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who gives a shit.
who fucking cares

Pretty good 3d troll in all fairness. Neogaf lol.

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>pirate Maya 2016
>watch some tutorials
>the all have Polygon menu set
>I don't

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Bump, Google is of no help.
Why the fuck would you pirate any Autodesk product.

They're free FFS. And the student version comes with no restrictions.
Modelling should be the 2016 equivalent of Polygons + something else from earlier versions

PersonallIy I'm using 2014, I suggest 2015 however instead of 2016, since the UI is very different (which can confuse people new to it, comparing it to tutorials and videos using older versions)

2016 basically fucked the UI up, and it does take a few extra seconds for me to do stuff in there when I try to use it after using 2014 this entire time, and I don't think there are many on /3/ using 2016 specifically

To be precise, there's that prompt every time you save and open a file using a Student version, which reminds you that you're using a Student version
And legally you're not supposed to make any profit from the use of it
But yeah, not like you can make money out of it at your stage and the prompt doesn't even come out very often

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How can I get two particle systems to attract particles from their same system and repel particles from the other system?
I tried using charge and a negative field weight for charge, but that just causes the force to cease.
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Step 1: Kys

Nah in all seriousness tho, I'm assuming you are using blender, you can use boids particles and mess around with their settings. I don't know much, but try this tutorial

I'd prefer not to use boids, this is just to test a physics concept.
How easy would it be to modify Blender by myself to make a new particle forcefield that's like charge but with reversed effect?
This might help:


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hey guys. o today i got a job offer from a VFX studio as a 3rd artist but they only use Maya...
i only have experience in 3ds max.

how hard will it be to switch over to Maya from Max?

is maya even good for modeling, i heard its just a meme
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Yes its even faster than max if you use the context marking menus.

The only advantage max has is the stack
And Maya even has its own form of the stack, which is the dynamic history chain that can be modified through the new Node Editor or the old Connection Editor.
depends, it can be a pain in the ass depending on the level your employer expects you to be good at, but not uncommon either, plenty of people have switched softs or use several on daily basis, so no reason you can't do it as well.
If you're an animator it's easy mode
If you're a rigger i hope you love tutorials

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The old QTDDTOT thread hit post limit. Starting a new one.
Post all the questions you dont want to start a thread for in here.

I'll go first.

How do you open a multi-layer EXR image in photoshop? I've installed the Open EXR plugin, and all I get is a black frame when I import. With and without the plugin. I've tried searching around forums and such, but I haven't found any concrete answers apart from "huh that's weird, works for me!" type shit.
Any help?
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is there a tool in blender that lets me choose exactly where i want my hair emitter to be or i have to build it per object
You can use vertex groups to specify where hair emits / doesn't emit.
does game engines read vertex group tho?

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You mirin' my setup? Just finished it, think of all the milliseconds I'll be saving.
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I also added Undo and Redo to the buttons behind the scroll wheel. Only downside of this mouse is, it's ugly as sin!
Y nobody mirin'?

Gaming mice are perfect for CAD
i use a naga myself for maya, all my shortcuts are number keys with ctrl or shift modifiers. Couldn't 3d without it.

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New to 3d modeling and 3d printing.

I just want to make this unique notepad thing for work.

I'm using sketchup and it either sucks or I don't know what I'm doing.

How do I get rid of these lines and make everything smooth.

I try to erase them then it erases everything else.

I try to draw around the perimeter of the box and it does nothing.

Also does sketchup suck?
What are some good alternatives for a beginner that wants to 3d print something.
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Other problems I'm having.

Its not you, Sketchup is objectively the worst for anything other than architecture.
blender would be a far better option

Which production companies out there do animu or 2D style cg pretty well? In Japan I know there's Sanzigen, Studio Anima, and Kamikaze Douga, interested if there are any western houses that have done some interesting things with the medium.
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What is this animu? Looks well done.
>Looks well done.
you have eyes right?
I love the look of the gust atelier series.

How do i blow out my specular on purpose in Maya without having to do it in post? Like for a toon shader?
See pic on how it looks vs how i want it. I want to make a toon specular material and then use a mask to put it on the shiny areas like the nose.

I thought maybe i could take the color output from a black material with specular, stick it through a multidivide node with a high value and then feed that in to another material, but i just get black with no specular:(.
Any help would be great <3.
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Change the shader to a phong E to replicate OP pic better.
There are materials made just for toon/cel shading.

It's exactly what you want and need, why use blinn/phongs ?
Switch your top menu to "Rendering" and you'll get a Toon menu at the top that has all kinds of toon shading features for you to use.

How do I start modelling a chair like this?
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I would just model with subdiv and solidify modifier with a mirror modifier so you only have to model one side..
Start with a plane for the seat and extrude out the edges into the general shape you want, also this >>513720
This really isn't that hard to make.
Sit in it and take a nice selfie, voila chair modelling... Waste your 3D time on something more entertaining, you will thank yourself.

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Im new to 3d modeling and since i'm more of a math oriented person i want to specify exactly where the points are going, i know how to go into editing a shape, but is there a way to just select a vertex and enter xyz coordinates?
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You're not going to make it breh :(
window > general editors > component editor
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Been fucking with 3dsmax for the last 4 hours trying to get a working bitmap for my 3d model.

I basicaly want to 'convert' a material(Multi/Sub-Object type that has about 14 materials in it) to a bmp , png , or whatever
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Anyone knows how the hell I can make this work? I need the 'file' that puts all the textures in the right place. I tried "Render to texture" and when I tried to apply the texture to the 3d model , it was basicaly just a picture that kept looping on the object
>I basicaly want to 'convert' a material(Multi/Sub-Object type that has about 14 materials in it) to a bmp , png , or whatever
so you want to convert 14 textures to 1 texture?
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This is what I have , as you can see , all the textures are already applied correctly to the model so I suppose there is already some file /mapping or how the hell should I call it.

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Can't find any infomation online about this.

So. Importing an object from another scene of mine to clean it up as its got extra shit that isn't wanted.

Now most of its gone, but there are a few things like layers that are still hanging around as references.

Theses references don't show up in the reference editor.

Could someone explain why that is?
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you dont even say what soft you're using lad
Fuck. It's Maya.
in blender it's theres a link object button but i usually just export as an obj and re import into new scene

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>Learned 3D modelling in a multiple year course in high-school a long while back
>Finally want to do something with what I learned then
>Slowly find out that the teacher was absolute shit and taught us to use some of the worst habits for modelling
>Taught us with 3DS Max
>Trying to model is a fucking nightmare
>Decide to try Blender
>It's like a whole other fucking language
>Can't do shit

How do I save myself Anons?
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model with zbrush and zremesher. This is the new way, everything else is the old way
Noob here, could you explain 'new way'?
he just did

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Is there any program that's good for just importing pre-existing 3D models and posing them? I was looking into Comipo, but it doesn't look like it's good for that.
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That is literally how poser works
Daz Studio.

Easy to use.
Huge market of assets.
Big community and a large number of free assets on sites like Renderosity and ShareCG.

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