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shadowcat mech.png
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I've been building my business, trying to be self-employed, and I just got a 3D printer. I've had my eye on this model for quite a while now, and wanted to test my printer's capabilities, but it turns out this website has a download restriction that makes it more or less inaccessible.

Does anybody have a 3D Cad Browser account that could nab this model of a shadowcat from the Mechwarrior series for me? This is the exact model I want, the one from the fourth game, and this is the only place I've been able to find it. If possible, I'd like it in the .stl

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Bump, a few days later.
Instead of making a free account in 3 mins you keep hitting f5 here for 3 days. Just get a job packing groceries you lazy cunt.
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Or I check once every day or so.

Also free accounts don't let you download anything unless you upload something first, and then somebody downloads that.

Also I made 28k on a Kickstarter to build a business; I have money, but I only wanted the one model, and it's abandonware anyhow.

Also I got another board to be far more useful. /po/ is a magical place.


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No. We've had this discussion a hundred times. Just google it.
t-pose is better because you can model armpits more accurately
T-Pose because arms don't blend with other skin weights when rigging

>Don't waste time box modeling in this day and age. Go straight into zbrush and dyna mesh up some shit. Retopo later.

Is he right /3/?
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I am right you know.
Depends, if it's is organic stuff mostly yes, if it's non-organic stuff, rather not. In the end, just do whatever works best for you.

I haven't seen too many threads about school for 3d and animation.

I'm currently looking at animation colleges, specifically around chicago. I've only found depaul, columbia, and art institute to be legitimate in teaching animation and 3d stuff.

I don't know about what online colleges are good, or what other places around here even teach animation bachelors. Any help and insight is appreciated from other animators on here.
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gnoman is in LA ...
they have online but its expensive

so what do u guys think of gnomon?

is it a good school?

worth going there if you are serious about the industry?

heard a lot of good things about it and heard some bad saying "not worth the money" but compared to other schools its pretty cheep. like in NYC SVA (art school) its like 65k per semester while gnomon is like 20k
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>worth going there if you are serious about the industry?
>the industry

Which industry mate? If you're "serial" you need to put shitloads of time in - years - and it wont matter if you go to school or not. Similar to how Quentin Tarantino didnt go to film school but look where he is now - he loves film so he mad it work ...somehow. With 3d its even easier because all the equipment is on the computer...
but you cant act like getting 2-3 years of professional training is the same as sitting at home and watching youtube tutorials.

not to mention in this line of work you need contacts..
its worth, basicly a 2 or 3 year bootcamp for the industry. obv you can learn this shit on your own it will take longer and it might be hard to know how to work at production speed. gnomon sorta forces you to be good and efficent because of how insane the program is.

having a job while going to gnomon will significantly affect your work negatively. its almost impossible to do have a job and go there.

your life will be gnomon and nothing else for 2-3 years, but when you get out you will be a badass. i always think of this shit when i i think of gnomon


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Hello, totally new into 3d here.
I'm using 3dsmax and substance painter. I want to create a normal map for a mesh using the two of these programs. I don't want to do it with zbrush or inside max with progection. I want to do it in substance painter.

Here's is my workflow: I unwrap uvw the low poly mesh and extract as an fbx. Then I apply to the same mesh a turbosmooth (I've got supporting loops etc, it is a same mesh but with a turbosmooth) and uvw unwrap it and save that as an fbx as well.

Then I go to substance paint, load the low res and bake the normal map with adding the extract details from the high res model.
The normal map DOES get created and it DOES get applied inside max to the low res model.
The problem is that that it looks totally off. I don't get the result I want.

tl:dr I want low poly object to look like if it is turbosmoothed, while maintaining the low numbers of polys. How do I do it with substance painter and 3dsmax?
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Create high poly of your model in 3ds max and bake it to the low poly, but you have zbrush so make use of it to bake out cool normal & ao maps, I wish I had zbrush.
Do you use a cage? Do you have the right settings? What exactly looks off? Show pictures in SP and in Max. Also settings.
Why not bake in Max?
I use Substance Designer to bake because i work in C4d and its native baking tools are shit.
No problems importing all kind of normal maps into C4d.
Whats your excuse for not using Max baking tools?
File: lowToHigh.jpg (596KB, 1881x876px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
596KB, 1881x876px

I want to understand normal maps. Simple question, look at pic related:
Can I turn object (A) to project (B) without increasing polycount by using projection and cage?
It is the shame sphere only that the (B) sphere has Turbosmooth applied.

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hey /3/ i been learning how to hand paint textures for the past 2-3 days and just wanted to get your opinion on how im doing and how else can i improve.

before this i didnt know shit about how lighting works and how shadows work...

heres something i painted today...
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its great
I dig it
That's fook'n great mate. Show us some more.

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948KB, 1920x1080px
Continuing from
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It's so simple yet looks great.
I'm glad that you took my model as the thread image.
love the way its thrusters look

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Downvoted all videos by user. Thanks senpai!
Now, to report some for copyright.
gj anon
kill yourself

also, pretty shitty drone, camera is not secure, and for some reazon it's lazer? Pretty shit concept to be honest.

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Hey /3/, i need to learn to animate with biped rigs in 3dsmax quickly for a job opportunity. What are the best tutorials for doing this?
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>3ds max
>for a job opportunity

Not OP

And i agree, animating in Max is horse shit. But what are you gona do, not apply for the job because you can't use their software? ask them If they'll buy Maya instead?
That is a completely useless comment.

Hey guys, I'm starting to learn zbrush and I was wondering if i could get a few things from experienced modelers, if its not to much.

First off, where do you get your concept art?
Can anyone provide me with some concept art that would serve as good practice ffor a beginner.

And lastly, long did it take you all to learn Zbrush?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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personal blogs of those artists

I'd dump my massive hardsurface and mech folder if my internet wasnt so shit lately
>I'd dump my massive hardsurface and mech folder if my internet wasnt so shit lately
feng tzhu just talked about the trap of gathering too much reference. You fucked up boy
Hey, thanks mate. I really appreciate that. Know of any hard surface blogs? Also, hard surface tutorials or modelers that make tutorials.

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jesus christ...

You know he eats his own shit.

It's blender ok for professional AAA work?
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> talks about photorealism
> invents blender

also why did you post that cute bait chunli then post an irrelevant video. now all i think is chunli
Yes but not as well as industry standard software.
this :^)

File: heda-1.jpg (359KB, 1934x865px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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this is a practic of likeness work in progress, made in zbrush
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another view
can we see a photo of the person its supposed to be?
File: the100302_2789.jpg (104KB, 1916x1076px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
104KB, 1916x1076px
is lexa from the 100,,, still working on her

File: 20160317_114038.jpg (794KB, 2048x1152px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I have a dilhemmia


My teacher gave us all the one he had done, the only problem is when rotating the body the head doesnt move with it.
any ideas?
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is that Rayman?
your teacher sucks ass.
No, it's named buckid and I'm pretty sure it was pulled from a 3D Tutorial site like the link above

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