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I am moving to Salzburg in August and will be a student there for 1 year. The school begins in September and is considering moving down in mid-August. Do you have any tips to do in Salzburg / Bavaria
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Austrian here. Get a train ticket and go to Vienna (~2h from Salzburg).
Been to Wien once before great city and beautiful girls!
Small world. I'm heading to Salzburg in September for school
You wouldn't happen to be a part of the BGSU group, would you?

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Ive never been abroad for more than 6 weeks.
Whats the best way to go live somehwere for at least 6 months?
Im thinking about Spain in this case.
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Where do you come from?

You could use workaway.info, wwoof.net or couchsurfing.org for free accommodation.

What do you want to do abroad? I'd really like to help, but I need more infos.
not op but, would like to go to vietnam and rent out a place for chips while practicing art for a year
Visa on arrival will be issued for 6 or 12 months. So no problem. AirBnB flat will be 100-500$ per month. You can live there easily for a year with 10.000$

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Seeing as there will likely be another war between Israel and Hezbollah within the next year or so I really wanna visit as much of the region as you currently can, meaning Jordania, Israel and Lebanon.
Now regarding the latter two I could really use some help deciding the best course of action, since travel between them is not entirely easy.
I know that Israel will let me in if I come from Lebanon, but Lebanon wont let me leave the airport if they have suspicions that I will go to Israel afterwards. I also assume that the other way around is completely impossible.
Has anyone done this trip recently who might be able to give me some info and tips?
Maybe the best way is to go to Lebanon first, then fly to Jordania (tell the Lebanese that I will leave back home from Jordania) and then go from Jordania to Israel.
Im not sure how much I should expect to pay for a pretty last minute flight (hate to have a tight schedule) from say Beirut to Amman though.
Or maybe its even possible to go to Jordania via safe-ish party of syria? I know that there is a corridor from the Lebanese border to the Jordanian one thats controlled by the government, but all the actual border crossings are controlled by the rebels, and I have absolutely no clue how hard it is to even get into Syria right now.

If no info on the best route Id also greatly appreciate some things I should do besides the obvious touristic things. Id love to go couchsurfing and stuff to get to know people as well as possibly do some outdoor shit. Less interested in nightlife but could be good to know too.
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It's impossible to go through Syria unless you have a clearance from the government.

You should also consider using Cyprus as a neutral base. Fly there, spend a night and take a new flight the next day.
Hadnt thought about Cyprus at all actually. Im not sure if a flight to Cyprus from Lebanon and then one from Cyprus to Israel would be cheaper than just one from Lebanon to Jordania though and I do have to keep my budget in mind.

That being said: is cyprus worth visiting? Possible spend more than just a night there? Dont think I know anyone who has been there.
why the hell do you want to go to lebanon

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I have a job offer from both NYC and SF to work at high-end tech startups. I like the work in both of them, I like the people, so it really comes down to - where's the best place to live?

I'll be making just under 200k so I can afford decent locations in either.

Where would you live, if you had the choice?
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Source: I live in SF

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I was thinking about doing a 1-2 weeks holiday for this august, but I still don't know where to go.
I just saw that the flights from my city to Bulgaria are extremely cheap during that month, I really don't know that much about the country or if there's something particular to visit, but I think I can give it a try, the place looks nice, the main cities seems to have a decent nightlife and cool ruins/museums to visit, so why not.
I would be alone (in fact this would be my first experience as a solo traveller, wish me luck), any bulgarian that can help me a bit about this country, or that has recently travelled there?
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not bulgarian but have travelled a few times and will be going to bulgaria in 2 weeks. This will be my first solo travel too so im pretty nervous aha. I'm flying to Sofia but have never been there before. Apparently, the communist tour is meant to be good if you're into that sort of thing. It's probably best to stay in a hostel to meet new people. Hostel mostel has been recommended to me.
Then I'm going to the rila and the pirin mountains which are really impressive. They have good hiking treks and some nice eating places.
Sunny beach has a very good night life and is full of trashy brits aha. You could maybe find some gatherings on couchsurfing and hit the clubs. The old town of nesebar which not far from sunny beach is really nice.
Plovdiv is also a nice town in the middle of bulgaria. All these places are accessible by bus and train. Hope this helps.

thanks a lot for your reply. I will come to Sofia from Italy, then I plan to spend here a couple of days depending on how much there's to do, from what I red on the internet I think 2 nights would be enough. Then I want to visit Plovdiv and its ruin, looks like a really cool place, other people suggested me to visit the Rila National park, I'm not really into landscapes but maybe you would like that.

After Plovdidv, I don'0t really know what to do.. I think i should visit Veliko Tarnovo (?) a small village in northern Bulgaria hidden between the mountains, they say it's really nice, and then visit Varna and the beaches to relax a bit and maybe meet some qts.

