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Three weeks in Taiwan.
Build my itinerary, I'm too lazy desu

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lol yes because then I will use it too

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Hi /trv/, looking for some advice from people who have used this website.

I'm getting itchy travel feet. Ideally I'd want to go somewhere to be immersed in the real culture of the country, so I'd want to be working and living with local residents for a couple of months, however money is fairly limited and I'd be going alone. I'm female too, so obviously I wouldn't go to certain parts of the world but I thought I should mention it because of possible safety concerns even in more modern countries.

I've done something similar once before in India, but I was there with an organisation and a group of other English people so everything was quite safe and I had people there if something happened.

I've found this website- http://www.workaway.info which seems ideal for what I'm looking for. However I register and pay, I wanted to know if anyone here had had any experiences with this site, or similar schemes and whether there is anything I should know in advance.
Basically, I want to know more about what I'd be getting into, so if anyone has done anything like this, please share your experience!

Pic sort of related- I took in the middle of buttfuck nowhere in India.
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>However before I register and pay

Fixed, sorry.
Bumping just in case

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I am flying Lufthansa from South Africa to Chicago. From there I am taking American Airlines as domestic from Chicago to Indianapolis. I bought a bottle of wine for my dad and I am wanting to bring it back. The only problem is that I am 20 years old.

How do I pack this bottle of wine? Should I make it carry on or in my luggage? I am not really concerned with Lufthansa, but American Airlines domestic might be another story.Any advice with underage wine traveling?
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I stuffed two bottles of wine in my checked bag flying back from Spain. Granted, I was of drinking age at the time, but I don't think it will be a problem for you. I don't think TSA is cross checking baggage with the age of ticket holders.
you cant carry it on bc the liquids are too big.

however if its checked american will charge $25 for you if youre on a purely domestic ticket for the ord-ind portion.

I'd just check it and not worry, noone will hassle you

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I am going on holiday in May and was thinking about spending it on Easter Island. Would it be worth visiting this world heritage site over any other places in South America?
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Imo, Good Friday Island is better.
Nah m8 go to christmas island, way better. Go by boat.
Si, do it but don't book a tour. Tours are just extra money and last a couple hours a day, you could easily just get a cab anywhere in a few minutes, or rent a bike if you're fit enough. Whole place is like 60 square miles, you only need to book a hotel ahead of time and be aware that the internet on the island is agonizingly slow.

There's so many historic sites there, just make a list of 10 and do them over a few days. Or ask the hotel reception if there's a shuttle, even though a taxi will do.

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Hola. Soy Uruguayo y quiero viajar a chile con mi novia (solos , sin agencia de viaje). El vuelo es muy barato 125u$s (ida y vuelta en avion c/u) y estadías en hoteles también. Planeábamos ir a santiago pero no tenemos mucha idea de que hay para visitar. Nos dijeron Puerto Mont, pero el precio sube a 300 u$sd... alguna recomendación? alguien que nos de hospedaje gratis o nos saque a pasear? jaja
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Te recomiendo el Centro de Santiago, hay algunos barrios bastante bonitos.
Pueden ir a Valparaiso, que queda a mas o menos una hora.
I understand your request but my written Spanish sucks, so I hope you speak english.
Puerto Montt is really awesome, if you don't have the money for a flight take a night bus they're really cheap in chile and top tier quality about 50k CLP for a return trip. (pullman or turbus)
Else Santiago and the surrounding area is pretty cool, Valpo/Vina is awesome (4k CLP for the bus trip) else kinda expensive but worth it.
Santiago es buen destino como centro histórico y para conocer algo de la cultura chilena, pero como atractivo turístico es mejor viña/valparaiso. Por suerte éste destino queda cerca de Santiago, como ya lo dijeron, pero al ser atractivo turístico los precios suben. No puedo dar una opinión concreta respecto a Puerto Mont.

Hey everyone. Since there seems to be alot of interest on this board about living abroad teaching English, I made a thread devoted to it and questions related to it.

I am a English teacher living in Vietnam,I have been living here for 3 years. I am getting married soon and will be living here the rest of my life. I primarily teach children but also tutor college kids on the weekend. I also lived and taught in Japan for one year before moving here. So if anyone has any questions about teaching in Vietnam or Japan let me know and I will do my best to answer your questions.
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How'd you start? What are your qualifications?
What do you most enjoy about your job, and what do you hate the most?
I got a degree in English not knowing what I really wanted to do with my life, I knew a guy who taught English in Japan so I said fuck it and flew to Japan with my diploma. After a few days of job searching I got a job at a kindergarten. After a year I got really sick of Japan for a wide variety of reasons and moved to Vietnam, which I like a lot better.

