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My girlfriend and I (21) are growing tired of couch surfing in California. We both work but it's expensive to move on our own anywhere. What east coast cities are the best for low cost living, preferably around a beach, and not very black?
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Hey posting from Philly cost of living is fairly cheap, and you can travel to new york within 2 hours on megabus, jersey beaches are alright during the summer, and the weather doesn't get too cold, and in the summer it doesn't get too hot.
You may wanna watch out OP, I hear sometimes a couple of guys who are up to no good might start making trouble in your neighborhood if you go to Philly. Sounds like you and your girlfriend might get scared.
south florida is pretty good

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Try to make it fun by posting pictures from places that are distinguishable enough to recognize rather than having to blindly guess (ie. not a generic photo of a beach w/ palm trees that could be taken in 30 different countries) yet not too obvious, like a telephone booth from London.

I'll start:
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Brazil ?
seems like a good idea for a thread.


p.s.: guess mine

Yes, it's Barcelona.

Looks Mediterranean, but hard to pinpoint. The architecture could help if someone recognized it.

I'm planning a trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in January of 2017 but I'm afraid the park might be closed down by then.
Sounds silly but do you guys think that Wizarding World will still be there next year? Or will they shut it down and put something else there?
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or just go to orlando dipshit :^)
I'd be going only for the Harry Potter thing.
Rides at Universal Parks typically only close when their related film franchise has become inactive for several years, and Harry Potter still has at least one more movie coming out. Chances of it still being there one year from now: 100%.

Also, if you are going to Universal Orlando, they have two parks next to each other, and both parks have separate but different Harry Potter lands (connected by a Hogwarts Express train ride). You'll need to buy tickets to both parks to see all of the Harry Potter stuff, so you might as well see some of the other things to get your money's worth.

USA college student trying to study abroad here. What are your opinions on the following options for choice of country to study in:

-no english at all
-most people speak english as a secondary language
-almost all english (e.g. England, Ireland, ect.)

Which of these do you think I should pick and why? I'm pretty much monolingual aside from elementary spanish I picked up in highschool.
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2 and 3. You're there to learn, you can't learn advanced materials if you don't know the language.
In every developed (non English speaking) country educated people are at least bilingual.
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nice desu.jpg
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American University of Paris.

Pretty easy to get in, no french required to learn, but you're still in paris, experiencing the city, learning the language/culture. /TRV/ hates paris, and while they're right to, Paris isn't so bad if you're actually there to work or study.

Even if you aren't the girl you posted, you will have fun at the many parties they host. I'm at the Sorbonne, and I get to go to plenty ofAUP parties, and they're a blast. There're people who stay there for one semester, two, and some who do the four years there. They accomodate for most situations. Most events are free, and from what I understand the teachers are chill and you get to visit most of the tourist shit with teachers that actually know their shit. Art history is a huge success there, louvre and all.

Since its an american university, the classes you take will directly transfer to US colleges if you decide that you don't want to stay abroad. Its a good way to try out the lifestyle you want, (you're in a dorm, with people, in a foreign country, studying, partying) and if you want to go back to the states, you can.

Traveling out of paris is probably the best thing ever. Most trains/flights go to paris, and by extension, you can go anywhere in europe and further out from there. Also, I know that AUP hosts trips over break that go from Nantes to Venice to Egypt.

I know that it's definetly a good choice for trying out the foreign lufestyle without totally comitting. It's a lot of fun, and easy to come back to the states.

Academicly, it's not too hard, but they have lots of specialized courses. it's not Harvard, but you can focus on stuff like Business and stuff. Again, I'm at the Sorbonne and there're def better people you could ask for the academics side of the AUP program.

Also, like >>1070834 said, you can be in Paris and live off of only english. Some people WILL hate you for it, but many Anglophones live many years in Paris only knowing a few words.

Hope this helped.