I really wanted to include Bucarest in the trip as the final city, after Varna, but it's not really near to Varna and also many people didn't give me good reviews of Bucarest.
Look at Wikitravel and the In Your Pocket guides to Bulgarian cities. A lot of the summer tourism focuses on the trashy beach resorts where you can get drunk with Russian taxi drivers on package holidays

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old one 404'd

Currently in Thailand, bored as fuck
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Where? I'm coming to BKK this Saturday.
oh god, /trv/ has been planning a thailand meetup for weeks

I'm way up north staying in some bamboo hut posting inbetween two kids playing CS:GO in a internet cafe

it's approaching burning season and the rain is coming, so I'l be forced further south towards pai soon

but I know there are a heap of people passing through Bangkok around now
Get some big post-op ladyboy to strap a giant cock over her newly minted pussy and fuck your ass while you ask for permission to lick her massive boiclit

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Question: if my "Place of birth" (the city) is different on my visa application to my passport, will I still be allowed entry?

I fucked up the visa app and put a different city of birth to what it says on my passport but I just realised and don't have time to change it (probably).
I don't know if it will be a big deal, since everything else is correct, etc, and it's hardly, uhhh, important?

I just don't wanna be denied entry, or not allowed to board the plane at all...

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you fucked up
Are you sure
I forgot to mention: The visa was GRANTED already, but I don't have time to amend the error

I will be going to S.E.A. in the winter, and know that I will be passing through Vietnam. As an American citizen I know I will need a Visa. Anyone had a bad experience with the application process?
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No problem at all. They just want to collect the fees...
Not OP but how difficult is it for an American to get a visa while overseas in Japan or South Korea?
They have an online visa process now (e-visa). They let anyone in, they just want the $25. Just make sure you print it out and that you have a physical (not on phone) boarding pass when leaving Vietnam.

Will be leaving for Belgium next sunday. Antwerps - Bruxelles - Charleroi one week. We're planning to do some Urban Exploring by bike (we're Dutch after all). We're going to Doel (pic related). Supposed ghost city.

Charleroi is pretty much the ugliest city in belgium (supposetly) with a lot of abandoned buildings and never finished rail stations etc. We want to go to all good places, doesn't matter if it's not legal to enter. Want to make a route (the city is huge) but not sure what is worth wile. Any tips?

Also general UrbeX thread. Tips/advice/experiences etc. I don't have experience but will post when I'll get back.
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Why would you go to belgium? I have been there twice, and i found the country to be pretty lame. I guess you dutch people have a special connection to belgium?

Urban exploring and such things are best done in big, sparsely populatee countries, so i doubt belgium would be the perfect place for that

In the former soviet union you can find some crazy abandoned places; i remember exploring an old militairy base when i was in kazachstan
Doel isn't a ghost city, not by a stretch. There's still people living there (granted, like 30 of them) and especially during the weekends it'll be full of people who want to do exactly the same thing as you.
Charleroi should have some good spots, but I wouldn't enter the city if you paid me.

t. Antwerpen
Belgium is close (like 1.5 hours by train) and we don't have much money or time. I'd love to urbex in former sovjet but now is not the time.

I know Doel became some kind of tourist attraction, but still supposed to be good. It's an hour by bike and maybe we can pick up some other places or just enjoy the scenery.

Charleroi has some interesting places I found online. From what I've read they put a shit load of money in big projects like rail stations that never got finished. The fact that the city is so horribly ugly is pretty interesting I guess. Just need to find out a good route, but I dont have any good sources for locations/routes and the recent status

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I'm going to be driving through Oklahoma soon (East to West) and need to stop somewhere for a day. Which city is more interesting/fun: Tulsa or Oklahoma City? I've never been to Oklahoma before.
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Did a similar drive OP, there are two parts to oklahoma. OKC and not OKC, it's a really really boring drive.
I don't know much about Oklahoma, but I have heard from a few people it's boring. I just wanna make lemons out of lemonade. It can't be all that bad. Which city is less flat or has more nature close by? (relatively speaking)

I'm boring ass midwest rustbelt born and raised, so I guess a better question is which city would be the most different for me?
Drove from coast to coast and I would say go for OKC, tulsa is closer to nature I guess but also close to some private Indian lands you really can't go on. Personally I'd rather go somewhere I know I won't run out of things to do.

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Why is it so expensive?
Cost of public transport is high and accommodation prices skyrocket in cities
I can't find a room under 12 euro anywhere near Madrid

I'm not even sure what to buy from supermarkets to keep food costs sensible

going madrid-toledo-seville-???
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>europoors flock to the beaches
>spaniards from big cities take breaks in countryside
>burgers come to tour europe
>big entry port for sudaca travelers
>many students around the world come to learn spanish

It's a popular tourist destination anon.
>I can't find a room under 12 euro anywhere near Madrid
You want to find rooms in one of the most popular tourist countries in the world for less that 12 ebpo per night? That's just not a reasonable expectation, m8, especially in the summer. Half of northern Europe is practically in Spain right now.
yea if it was up to me I would be in spain when it was colder and less crowded
unfortunately I'm not on my own schedule

Hay folks! I'm back, and i thought i would update the you on my english teaching job search in Mexico. Sorry i could not respond to my previous thread, i was not quick enough. Special thanks to my rich friend in Guadalajara and to everyone who posted advice in the thread.
So i freakin got the job in Guadalajara, Mexico! They pay between 8,000 pesos and 12,000 pesos a month. Very excited for this move.