I enjoy helping kids and improving their lives by giving them a very valuable skill, being able to speak English, it makes me feel good. I also enjoy that I make enough money that I can afford to rent out a 3 bedroom house in one of the best neighborhood in Saigon all to myself.

What do I hate the most? Nothing sticks out as something I really hate, some of the kids are stubborn and parents can be too. The usual annoyances that come with teaching kids.
What it takes to teach English in Vietnam?
I've been there last year and I was loving the country. I'm a european and I don't have any degree in English besides my C1 certificate.

Have you ever been to the Everglades?
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Yes, also to Myakka River State Park. What were you looking to do there?

Please don't say something stupid, like hike from one side to the other. You will die.
i'm going to hike from one side to the other
Yeah. Never saw something like that though. Didn't even know there were trails.

Spring break is coming up and I nabbed tickets for $315 round trip. I do have a 19hr layover in Panama city giving me time for a quick tour of the city, I might even stay and do a land crossing into Costa Rica.
I was thinking of doing a loop from San Jose to Arenal then maybe off to Liberia and west along the coast and back. I would like to do this on a motorcycle if I could. I know I can rent bikes there and I am legal to ride.
Anyone have any experience riding in Costa Rica? Or just have some places for me to check out, even if they are not on the loop I mentioned?
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Went to both Panama and CR last year. The road between Panama City and Costa Rica is long, it will take up a whole day. If you have a day to waste then go ahead, otherwise fly.

Arenal is pretty great, I stayed in La Fortuna and there's a lot of things to see and do there. Didn't go to Liberia but it's just a resort town, I wouldn't recommend it much. Instead you should go to Manuel Antonio and possibly Jaco if you want a beach town.

I didn't ride in CR but wish I could have. Didn't have a bike license at the beginning of last year...
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f you want to visit the Arenal area, I would recommend that you head to Alajuela and not San Jose after you arrive in Costa Rica. Alajuela is much closer to the airport and also closer to Arenal/La Fortuna. It is literally like five minutes from the airport to Alajuela while San Jose is over 30 minutes away.

From the Arenal area you can go to the cloud forests of Monteverde using a "bus-boat-bus" trip: You'll get picked up at your hotel in La Fortuna by a minibus that'll take you to the Arenal Lake where a boat will take you across the lake to get you to another bus that will take you up into the mountains to Monteverde. It costs like 15 bucks. The crossing of the lake is beautiful and if the weather is clear you will have a great view of the Arenal Volcano.
But obviously this wouldn't be an option with a motorcycle.

I have no experiences with riding a motorcycle in Costa Rica, but if you decide to rent a bike and head to Liberia after Arenal you should definitely check out the Tenorio National Park which is between Arenal and Liberia. This park is famous for the Rio Celeste which has some incredible turquoise water due to the nearby volcano (pic related is from that park).

In the Liberia area you can go to the Rincon de la Vieja national park, which is supposed to be a great place for hiking although I haven't visited it myself.

Feel free to ask me more questions if you feel like it.

Hello /trv/, first time here.

I'm thinking moving to colombia for one year, maybe in Medellin or Santa Marta.

Any advice or story ?
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Santa Marta is only good for traveling, not for living, since it is considered a touristic city among everyone in the country. If you want to be located near the coast, I would recommend Barranquilla, although is not as "touristic" as Cartagena or Santa Marta, but it is considered as one of Colombia's Financial Center and is near both of them. For the same reason, it is rather expensive to live in the Colombia's Atlantic coast. Medellin, on the other hand, has a good cost of living index. Both, Medellin and Santa Marta, are foreign friendly so I don't really think there's that kind of barrier. As colombian, I must tell you though that people in the coast tend to take advantage of the foreigners (foreigners being all the people outside of the coastal zone).

