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So im 20 yo virgin eastern europeanfag and I want to un-alive myself but I wont die fuckless and before death I want have some adventures for week or two. In bank account I have 3000 euros.
Any advice for travelling? It should be cheap 3rd world country with good hooker industry. Im thinking about Vietnam, Thailand or Philippines.
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>wah i want to kill myself give me attention
you could have just asked about good hooker destinations without ll the drama.
But I guess you just want the attention.
Literally tumblr
Nah fag i just wanted to say that i dont need ticket back so some extra money, and that i dont care about safety like aids, criminals and etc (but still wont die in very first day) so u fags could give me better advice
Mexico. You can get all the cheap hookers and drugs you want, and the local drug cartels will probably kill you so its kinda like killing 2 birds with 1 stone if you know what i mean

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Is anyone traveling for the super bowl? Anyone from the Bay Area seeing the effects of the super bowl being in town?I go to school and work near the stadium so I'm sure it'll be fucked.

Post travel plans and super bowl travel stories
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>not renting out your room for 10x your rent
Traveling? Yeah. Traveling the fuck out of the SF area. Going to Hawaii for a week.
Bay area is already crowded, I doubt it will be too mad except for +/- game day.

but this guy knows whats up

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Hey /trv/ let's talk about Japanese Encephalitis. I'm planning a trip across Western Europe (2 wk), Eastern Europe (2 wk), Japan (3 wk), South Korea (1 wk), China (7 wk), Vietnam (2 wk), Thailand (2 wk), Laos (1 wk) and Cambodia (1 wk) from July 1st until December 20th of this year. I finished all my other vaccines today, but this JE vaccine has been a thorn in my side, and wanted to know what others have done. People seem to fall about 20% in favor of being vaccinated and the other 80% do without. My doctor said it wasn't necessary, as well as most people online, but CDC advises it for trips more than 1 month in length.

To make the thread more interesting, vaccine/medication/getting sick while traveling general thread. For this trip I'm taking antibiotics, malaria pills (Malarone), and am vaccinated for: Hep A, B, Typhoid, Polio, MMR, Chickenpox, Flu and diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis.
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I've lived in japan and traveled throughout asia for 3 years

Youre not going to get je. Save your money
Above poster is right that the risk of JE is almost vanishingly small. But the disease does still exist in rural Southeast Asia, and it has a roughly 25% fatality rate. So you almost certainly won't get it. But if you are profoundly unlucky and DO get it, you have a one in four chance of dying from it.

>Lived in Southeast Asia for eight years as a teen and 20something
>Had almost none of the recommended vacs
>Never got sick
>Got job as grownup requiring me to spend 6mo/yr in the region
>Had health insurance
>Got the shots.
You will probably be fine. But if you're not, it will suck. If you can afford it, I see no reason not to do it.
Honestly, since there is a vaccine, I'd get it. There isn't much treatment they do for encephalitis (whatever the cause), and high likelihood of dying. I'd consider 25% damn high. In my locality (Miami), people die from this all the time throughout the year from basic viral encephalitis. They even go to the E.R., get sent home, and die in a few hours. It's just that insane, probably witness about 3 deaths every few months, like kids in high schools. Yet, at the same time, as a Florida native, I don't get bitten by a bug but every couple of years. I simply avoid the dawn/dusk stuff, my house is screened and A/C'd anyway, and I avoid the pool if they're biting.
Mosquitos are attracted to sweat and specifically dried sweat on a person, not some mystery anymore why they like some people and its not their special blood, last I read. So will you be able to gtfo out of the way of mosquitos the moment you k realize they're around? Will you be contained indoors and control them on you? Will you wear repellant, dress suitably?

I don't like unnecessary drugs, but I wouldn't knock a CDC guideline. Glad you got the Hep A. That's key. I'd also wear a mask on the plane (or have a scarf or something handy) if you have a cougher nearby. I pull up a scarf a bit like I'm cold when I go to sleep.

Has anyone here ever gone through post-travel depression? If so, how did you shake it?

I spent a year and a half travelling through Australia and New Zealand by myself and had the time of my life. Now I've returned home, and I'm really having a difficult time becoming a functioning member of society again. Even before I came home, I had big plans of getting a job right away, joining a gym and getting back into good shape. But I've been back for nearly 3 months already, and I haven't done jack shit but smoke weed and sit on my ass. I'm living with my parents and they've been great, they support me financially and don't pressure me to do much. But my dad is very unhealthy and their marriage is unraveling and likely going to come to an end this year, so that's added to the stress. I've also lost touch with most of my old high school friends, so my social life is basically non existent. I have a college degree (accounting), but I've come to the realization that I want nothing to do with it because the jobs I've had in the past made me miserable.

