Kill yourself.

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Tall and Flat
Short and Busty?
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Tall and flat is best.
To marry tall and flat, to fuck small and busty.
Krul is the ideal all girls should strive for

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shinryaku shinryaku
shinryaku shinryaku
shinryaku shinryaku
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ika musume!

Dumb squid.
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Most plaintive death scene in all anime

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