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3d noob here. Just started in Maya and i'm loving it. Tax return is almost here, Is there such a thing as a decent laptop for learning 3d in the ~$1K range? i know i could put together a desktop but i kind of want something i can take to school with me. halp
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it depends, are you doing strictly box modeling or also sculpting?
if the upper you can get away with most laptops, just get a midtier one with 16gb of ram and good cpu
Box modeling atm. Figured as much. Have an eye on sculpting way down the road and I'll probably have enough saved by that point to get a desktop.


This seem like a good deal?

Playing around with a Charmander model ripped from Pokemon X&Y. Tried applying the normal maps I found sitting in the file's archive and this nonsense started happening.
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Op, don't make porn of Charamander please. He's my one and only pokemon i ever had, trying to play pokemon on borrowe gameboy way back when.
I'm not making porn of Charmander (although I super could if I wanted) I just want some Normal Map advice

The 3ds uses normal maps?

What program are you using. Upload the model and textures here.

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Which is the best school/university to learn 3D? Possibly in Europe
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Just lurk on polycount. Don't waste your time and money at uni unless it's a STEM subject.
you'll never be good at 3D until you're good at 2D. Otherwise, you'll just be making lame robot dogs and cube-hands
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Shit advice is shit.
I know many Great 3D artists that can't draw for shit. The reason they're great 3D artists is because they didn't waste their time trying to do both, same as how the best 2d artists are shit at 3d.

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Hey /3/

can you give me some quick feedback on this thing?
And maybe some input for improvement?

Lighting doesn't seem right, but I can't put my finger on it.
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incorrect gamma, no partial transparency, no GI
Which objects are you refering to in particular?
entire scene

Hey guys, i've been trying to get a high res printable model of Phantom Assassin from DoTA2.
Any of you guys have a posed/ posable model of it in 3D file?
I am trying to have it printed out and custom painted and things like that. Help will be greatly appreciated.
Pic related as to what I want to achieve.
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Bumping for self interest
>>not op
Valve changed the model filetype for the new engine, so you can't decompile the current dota models, you can use the base models if you want, dl from here - http://www.dota2.com/workshop/requirements

If you want to decompile, there's a torrent with an old version of dota https://kat.cr/dota-2-v580-full-multilanguage-autoupdate-t7547613.html

Download gcfscape and crowbar and vtfedit.
Launch gcfscape.
File->Open-> find pak01_dir.vpk
Extract models/heroes/whatever.mdl
Launch crowbar, decompile.
Extract materials/models/heroes/whatever
Open vtfedit, batch convert all pics, there's another program to mass convert their version, find it, I can't bother to search for it now.
Convert to image files.
Download blender source tools.
Import the .smd model, load the texture, profit.
Models come with bones, but no IK.
Sweet, thanks anon.
I'l look into it.

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Greetings /3/

I'm getting into computer animation but class time isn't enough for me to properly finish all of my projects, so I'm planning on buying a laptop that can handle Maya, Zbrush, etc.
What specs would you folks recommend while keeping the budget at a maximum of about $1k? Thinking of taking a trip to the nearest Best Buy this weekend since it's the only tech store nearby
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Just buy the computer with the highest specs you can afford, but prioritize CPU performance higher than if you were shopping for a gaming rig. Any current computer that can run videogames will be plenty good enough for /3/ work.

But actually rendering animation without at least a small computer lab as farm is never gonna be a good experience even if you have a $5000 computer.
>Any current computer that can run videogames
this, Asus rogs in particular are a pretty safe choice.
Acer has some good laptops on Newegg. I've got an Aspire V (840m GPU) and its worked pretty well so far.


can someone post sasuke rinnegan-charingan
model download link please :)
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ahah, lets create a sphere together ^^

Here you go.

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is this literally autism?

also, general 3dcg autism thread
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Nah, it's cool.

To all the ZBrush folk, what is your stance on MultiMesh tools? I'm working on adding detail to a mech and it's really tempting to use the ready made InsertMultiMeshes with cables/wires/gribbles but part of me really wants to make all my stuff from scratch.

Do you guys ever use ready made parts? How cheating is it for basic stuff like wires and bolts
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as long as you know how to make them whats the harm. its just a tool.

Make them from scratch once
Don't worry, IMMs aren't frowned upon, especially if you make your own or import some beyond the default sets. I personally don't enjoy using them because they don't fit my style very well.

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download (1).jpg
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What does /3/ think of Blender? Im very much a beginner at this, and mostly just want to work with physics, and object creations, and would like to move to Houdini Or Maya (probably Houdini) when i get better.
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its like any other 3d package.
as for results there are some artists and companies using it and its in constant development and ultimately its completely free
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>its like any other 3d package.
>runs on a fucking tablet without getting it warm.
>literally fuckign free
>new shit done fast
>skripts and plugins

using it for modeling all time. im fucking tiered to pay thousands for shit which melts our 3 month old computers and need a fucking programmer team just to achieve basics. fuck autodesk.

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Are there any good reference images / tutorials for animating insects? (mostly walk cycle)

The 3D software used in the tutorial doesn't matter to me.
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insects are generally easy to work with, they're bulky enough to where you can model and assemble different parts without fucking it up.
I've been messing with 3d bugs for quite along time now.. you can use some of my videos for 6 and 8 legged ealk cycles if youd like...

I also havesome sweet tutorials if yer a max user...

www.youtube com/watch?v=g7i6NQbt5hA
www.youtube com/watch?v=PeGUtzHUaBs
www.youtube com/watch?v=qTmJvni_A10

What challenges and obstacles are present in the journey of being a creative professional?

How do you view the difference between a "creative vocation", like a designer, artist, musician or dancer - and a vocation where creativity isn't viewed as a main tool or focal resource, like advocacy and engieneering?
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its a combination of artistic and technical skill
that's why there are so few artists that fit in industry roles

also AAA workflows are cumbersome and require alot of time until you get everything done the right way.
concept art helps the the mission be more technical than artistic, fortunately

Hello 3,i want to know how to combine multiple meshes or subtools without losing details.
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What are some "cheap" builds for render farms. I primarily use Blender cycles and Daz with Iray.

Seeing as how those are all about CUDA cores, should I just stack as many 980s or titans as I can?

Start a new build with dual 12 core opterons?
Single Xeon?

Pic semi related
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Get as many GPUs as you can with as many cores as possible. Stack them to the ceiling.
>gpu render farm
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Hey guys, so I've lost the will to model anymore and struggle to start again because of my course just being so discouraging. Any advice on how to get back into it.

Pic unrelated.
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post your work
sit down and apply yourself for 20 mins, see how that goes. http://www.turbosquid.com/Models-to-Make
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find something you really want to create and then go through with it
reignite your passion

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