I've found a masters program that I'm interested in pursuing, by I can't bring myself to even make the steps needed to apply. I'm currently forcing myself to stop smoking weed every night so I can get back on a normal sleep schedule, but it hasn't helped at all. I'm 24 years old and this is first time I've ever had any form of depression, so I have no idea how to deal with it. How do I find the motivation to be productive again?
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Kill yourself, you degenerate swine.
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>be me
>graduate high school
>most friends go off to college
>I stay around take a class or two at local community college to make parents happy, work a bunch and save money for travel
>no real friends because they all moved away, sometimes hang out with the other future burnouts that stuck around all they do is smoke weed and listen to music in this one kids basement
>a year goes by and I have enough money to travel
>have the fucking time of my life, meet awesome people, have great experience, stayed with exchange friends from high school
>spend 5 months there and come back in August
>get back into town and all my old highschool friends are there for the summer
>spend last two weeks of summer talking with old friends about my travels while getting to hear about their college experiences
>they leave
>life is suddenly empty
>no real friends, a year behind all my peers in school, no money
>get really drunk one night at fake friends house
>have to walk past train tracks to get home
>sit there crying waiting for a train to come
>fall asleep with my head on the tracks
>wake up at 4am and walk the rest of the way home

I would have actually killed myself that night if a train had come. I got over it eventually though, it was just really hard for the first couple months after I got back. I moved to a new city, went a real university and realized no one really cared if you were a few years older, most the people older than me even. Got my shit together, currently working as a paramedic and have been able to take more trips since then. In my experience if you travel to espace you're traveling for the wrong reasons but that's just my opinion.
I'm Canadian. I get depressed when I come back to Canada after a few months in the USA

Would it be a bad idea to fuck my girlfriend in a shared bathroom if I use airbnb?

t-thanks /trv/
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What girlfriend?

Will post half nudes (not naked enough to be removed from this board) if you guys advise
There is a very high chance that would annoy whoever else has to use that bathroom, yes.

Where the titties at cuz

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So I'm going to London in the next days for the first time, I only have 3 days, where do I absolutely have to go?

Thanks in advance
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C'mon, it's an enormous city, where to start? What sort of things are you interested in? I'm a native Londoner so can make suggestions....
What are the most memorable places you visited in London? Stores, Museums, Galleries, Restaurants, Parks... whatever comes to your mind
If you're looking for a night out theres loads of places in Dalston and shoreditch

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Starting this Saturday, non-residents will be able to stay in China for a whole six days without a visa, according to a ruling by China's Ministry of Public Security.

The policy decrees that foreigners entering China via Shanghai, Hangzhou (Xiaoshan International Airport), Nanjing (Lukou International Airport) can take advantage of the new 144-hour visa scheme, providing they're transiting to another country afterwards. They can also depart China from any of these ports of entry.

Oh, but you have to be from one of the following 51 countries:

Albania, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Republic of Korea, Republic of Montenegro, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden. Switzerland, UAE, UK, Ukraine, US

The current regulations state that 17 cities across China can allow foreign visitors visa-free access for up to 72 hours, providing that they're transiting through China on their way to a third country. The extension of this visa-free transit time throughout Shanghai, Zhejiang and Jiangsu is the first of its kind in China and suggests the government is employing new tactics to attract tourists back to China, after experiencing yet another year of declining inbound tourism.
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So I'm planning on using the trans siberian railroad and finishing in Beijing. So if I do that I only got three days to fuck around? That is lame
>So I'm planning on using the trans siberian railroad and finishing in Beijing. So if I do that I only got three days to fuck around? That is lame
Assuming you're heading into Beijing from Vladivostok by rail, no, you don't even have three days. The 72hr program is only valid if you're entering Beijing by air. You'll need to buy a visa anyway.
South African passports get fucked again for no reason. We can travel visa free to Hong Kong, Ireland, Singapore, New Zealand, all of South America etc. but we can't be trusted on mainland China. So much for BRICS!

Hi all,

I have time off of work in the middle of Feb to the beginning of March and I would like to use this time to visit somewhere in Australia. Departing from Sydney with about a $1000AUD budget. I have been to the usual (Gold Coast, Melb, etc) so I would like to go somewhere different and remote.

Note: Island/Beach essential.

