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Going to Peru in February to work at some hostels and eventually travel my way up to Colombia. What should I bring in terms of supplies? Mosquito repellent? Sunscreen? Anything you guys recommend?
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It depends, In which cities are you going to work?
Cuzco, Lima, possibly rural areas as well

Post all things related to amusement parks, theme parks, or things that can be found in them ITT.

I'm a bit of an expert in this area and I create elaborate spreadsheets on the topic. Attached is an example of one that lists what I believe are the best amusement places in the USA and Canada using data sets. I know many things about parks in other countries, too, so you can ask questions on this subject and I will answer you.
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#1 on the list also happens to be the most-visited theme park complex on Earth: Walt Disney World. Even if you separated the four parks that make it up on the list, Magic Kingdom (the main park), would still be in the Top 10.
I'm knowledgeable about international fun places, too.
Did you happen to go to any of the "Holiday in the Park" days at a Six Flags. I have a season pass, but my local park is Great Adventure and I thought it would be too cold and not worth it with like half the park closed

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Do you guys allow the current economic situation in a country decide whether or not you will visit?

I used to believe countries with failed economies, or experiencing a significant downturn would be cheaper but that's not always the case, sometimes it's even the opposite.
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The only thing that will really make a difference is the exchange rate on their currency. Right now is a perfect time for Americans to visit Canada for example. Compared to 2 years ago it's 40% cheaper. Same thing with the yen which a couple of years ago dropped in value quite a lot. I often base my destinations on where I will get more for my currency than I would in other destinations or historically. Unfortunately I live in Canada and our currency is in the shitter right now so I probably won't travel much this year.

Usually economy of a country doesn't have immediate impact on travelers unless their currency is affected. I hear hyperinflation fucks with a lot of things though, it's why those articles came out half a year ago of living in Colombia for $200 a month.
Wow, yes the USD CAN exchange rate is the best I've seen it, BUT doesn't the price of local goods and services matter as well?

For example if you get 18 Mexican pesos for 1 USD at first that sounds like a good deal but if everywhere you go shops are charging 100 pesos for a bottle of water etc. it doesn't help you....it seems like pricing info is actually more important than exchange rates but I know of no concise place to get facts.
As a "digital nomad" (inb4 meme comment) I most definitely look for this. Countries going downhill financially are excellent to pick up nice apartments to stay in for months. Why pay £1000 for a studio in the UK when you can find 2 bedrooms in Spain for €300.

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It kinda bores me to read travel reviews of dangerous places as "safe and full of friendly people".

Can I have some true travel horror stories ? Tourists that act as if the 3rd world is just like the western world, tourists that visit warzones, kidnapping by local militias, etc etc.

Pic related, two dutch girls that thought it was going to be a good idea to travel into the Panama jungle without a guide.

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>1.84 meters
>literally 6 foot

Shit damn maybe someone thought they were sasquatch and shot them
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>lol, its just the amazon

Hey /trv/, I don't usually (actually, I just lurk) post stuff here, but I've been lurking for a while and could not find a thread of the likes of this, so I decided to make one.

Basically I'm 18 years old, living in Australia, but come from South America (so I am fluent and proficient in Spanish); I have decided to take 2016 as a year for working and travelling a bit more, but this time on my own.

My main idea was working for at least the first half of the year saving up some money in hardmode (barely spending anything) and the from July up to November or December do volunteering abroad as a form of travelling and attempting to make a difference, or at least broaden my world views a bit more for future me.

Now, I was thinking about either somewhere in Africa or somewhere in South America (probably easier for me for language reasons), but as I've been researching for the last couple months, these "volunteering abroad" associations for first worlders with money a profitable organizations, and seem to be more of a pat in the back type of thing.

Should I just backpack it somewhere on my own and find volunteer there? Is the idea of volunteering abroad delusional in itself? Should I go with a project sort of thing?

I know how to handle myself in airports, but never been left alone in a foreign country (always had at least one mate or relative).

Thanks /trv/, you are true heroes of the world
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Forgot to say that I'm willing to go and do it anywhere in the world really, but I thought that Africa and South America and main focus points for this sort of endeavour... Maybe SE Asia, but you guys would know about that
Google Peace Corps.
I'll check that out man, but as I said, I live in Australia

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long time 4channer, just posting here cuz I finally get to travel to maui

>how to meet and fuck girls as a white canadian tourist

>how to have debauchery of time

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Not this kind of thread again.....
... and again.
... and again.
... and again.

Consensus, after many of these threads, is the same things that work at home will work when you travel.
If you can't get laid at home, you won't get laid traveling.

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If you had to choose between Reykjavik, Kirkenes, and Barrow as a travel location to see the Aurora Borealis, which would you choose and why?

And pretty easy to please accommodation wise so not terribly worried about creature comforts but I realize other people value different things so just thought I'd ask.
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Tromsoe or Lofoten, because the sceneries there are much better than Kirkenes.
Whichever, you're going to want to get away from the city and city lights for the best viewing.

And try to time your trip around the new moon, the full moon can wash ut the display.