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My girl and I just did a Canadian road trip and got her US visa renewed. Given this advantage, I'm looking at airfare from NYC during our spring break and I'm wondering which Caribbean destinations are /trv/ approved. We have backpacking sensibilities but it's a bit hard to tell which country is the best value overall.

Which places offer the opportunity to wander? We certainly won't be doing package resorts but it seems that some islands offer an utter brutality for locals. I'd prefer to keep my kidneys and she'd prefer not to get gang raped if I'm not filming.

>300 USD:
Dominican Republic (Punta Cana)

>400 USD:
Jamaica (Montego Bay)
Bahamas (Nassau)
Antigua & Barbuda (St. Johns)

>450 USD
Mexico (Cancun)

>500 USD
Aruba (Oranjestad)

Late season skiing looks more appealing than Florida/Puerto Rico/Virgin Islands - fresh visas beg to be used.
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Have you looked at Costa Rica?
jamacia's awesome, just don't stay even one night in montego bay-it's a fucking shithole tourist trap cruise dock where you'll be endlessly bombarded by people trying to scam/guilt you into buying their garbage, services, or just giving them free money. jamaica has many wonderful, beautiful places to visit, but mobay is not one of them. ocho rios was shitty, too, but slightly less so. negril was great and chill when we went, but i've heard it's started down the same path as the main north coast port/resort cities. re: rape/kidneys, my tiny blond wife and i took the bus to kingston, where we were literally dropped off in a burnt out building in trenchtown, and no one gave us a second look. people in the south live real lives not reliant on tourists, so they didn't give a fuck about us, and jamaica's astronomical murder rate is a result of gang bloodfueds, and we are pretty clearly not members of a jamaican gang.
going to Punta Cana in late march. hopefully it's good.

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Has anyone spent 5+months driving and tent camping in the USA at KOAs (or whatever)?

It seems all I do is work minimum wage canadian jobs, and then read at home until my next shift. It seems like I could spend $30/day for my campsite, and just drive from site to site as I feel/the weather changes for an entire year for about 10000 + peanutbutter and water. and read and just not work for a year.
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KOAs are expensive as fuck. Stay in them only once in a while. Otherwise just stay in national and state parks which usually charge $10-15 per night in camp sites. You can also camp anywhere on BLM land for free, just won't have amenities.

That way you won't have to just eat peanut butter all year long. Get yourself a stove and cook as you go along. Yeah it's probably doable on $10k a year depending how much you spend on gas and what else you do.

You could also go into the woods for a longer period and just fuck around there if you're into that. Just don't get killed or starve like that retard in Alaska...
Unless you are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, Canadians are only allowed into the country for 3 months at a time.
Yes I hoped there would be cheaper places, as I wouldn't need electricity/wifi/pool much of the time, just some land.

I don't have the skill to really camp and don't enjoy long hikes and don't love 'roughing it' to the point that alaska kid did.

i heard it was 6 months but i guess i'll look into it. I'm not really sure what would happen if I just stayed anyway tho, how could I possibly be stopped?

Hi /trv/, I'm an outsider from /wg/. I always considered the north of Europe as a right destiny.

I'm looking forward information more than other things. I knew a very little, but I don't know how to search good info. What I know (I don't know if I'm right or wrong)

>Best Europe internet without Data caps
>High wages
>High living cost
>Low politician corruption
>Low criminal rate
>High suicide rate
>Cold as fuck (obviously)

I'm looking for confirm or change the info I have, and well, I would like to know more about the very north of Europe. Thanks /trv/
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1. True. Especially in Scandinavia, but true everywhere North Europe.
2. True, except for Baltics
3. True, except for Baltics
4. True, except for Baltics
5. Practically non-existent, except for Baltics, where it's pretty high for Europe.
6. Not as true as it used to be, but still fairly high, especially in the Baltics.
7. True, but not as true as you might expect. I've seen some hot fucking summers in Norway, and I mean even past the polar circle. It is colder, but it doesn't mean there are no warm days.
Wow, I didn't expect a reply today, thanks anon.