Please help !! Thanks in advance guys.
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This website has the best 25 beaches in Australia on it if that helps.
Thank you
Cairns > GBR
Alice Springs > Ayers Rock
Broome > Cable Beach
Hobart > Nature. Cleanest air in the world.

Hey everyone. For the longest time possible, I've been wanting to leave this shithole of a country (United States) and move to Saudi Arabia. I am a young Muslim with socialist and traditional values and I need some advice to live in Saudi Arabia. Any thoughts?
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its like mac tonight iight iight
Pick just about any other Muslim country but Saudi Arabia. If you insist on Saudi Arabia then move to Dammam. It's close to the border with Bahrain, so when you realized how bad you fucked up you can drive across the causeway for some respite
Move to Iran. And dont worry about visas or anything, they will accept you as one of their own due to your shared faith, just fly into Turkey and head across the border.

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If you had £600 to spend (that's $855.19 or €785.24) and ~3 weeks free time, what travel plans in Europe would you make?

Plans can be as brief or detailed as you like. I've been stuck in my uni town all year and I feel like I'm stagnating, but I'm not yet inspired by any of the tentative travel ideas I've come up with. I won't say anything about my interests or where I've been before, because I'd like to hear a wide variety of suggestions for how different people would choose to spend that budget.
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Honestly I'd just stay home and spend the weekend at the pub. If there's cash leftover, some steam credits, a tank of gas and my weeks groceries.

800 bucks is fuck all sorry to say
If German:
You'll find the best deals there. Flight hotel all in one and really cheap
Or look at momondo
You can make it with that budget but not if you move too much.

Are you euro ? If yes you can take an interrail pass but that'll be already around 300€ for 3 weeks.

Anyway you should pick 1 or 2 countries you like, weather can help you too if you plan to leave soon.

If I were you and had to leave now I'd go in south Italy and visit 3-4 cities and enjoy a quiet time.

You can also check cheap flights for SEA, with this money I could find a flight to bangkok and live decently 3 weeks there.

Hey /trv/ in 3 days I'll be going to Europe for a month, specifically sweden, London and spain. I current have a Samsung s 6 with verizon here in the states, would I be able to use this phone in Europe, a international sim card or will I need to rent a phone?
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>rent a phone
You know, the phone rental kiosks that are found pretty much anywhere in europe.
Verizon can tell you if your phone will work there in about 10 seconds -- give them a call.

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?

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If you kids don't shut the hell up, so help me God I'm going to pull this car over.
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>people willingly having children
MGTOW pls leave

Uber thread

What is trv opinion regarding Uber? Is uber legal in your country? Would you recommend a foreign tourist to use it in your country? How cheap is it compared to local taxis? Do drivers provide a good service? Do you support taxi drivers claims?

I'll start

In Spain uber is not legal. As far as I know, we were one if the first countries to ban it, due to the powerful taxi lobby

However i live in China, where uber is legal and works really fine. There is huge competition between uber and chinese version of uber 滴滴打車 so prices are very low. Taxi drivers are pissed off. It will be difficult to call a uber if you don't speak Chinese though
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What is it? I haven't heard of it in my country.
It's a taxi app, huge in the US and other countries
I live in LA, and I think uber is great. I'd rather die than use mass transit and cabs here are scarce.

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First time poster in this board.
I'm going to be spending 4 days in Granada during holy week. Aside from the Alhambra and the religious processions, what are some interesting things to do? What are the best places for drinks and tapas?
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Congrats anon, Granada is one of the most beautiful cities in spain if not europe. Only problem is that it is a little bit too small and 4 days will be plenty to visit, though that might be good being holy week and you will be able to visit without rush. More or less all the places are amazing for tapas but a rule of thumb is to get where it's the most crowded. You will rarely fail if you do like that.

The city itself is pretty chill but places that are a bit more "scenic" are Albaicin, Sacromonte, etc.

Don't forget to check all the viewpoints "Miradores". Mirador San Nicolas got the best view but it is always crowded. If you like atmosphere come here. Mirador San Miguel El Alto is less crowded but a little bit further up.

Just enjoy planning!
Thank you anon. I'm also going to Almeria and Malaga on other days. Looking to see if we can drive to Gibraltar one day.
Book the Alhambra tickets online now if you haven't. Otherwise you will be in for a big disappointment.

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Thoughts on Shanghai?
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Don't ask Rancid
Great city. Still evolving, but it feels a bit too cosmopolitan. Feels like a global city, meaning, it could really be placed anywhere (unless you start to venture outward).
Isn't the air pollution the worst in the world (except Beijing)?

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