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Well? The average age in Japan is only rising. The average anime fan in Japan (and worldwide) is over the age of a highschooler and yet anime protagonists are usually in the 15-18 yo range. The only anime I can think of that has an older protagonists is Welcome to the NHK. A show about a fucking NEET! Do japs really think life ends after highschool?
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>Do japs really think life ends after highschool?
Yes. After highschool/college they life is their job.
And anime IS made for teenagers. What do you expect?
Hey, Americans do it too, what with calling college "the best years of their lives" and all.
Plenty of western shows aimed at a younger audience have older protagonists though. It's really gloomy when every single anime you ever watch has a definite end when the characters graduate. This is just about all of them. Almost without fail.

Is this any good, /a/?
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What is this
The opening is great
So is the ED. A shame the anime itself has zero rapping though.

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The best Mio song is Tokimeki Sugar and the best Yui song is Utauyo Miracle.
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Wrong. Pure Pure Heart and U&I.
>tfw no mugi songs in the anime

Both wrong. It's Samidare 20 Love and Kira Kira Days.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Be careful when eating fish.
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One day...png
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I have actually lost track of how long you have been doing this for, anon. I admire your dedication, but it's still shit.

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>Christmas cake
>Office wear
>Tall and slender
>Harsh exterior, soft interior
>Maid outfit
>Long hair
>Female warrior
How is it possible for one girl to trigger so many Best Girl flags?
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Too bad there will never be another season, chew on that faggot.
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Volume 12 of the LN in 2 years. Over or under?

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Seib-ugg asks of you: are you my Warchief?
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Quick tell me more of this shit before I actually invest time in reading it
It's a cooking isekai. That's all there is to it. He lands himself in an Indian reservation in the Middle Ages.
Picked up.

How would you describe NGE? What exactly is Eva about? Trying to recommend it to an acquaintance and need help describing it.
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First, a few questions.

How weeb and how New is your acquaintance? This factors in to how you sell it.

Have the heard of Eva? Have all their friends spent every waking moment gushing or hating it, or showing them fight scenes or EoE scenes?

Does you acquaintance watch mostly feel good and moe shows, or do they watch diverse genres and/or absorb other media?
Never recommend Eva
I'd guess it's about hating the current world and wanting to create a new one.

Episode 3 is out.
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Everyone dropped it I guess.

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I'm addicted to triangle mouths
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She's a good one for sure
Chiaki best.
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The call that saved enjo kousai
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Who is this girl? Someone give me a quick rundown.
How much does she charge?
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>can clearly hear the character saying "Ya"
>subtitles translate is as "No"

Holy shit, this is a whole new level of incompetence, even for horrible subs. Like how do you mix up yes and no, the 2 most basic words in any language?
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>characters says kuso
>subs translates is as "shoot"
Is that how americans swear?
Aho thread, yes

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ITT the purest character from a series

I'll start
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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>A FUCKING WHORE
Don't call my wife a whore.

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So is deku basically saitama and star platinum put together?
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that's like saying Naruto is Goku and Kenshin put together
His power is literally Kaioken
Saitama is unbeatable because that's the point of his character.
Deku is strong but unbeatable because that's the point of his character.
Star platinum has no character besides being a representation of Jotaro's fighting spirit.

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This chapter is looking a lot like Mayweather vs Pacquiao.
Sendou continues to be best boy and Miyata's wet again(what a surprise).
I bet Ippo will switch to southpaw like he did against Oda and do an inverted diagonal DR
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He just needs to absorb the audiences oxygen
Oxygen Bomb
so in how many weight classes is takamura world champion?

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