Would you mind to sharing your opinion on that zone?

I think I would like to choose Finland, Denmark, Norway or Sweden. Nordic countries, there I think I will live and dangerous out. Am I right? Would oyu share, please? Thanks agian anon.

Not him but Norway is the most expensive of them all. The people, at least in Oslo, seem pretentious. Come to think of it, I haven't liked most of the norwegians I've met in Norway. They've either been a little annoying or a little boring.
The speed limits in Norg are ridiculous which makes traveling by car slower than it should be.
On the positive side, it's a really beautiful and clean country.

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Me and My buddy are planning a long weekend to Warsaw, we are brits.

General cheap holiday, Air BnB has sorted us an apartment for no less than 30 pounds for the weekend which is fantastic.

Taking him to bring him out of a funk.

couple questions, whats the night life like? do folks respond well to brits walking in on their clubs / pubs? easy to pull a local or should I just start saving up escort numbers for him?

general tourist during the day, any points of interest?
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Brit here.

I went to Warsaw and then took the train to Krakow, was with wife but did go to some clubs - being honest: no one really cares where you are from if you are white.

"Pulling birds" threads are generally looked down on here. If you can't pull at home, you won't pull just by taking a 2 hour Ryanair flight m8
it's more a bonus than anything,

We just want to enjoy Poland and a bit of culture at the same time.
I went to Warsaw and four other Polish cities last year. Warsaw doesn't really have that much going for it. Krakow on the other hand is a great city. There's a great night life and everyone under 35 speaks English. As far as the ladies are concerned, you won't pull just cos your British so your chances are about the same as in the UK.

If you can re-book, I'd definitely go to Krakow instead. Warsaw is a bit soulless and it's very big. There are bars and nightclubs of course but you'll be paying a lot more there. Escorts/massage parlours are in both cities.

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I am a young Tunisian nationality. I am 30 anyone can help ... here in Tunisia foreclose on the young man to get out of Tunisia and travel outside of the playoff, but in the case of that age greater than 35 years old be ... or has a special invitation from one of the countries abroad Is there any one can help
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Where do you want to go?
i dont care i just wanna get out from tunisia am graduat as a Management of Industrial Maintenance

Is Syracuse, NY nice? Interested in good restaurants, good lifestyle (cycling, fitness, outdoors, climbing, healthy living generally), good arts & culture, live music, gastropubs, and interesting people generally.
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>Is Syracuse, NY nice?
In my experience, no. It's something of a dump. But as a large town/very small city with some institutions of higher education in it, it has more going on than most towns of its size in its region.
>Interested in good restaurants, good lifestyle (cycling, fitness, outdoors, climbing, healthy living generally), good arts & culture, live music, gastropubs, and interesting people generally.
Has student/university culture. That means some food, arts, and nightlife options you wouldn't find in nearby towns. Probably also increases the outdoorsy/athletic value of the place. Central New York is in many places quite beautiful, but it's mostly flat.
no, it's horrible and highly niggery.
upstate new york is bleak and desolate wasteland.
The only places you should consider stopping in are some of the towns along the finger lakes for wine tours.
naples and ithaca are basically the only places even remotely worth spending your time on.
all the "cities" upstate are utterly sickening.
t. someone unfortunate enough to have had to live upstate for work.
never again.
I've spent some time there. It's infested by African Americans. There are a few white areas, but you still aren't safe. The only famous restaurant is Dinosaur BBQ (original location). The canal museum is ok. There's a Children's Science Museum, but it's run of the mill. The best thing there is probably the art museum. They have tried making a safe zone up on the Syracuse University hill. The food is nothing special, but that is one of the few areas where you could feel safe walking around. Even in this safe area I got approached by an aggressive 'youth'. Anyone with sense and options has long ago moved into the suburbs. The only reason the city hasn't collapsed is the hospitals, Syracuse University, SUNY medical, Social Security, and other government related business. You meet interesting people from the university. In conclusion, it's not nice.

