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Hey Australians/Europeans living in Australia. I'm here for a year and a few months because of my tenancy agreement, but I have a girlfriend, etc. and I don't want to do farm work. I've got a job and I pay my taxes and whatever, but the farm work just isn't work it for the extra month or two.

Does anybody know a farm to avoid farm work or a website/contact for somebody who will sign off on mine?

I'm in Melbourne if that helps.
Thanks guis
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What part of Melbourne are you in?
>I've got a job and I pay my taxes and whatever
What kind of job did you find?
Kalgoorlie? Why don't ya mine for money?

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How much money should I exchange into local currency BEFORE going to my destination? Or should I exchange it only when I get there?

I have the option to exchange currency without any fees.
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exchange as much as you feel comfortable carrying. being able to exchange with no fees should be taken advantage of.

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Going to Ho Chi Minh City, staying a month. Any ideas of what to do / stories about that city? Also coolest district? I'm staying in the 2nd.

I've read that there are a lot of scams, not really dangerous to walk around at night tho
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Literally everyone calls it Saigon, don't be a tryhard
How much $ are your accommodations?

I have the opportunity to move to Vietnam to work for a year, but I'm not sure what I'd do for fun. Temples and beaches only entertain for so long.
I'm able to stay at the house of a friends, he has a free room for me.
However, for the first night I'm staying at a 3star hotel because of the registration for $16

Before I knew this I found great rooms on monthly basis per airbnb, but they are not that cheap like in smaller Asian cities

I'm in adelaide for quite some time. How is it? What to do? Is it a nice city? I'm from Germany and lived in Sydney before, it was shit: loud, dirty, expensive. What do I have to expect going to Adelaide?
Every hint welcome
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I met a copper from Adelaide. Darren, I believe he was called. Say hi for me.
As someone who lives in Adelaide, my advice is follows: it's pretty quite this time of year concerning festivals and all but there's heaps still to do. If you up for a hike or walking, mt lofty and Cleland conservation park are nice. Otherwise your best bet is around rundle mall and north terrace. The museum and art gallery are nice for killing a few hours.

Adelaide is definately better than Sydney. Probably because it's much smaller but everything is pretty easily accessible, cleaner, and the city looks nicer in my experience.

Food is okay if you know where to look, I don't have a lot of experience with the Friday night or clubbing scene. You might find things expensive but compared to cities like Melbourne or Sydney, I'd say it's worth it.
Hope this helps you have a nice time here
Another idea I just had, south Australia is well known for its wine. If you're into that the Adelaide hills and barossa valley are a decent drive away but full of wineries

I want to move to the UK and get a job (even as a kitchen porter)

What's the best place to start?
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We already have enough kitchen porters.

Stay at home m8
Do you know the antonym to "abstain on, you're empty"?

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Guys I'm running out of stuff to do in Christchurch and am currently just sitting bored in my hostel, deciding whether I should read or write. What is there to do here? Any recommendations?
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Christchurch what a name!
When I was there a few years ago there was a semi-decent museum, but visit the tourist info center. There's plenty of things to do in the surrounding area and they tend to have good knowledge of everything at reasonable rates.
Do Ferrymead Heritage Park.

It's an elaborate outdoor history museum, including a old timey electric tram and also a separate steam train. One of the steam locomotives is the oldest working example in the country. The tram also has an extremely rare steam tram that is used on occasion.

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How do I overcome jet lag? How long until it wears off?
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Stay hydrated.

Get on the local time with your sleep and waking as fast as you can. (Avoid, if possible, long naps during the day, for example. Don't be fanatical about i, but do the best you can.)

I try to eat light and healthy, at least until I'm feeling normal no idea if that really helps.

Avoid alcohol, it dehydrates.

Generally I am not troubled for more than a day or two at the beginning of a trip, when my energy and excitement are high. Generally it takes me longer and the effects are stronger after the return home -- I'm tired from traveling have burned up some reserves, and am dealing with jetlag now for the second time in a short period.

Ever trip and every person can be different, of course.
Usually I just party with randos basically till I can't stand, I'm usually super stoked so this will be a day and a half. Sometimes get laid but usually im too delirious and frighten the pussy, Pass out on a clean sheet, 14 hours later... Bam timezone adjusted.
Weed and sleep.

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I am a white American. I am learning Mandarin and would someday like to go to either Taiwan or Singapore. Which peoples is more friendly towards whites and Americans in general?
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People are friendly everywhere if you are not an arrogant asshole. Find the place that interests you and go there. Also, you dont really need to speak Mandarin in Singapore, most people speak atleast some English, all of the street signs and things are in English.
Both countries are friendly toward most anyone.
Singapore, hands down.
There's a high concentration of natives/asians, indians, and whites. therefore many cultures are fusing and merging with eachother, which leas to some brilliant food and beautiful ladies, if you're into that whole half-sien kinda thing.

You guys are shockingly good at this. Anyone know where this photo was taken? I suspect it's near Osaka.
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Its the legendary manlet garden in Okinawa. It seems you've spotted a manlet in full bloom
Wtf is this shit post?


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I have an opportunity to move to either Seattle or Portland, OR.

My deciding factor is unusual: Which city is more like Montreal?

I understand that Montreal is a unique North American city with it's own personality but if you had to liken it to either Seattle or Portland which would you choose and why?
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I've never been to Montreal, but probably Portland on a geographic basis

I live in Seattle but I prefer Portland. Seattle is a narrow strip of hilly land surrounded by water on two sides, which makes transportation a nightmare. It's a city of neighborhoods that are all isolated from each other by the terrain and the transportation infrastructure is awful. The traffic is the 3rd worst in the country after LA and Washington DC.