Now, if it is something something related to how safe is the city, that's more about keeping your wits about you.
This.. Coast is nice for vacations, but Medellín is best for living. Try to find a place in El Poblado or Envigado to be more precise, since it's quiet and relaxed.
Hola amigos colombianos, soy de Perú y la verdad a veces le tengo cierto pavor ir a Colombia. ¿Qué tan peligroso es? Les cuento que ir al aeropierto de Callao, Perú es peligroso de noche porque asaltan mucho en la carretera. Será igual en Colombia?

what to do in helsinki and in what area to preferably stay? if u are one guy 25y and girl 23y looking for a good time.. our interest: bars/clubs, techno/electronic music scene, hiphop, graffiti, culture, arts, nice coffee shops/cafés, architecture, design, food, nature etc.. ive heard about kallio, what to do there?

im going there this weekend (friday to sunday)

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Take a trip to Club Swagga

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Hi guys,
I'm a Colombian man and this os the first tome I post here, I have decided that I'm gonna try all I can to do what I want to do.
I'm a student of INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS un Ibague - Colombia, and i'm in the search of a internship in a compaña located in USA or any other country abroad, that way I van finish muy studies and get muy degree. I
I really need help, need contacts, phone numbers, emails etc.
If you can help me it would be amazing. Thanks
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Hi guys (I already correct my mistakes, it was the cellphone xD)
I'm a Colombian man and this is the first time I post here, I have decided that I'm gonna try all I can to do what I want to do.
I'm a student of INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS in Ibague - Colombia, and i'm in the search of a internship in a company located in USA or any other country abroad, that way I can finish my studies and get my degree. I
I really need help, need contacts, phone numbers, emails etc.
If you can help me it would be amazing. Thanks
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I am an American student having a hard time finding an engineering internship in the USA. Its very competitive. Business is a very common degree here. I wish you luck.
Hey dude! Funny to read this here because im just about to relocate to ibague to teach english! Im arriving 23rd of this month and im trying to look for a room or an apartment to stay in for a year. Perhaps you know something?

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Alright /trv/, help me out here. I am gonna be going on a 2 week road trip with my friend in America, sleeping in the car, maybe motels, and camping, and I need a couple things compiled in case I am missing something here. I need a packing list, and an idea on some things west of Tennessee that are great to see, and maybe some suggestions and tips in general
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Get a little camping stove, they make them pretty small and it's great having a normal stove to cook on.
>"Things west of Tennessee that are good"
Fuck you
Yo man, they've got like Arizona and shit. I just don't know what's there.

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Hey /trv/!

I decided to kick the new year off with a trip to Dubai. Since I've never been I don't really know what it's like. From what I've read on here, it isn't very easy to meet people and I'm going solo. I'm mainly looking for a relaxing holiday but if possible, I would like to check out a beach club or two. How "resorty" is Dubai? Like are there animation teams that would help you with that or am I on my own?
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Have fun at the most immoral tourist destination.
Expensive , really expensive
There are a bunch of tours, camel riding and all that. Watt country are you coming from and when exactly are you traveling. Can offwe better advise with this info.

Hi /v/.

For work reasons I'm going to spend 1 month in the USA (near Chicago). I was wondering if you knew any good, cheap and reliable company with which get internet in my cellphone for that period.

Thanks a lot!.
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I meant "hi /trv/", lol.
Plenty of options. Last time I checked, MetroPCS was about the cheapest, and they're famously flexible (no contracts). I don't actually use them (like many cellphone customers, I'm lazy and have stayed with my current company for many years just out of inertia), but my brother does and loves them. Dunno how good their coverage is in Chicago, but it's fine in other metro areas (I live in San Francisco and my brother lives in Boston, and his phone has been fine, and cheap, in both).

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I have something on my mind.

I have been travelling for a while now. The constant hassle and scam attempts are starting to get to me.

Massage, Taxi, whatever and everybody tries to rip you off. I had a bad experience months ago in Delhi on my first day and got out of it without damages, still it got to me bad.

If you travel to tourist destinations these people are the only locals i seem to encounter. In rural areas there isnt that much to do, so I end up spending most of my time in more touristy locations.

I got to a point where i walk most of my trips, some locations are alright, others like most places in Thailand. have all transportation prices coordinated. Hell even the most honest bus companies i could find run minor scams in SEA.

How do you those of you who are on the road for months deal with it?

I am just so sick and tired of it. I have no problem with paying a tip on a fair price, but i hate the way they handle the stuff.

I just end up walking past most of them without acknowledging them, it seems to piss them off the most. But i am rude and annoyed most of the time.
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There's lots to do outside cities, come on, man. I know that feel 110%, and you have my sympathy, but there's an obvious solution, just gtfo of the cities.
Or go to another country, hell.
Or find a travel buddy; it's nice when somebody has your back while you're trying to haggle.
It completely depends where you travel to. I would say about half the places I've visited are as you described, and they are all places with a significantly lower cost of living/travel and are often considered "third world." Travel to more developed places, and you see less of this shit. It's usually more expensive but not always.

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