My only question is, do you think i can rent my own small furnished apartment in Guadalajara with a salary off 8,000 pesos a month? Or would you say I'm gonna have live with some roommates?

Any advice on the city of Guadalajara in general would also be greatly appreciated.

Hook a fellow trvbro/future expat up with some more info!

This is not a drill boys and girls, I'm going for it! i leave in approximately a month.
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If you could theoretically rent a furnished apartment in Mexico City with 8,000 pesos (wouldn't recommend doing it in Mexico City, tho, there are a lot of other expenses to take into account), I'm pretty sure you could do it in Guadalajara.

I'm not from there, so I'm not sure, but you can check prices here



Links are in Spanish, but you can see the prices right there.
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Right on man, thanks for the links. I've noticed you can get some decent studio apartments for around 5,000 pesos. If i work enough to make 10,000 pesos that would be perfect.

If i live with a roommate or two, I'm thinking rent would be a breeze with 8,000 to 12,000 pesos a month.
You could get more replies on /int/ as way more Mexicans browse it. Maybe some anon from Guadalajara could show up.

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A friend of mine is conviced that New York City is the culutral capital of the world. I dont even know who determined that. Now he wants to pay a buttload of money to get there to experience all that diversity.

Only problem is he is from Europe and he was never been to Italy, France and other countries that in my opinion have way more history and culture to offer and would be much cheaper. What do you guys think?
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London is the #1 global city and cultural capital
This I can believe. Its got a long history.
So what? Americans go travel Europe seeking "culture" even though they've never explored most of their own country. The real question is why do you care? New York is a good place to visit regardless of where you are from or what you have seen.

I'd love to spend some time by the baltic sea, but I want to see as little people on the beaches as possible.
Are there wild, empty beaches in the baltic countries?

I'd like it to be sandy, everything else is optional.
Presence of ambers would be a nice supplement.
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In Estonia there sure are, only thing is I don't know where lel. Best option is finding a sandy strip on google maps and inspecting whether any cities are near it. Recalled one place though, Aegna saar, I was there with my gf last year, it wasn't completely empty but empty enough to pump her on the beach.

Also googled and found some of the following ( all near Tallinn) - Kaabli rand Tallinnas, Kloogarand.
Also maybe you wanna check out Rummu karjäär, no sand, bunch of people but an interesting place. (if they didn't close it already)
Good option for you would be Latvian beaches from Lithuanian border to Liepaja (which is crowded as fuck during summertime). Pape, Jurmalciems, Bernati are comfy villages with very little people and the beaches are virtually empty.

Lithuanian coast is also sandy everywhere with small exceptions and people are concentrated in resorts like Palanga (avoid like plague) and Sventoji but between them the coast is practically empty. I used to stay 3 km away from Sventoji centre and there were barely any people on the beach. Melnrage, Giruliai is near Klaipeda which is by lithuanian standarts a big port town so in these beaches there are always people from the city.

Curonian spit is the most picturesque part of the baltic seaside but it is relatively crowded and pricey so I dont think you would enjoy it.
that's cool, thanks. Though this year I don't plan going this far probably

thanks, man that's really helpful.

btw, I heard about that Lithuanian pyramid that's supposed to be cool n' shit.
do you know anything about that?

Anything in particular that I should go for through Botswana and South Africa? Essentially planning on going from Cape Town through Namibia and to Victoria falls, but then I'm wondering the best way to get back. Is the middle route down South Africa a waste of time/dangerous?
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I basically did this route (but stopped in Victoria falls) with a tour group.

It's feasible but just realize the crazy amount of driving that it involves - 73hrs seems like a huge under-estimate given the road conditions in Namibia and to a lesser degree Botswana. And in Namibia realize that you'll be driving through a featureless desert for days.

I did this tour:

Looking through that will give you some idea of the best things to do along the way. Even being in the back of that truck every day for 3 weeks was a bit much, I couldn't imagine driving twice the distance myself.
Bring water
In my opinion, the Cape Town to Port Elizabeth portion of your trip will be the best. You're passing through some rather boring country at times, particularly in Namibia and Botswana. It looks all well and good on a map but the stretch from Cape Town to Namibia is going to be so incredibly dull. Just thousands of kilometers of barren, moon-like terrain. Don't get me wrong, it's beautiful, but it doesn't make for an interesting drive after 4+ hours.

Why not take a jaunt into Zimbabwe or Mozambique? Driving along the coast will offset the desert portion nicely.

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