Portland is a lot smaller, but more centralized so it doesn't feel smaller. You can walk from anywhere to anywhere. The infrastructure is much better and it's much easier to get around. It's also a city divided by a river with a bunch of nice bridges like Montreal I guess
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Portland is full, fuck off
Montrealer who visited both Seattle and Portland here.
In my opinion Seattle is much more similar to Montreal in general.

Which is why I'd choose Portland :^)

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Going to stockholm newt week with 1000€ to spend, any advice?
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>any advice?
Don't get turned into a newt.
Well, that certainly depends on what your interests are.
Check in to a nice hotel, hire an escort.

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So I'm an American/Irish dual citizen and interested in the cost of living and living conditions in Ireland itself. I've been to Germany and Poland but curious on how Ireland is. My citizenship is inherited through my mother but I have never personally been to the country.
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Come to Northern Ireland to avoid using the euro.
Dublin is a lovely town, with lots of sights and drinking. It's not cheap, nor that expensive either.
I used to live in Smithfield, which is pretty decent. Additionally, if you want to stay alive, keep away from the slums and generally avoid the street youths, and guys with short hair and jogging pants.. Oh, and you will inevitably be disappointed with the quality of the birds there, they're wearing tons of make-up and eating way too many chips and crisps for their own good..
That being said, the pub culture is a lovely thing to behold, and they are generally quite an embracing people.
Why would he do that? The Dollar-Euro exchange rate has plummeted, he may as well take advantage of it.

Living conditions are excellent, cost of living is very high relative to mainland Europe. The country is pretty rural, Dublin is the only contender for what you would consider a city.

I would actually disagree with >>1071739 , Dublin is a kip. The best parts of the country to visit are along the west coast, which are also the most rugged and closest to what Americans seem to think they're going to when they come here, but most large towns and cities are very comfortable to live in.

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My gf wants to spend next New Years time in the cozy frozen woods of either Denmark or Sweden, tell me the places to go, please.
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Denmark. For every possible reason.
Well, if you appreciate a geographically and mentally tiny place with a population that can only compete with the bleeming Dutch when it comes to being petite bourgeoisie, then go to Denmark.

And there are no real woods, or mountains, in Denmark. You could just as well stay where you are.

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The reason can be anything from the people, nature, losing your viginity, having feeling of being on top of your life, freedom, independence, whatever.

I'll start. For me it has to be the sunset at nepal. I don't know why but it truly deep down made me very peaceful and I felt as if all my problems were gone. I've felt like this in other places but the sunset in nepal was the one where I felt it the strongest.
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Skiing in the Alps and then getting home to food and wine on the table
Best sunset there and I lost my virginity to a travel buddy I love deeply.

St Petersburg.
First time to see snow.

No big reason. This is my first place I traveled to.
I am most content anywhere tat I can be relatively warm and on a boat. On a relatively uncrowded beach gets an honorable mention. ut there is something about the feel of being on a boat that makes my soul happy.

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Hey guys. Camp America is a program that charges lonely non-Americans an exorbitant fee to go work in an American summer camp, and I've swallowed the propaganda. I'm not the adventurous type, but a couple of weeks looking after clean-spirited colonial youths in the great outdoors seems bearable.

Anyone done this before and has stories?
Anyone been to an American summer camp and knows the deal?
Is it true that American girls like a British accent? (I'm from the North, so don't think Hugh Grant)
How's the racism over there?
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Watch some american summer camp movies and ignore the promiscuity. It's team building and leadership exercises. Canoeing, archery, camp fires, and other bullshit. It can be fun.

American girls have a fondness for the accent, but it won't get you much further than being an icebreaker. They won't understand the regional difference, so don't worry about that.

Racism will depend on where you go.
I don't know how old you are, but yeah Brits have confirmed to me that a British accent makes the panties drop. I think the best advantage of it is, yanks have no frame of reference, so you can behave as outrageously as you wish and theyll think it's just the "british way". If you force your tongue down a random girls throat whilst drunk they'll think "thats just how British people are".

Having said that, British men are generally better at charming women, and have better confidence then American men, so I'm sure it was more than just the accent.

There's no racism towards Englishmen, but if you're a paki or other minority, they'll be just as racist towards you as they would up in Newcastle. Having said that, black/white racemixing is trendy at the moment, so I imagine a black guy would still have to mop up pussy juice daily.

If you're underage B&, summer camp is where everyone gets laid for the first time, contrary to >>1071041 the promiscuity displayed in movies is 100% accurate. It's where 11 year olds get their first kiss and 15 year olds lose their v-card.

If you're in your 20s or late teens I imagine there'll be some secret drinking and hookups among counsellors, but don't expect any wild orgies. Remember the drinking age is 21 and they are very strict on that, so make sure you know someone over 21 willing to do beer runs for you. Probably, the groundskeeper or head chef at the camp will do it for you.

All in all, I don't understand why you paid money, but you will have a blast. Camp is an important part of growing up and where some of the best memories are made. You'll have fun.
>Racism will depend on where you go

No. I've lived in northern states (NY, NH, PA, etc) all my life. Most people in any state are racist. Almost every white person I knew hated blacks and hispanics and every black person I knew disliked white people and hated hispanics etc etc. Nearly everyone in the U.S. is racist to some degree and from my travels Europe isn't much different.

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