Finally got to see an aurora in Iceland -- I asked the desk clerk who would be overnight at the hotel I was in to ring my room if a display started.

It is well worth seeing.

Plan to travel to Poland, Hungary, and Czech Republic at some point. Instead of me asking what to do, what's your favourite experiences from any of these countries
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poor slovakia rip
Living in Budapest.

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Poland: I love pirog. So my fav xp from there is just walking around in Warsaw, looking at the high buildings and eating pirogs.

Czech: Only traveled through with train, but some parts of the journey when you travel near the river is very idillic.

Hungary: I live here so I have a lot of xp, shouldn't choose a favorite.

Hey guys im going to brazil in 2 days,especifically Rio.
Any cool things to do apart of going to the beach?
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hellz yeah, tons of stuff. near the beach go to the hippie flea market, the cafe about the girl from ipanema, the botanic garden, sugarloaf mountain aerial tram, the santa theresa tram up to the favelas & go check out downtown and the old part of downtown - time that for around workday happy hours. the subway is new and sleek use it and explore.
I would highly recommend visiting Vidigal. climb up to dois irmaos and get the best view of Rio de Janeiro ever
Urbexing in the favelas at night is a ton of fun

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Hello /trv/
I keep it simple, i will walk along Amazon river in my lifetime, probably somewhere between 2020-2022. I just started planning and preparing.
For now i need to decide whether to start in Belem and go to river source, or the other way.
Also, can anyone experienced in such journeys can give me estimated amount of money i need to buy supplies beforehand.
All tips, tricks, questions and stuff greatly appreciated.
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You want to walk along the Amazon by yourself? How far are you expecting to go?

Because that river is twice the length of the Appalachian Trail but with a worse climate, horrible terrain and far less opportunity to get out/get supplies. And it will take you at least six months, probably a year.
Ed Stafford did it. I remember reading an article about it a few years ago so I googled it. He's an ex-British Army officer and SAS. It took him over two years and is considered pretty much the most extreme expedition anyone has done in modern times. Just so you know what you are getting yourself into.
Try /out/, also bring a pack mule.

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>when you miss your flight
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>when you make your flight and go back to normal life
>>when you miss your flight
Dude, I have missed so many flights over the years....

Ideally, they're not no-refund e-tickets and you just get the next one.

Otherwise, you pull out your card, slap it down and tell them to get you on the next flight to Paris.
How the fuck do you miss a flight?
I'm the most disorganised procrastinating fuck around and I have never even come close to doing this.

I'm a Britfag. I'd love to live in Canada or Scandanavia. Anybody got any tips?
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Stay in britain
All hail the queen

Is it as shitty as the rest of Canada?
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the whole country sucks

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Hi /trv/!

After years of lurking , I make my first entry:
I will travel to San Diego, California (especially pic related), for 3 weeks. I have a place to sleep, and maybe a car. Could You recommend me some places and programs, that's not in the travel guides? something authentic, something special.
(25yo man, middle europe <not slavic> )
I am not interested in drugs, hookers, and parties.
Some of my interests:
-Whale watching (Have I any chance to see whales, or it's just an overpriced sailing?)
-SAnDiego Zoo and safari
-shitton of /ck/ related restaurants, and street-food, diarrhea-generater mexican food
-Yosemite/ Tahoe / SierraNevada /
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Go to the wild animal park. Old historic San Diego is good and definitely the natural history museum by balboa park.
Needless bump,but some less specific question:
How do you transfer money on journey? I dont want handel 1,500 bucks in cash. I know, its not so much,but what about the other /trv/ers, who backpacks through the whole far east region,through months?

So /trv/... What should you aim for when travelling, specially when backpacking, and with a limited amount of time.

Depth or quantity? As in visiting as many locations as possible, or doing fewer, but throughly.

I'm currently debating on experiencing several countries instead of staying in two, for the span of a month.
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That depends entirely on what you want to get out of the trip. Either way is valid, there is no One True Way. There is no "should."

One thing to watch out for is the idea that staying on one side of a border means you got more "in depth" into an area -- sometimes, to get the "in depth" experience it might even be helpful to cross that border.
What about Asia.

I have 15 days, starting in Bangkok, before I start an internship in the UK.

I was thinking about checking out northern Thailand, then heading to Vietnam, and finally Burma. Thing is I saw a thread today where an anon was discussing the same itinerary (minus Burma) in a little less time, and I though that there is a lot to see.

Bangkok already is a huge city with a lot to offer. Not only that, but Chian Mai is close by. Same with Vietnam. Theres Saigon, and Hanoi to see.
I've done both very quick trips to many locations and slower paced visits to just a few, and although I usually prefer fewer places for longer duration, each style has certain advantages. If, for example, you won't be able to travel again for a long time, or you're unlikely to be in a region again, a higher-speed, drive-by sort of travel obviously offers tiny samples of a lot of places. But feeling rushed may make the whole thing less enjoyable.

All other things being equal, I very rarely want to stay less than two nights anywhere, and very rarely do I want to spend less than a week in a country, but I've made many exceptions over the years.

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