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Guys, I need your ideas. Have you been to Norilsk? Or Siberia?

How does one get to Norilsk for a few days? I see plane tickets sold, buses apparently go to Dudinka, but I can't really find concrete information on what sort of permit and/or invite I need to be allowed to enter the area.

I'm more interested in slightly less polluted areas of Siberia to be honest, but my good friend and best travel buddy really wants to check out Norilsk, and I ran out of excuses. Well no, I got interested myself.

We get the idea of Russian bureaucracy and all, and may end up partly winging it, but would like to avoid improvisation as much as possible.

Now back to google and yandex, wish me the best...
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Shameless self-bump so that Russians would maybe notice.
Siberianbro here, Why do you want to go to Norilsk and how can I help you?

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Nearing 6 months ago I finished a military service of three years, during which I couldn't leave my country. Two years before that I was a student as part of a military program, where I also couldn't leave the country without special permissions and such.
Even without the two study years, it's a custom in my country that people who finish their military service go and travel the world. Most of them either fly to India and spend several months doing drugs, or fly to South America and basically cross the continent lengthwise for like 3 to 5 months.
I wish to travel to the United States of America and see with my bare eyes the place I keep seeing on TV. I want to test and taste the food chains, or even just the food, Americans praise all over media. I want to see landmarks, not necessarily the iconic ones, but just stuff that's American.

The issue is that I'm not sure where to go. I know I'll be in Texas in July 1st weekend, but that's about it. My dad said something about grabbing a flight back home from New York, but I still don't know if that's also canon.
In the meanwhile, I'd like to ask you guys for advice. Suggest, if you will, places worth visiting/touring around the United States of America that I could use as foundations for my upcoming trip's route.
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קיצר, איפה שירתת?
Homefront Command.
Liking to eat isn't really enough to go on for giving you recommendations.
I can say, you'll be in Texas in the hottest weather of year, basically you are going to Eilat for the summer. I suppose you could head east to New Orleans then through the south for a tour of BBQ country. But one, the humidity just gets worse. And two, some states only BBQ pork. Who knows maybe these aren't problems?

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I'm so fucking bored, fuck this shit, i want to get on a small motorbike and ride somewhere exotic. I could do SE Asia or India, what would you guys recommend?

I'm thinking 2 weeks or less, as this would be my first biking adventure.
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I've never done a biking adventure before, but man I would recommend something longer than two weeks, they will literally fly by
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Wherever trips getter go
>first biking trip
>considering go places where traffic laws literally do not exist

though i suppose it would be better than driving a car. are you going to rent?

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heading to denver for a business trip tomorrow.
I am getting there a day early to check it out and will have to find my own lodging.
Anyone done an Airbnb or hostel there?
Good experience?
Looking for something different from the holliday in express I will stay in the rest of the week.
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Smoke some legal weed
cant. drug testing at work
Found a hostel.
Pot smoke everywhere.
Football everywhere.
Not bad but 50 bucks plus parking is a bit steep for a twin bunk bed.
Glad to be here though.

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I have always wanted to visit North Korea, as it seems like a flashback to the 80s Soviet Utopia that I've always wanted to see.

How would a single traveller visit Best Korea and how much would I be looking at? I'm currently in Europe and an EU citizen.
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everything is illegal and involves being smuggled from china. gl with being beheaded
File: propaganda2.jpg (164KB, 495x709px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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afaik there are two ways of getting in as a tourist. You can go with an organised tour group (look up Koryu tours) where there is a set itinerary and you are guided by tour group rep and an NK rep/guide, alternatively sometimes foreigners get in for special events (the Pyongyang film festival and that marathon seemed to have arrangements for visitors, but I'm not sure how it was organised).
>How would a single traveller visit Best Korea and how much would I be looking at?
Pay a few thousands euros through a tour agency. That's literally all there is to it.

Don't actually go there, you faggot.

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