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I will be travelling to Japan In March.
As a U.K national I can enter the country without a visa application.

Any tips and advice?
I'll be staying in Tokyo.

General info:




Bars & food:
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Do you think it might have been easier to Google that question rather than making another thread?
He tried to sneak in a question while pretending to be starting the Japan general
m8 there's already a thread up >>1071418

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What are wierd things to do in nyc? Places to see once you see all the tourist stuff? Interesting secrets of nyc? Nice bookstores/cafes where i can read for hours. Other cool stuff ?
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I saw some thing called fuerza bruta back in 2007 or 2008. It was pretty cool not sure if it's still around

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So there are plenty of sites for finding air travel options and prices. You see them advertised everywhere all the time.

But are there any similar sites for finding bus and train routes and fares? Us poor people and those of us on the no fly list or with flying phobia need our options too.
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In my (admittedly limited) experience with trains you don't generally have an option for carrier, so these kinds of sites are not necessary

The price is usually the same no matter the time of day you go, sometimes there is a first class or whatever, but usually it's a flat cost

You just go to the website of the train line you need and book the fare, what exactly are you trying to compare with?

Busbud. Megabus is not included but it will show you cheaper fares than the official websites.
Thanks. But why is Megabus literally half the price of the other buses?

Is two days/nights enough to spend in vegas?
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Depends on budget and what you hope to do.

Help us help you. Elaborate.

My personal recommendation is no more and no less than five days. Long enough to see what it has to offer but not too long because it gets surprisingly boring very quickly. And expensive as all fuck.
My best friend and I are going, neither or us drink but we want to see a show or two.
Neither of us have been to vegas but don't get much time off work so two days/nights is all we can go but we don't want to waste our time or be rushed.
See the fountains once during the day and once at night (make the night display the last thing you see before going home). See a show. Go for one really nice meal.

Go up the Stratosphere, preferably at night but it does cost considerably more.

Explore one or two hotels during the day that appeal to you.

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Hey guys,

Flying into Bangkok Feb 2, leaving March 17. (from US)

My return flight is outside of the 30 day visa free window.

I am planning on checking out Cambodia, and possibly Laos (and re-setting my visa time) but I want to just buy a bus/rail ticket in country whenever I get bored with Thailand.

I can vaguely remember a thread on this board in which someone posted a pdf/info graphic on how to create a "ticket" which satisfies the Thai proof of forward travel requirement.

Any of you real travelers™ know what I'm talking about?

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Just edit an existing boarding pass that you have. Use a real flight number and time.

If you are from a rich white country the odds of Thai immigration asking for proof of onward travel are close to zero though.
Or just edit the HTML in firefox and print it.

Most likely, it wouldn't be a problem anyway.

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Hi all, I have always wanted to visit Rome, and in the summer, I will finally get to.

In order to prepare for the visit, I would like to hear from any of you fine people, where one should go or not. I would love to find some more off the beaten track, in order to immerse myself into the true atmosphere and culture of the capitol.
The only places I know for sure, that I'm definitely going to visit are the Pantheon, St. Peter's Basilica, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Roman Forum and the Sistine Chapel.
Additionally, if any of you know of some fantastic restaurants, or any other kind of activity that one simply has to experience, please let me know :)

I would greatly appreciate your input, thank you very much in advance!
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Hi anon, I studied in Rome for 5 months 2 years ago and I recommend it, but I didn't have much money and can't really recommend you good restaurants.

However, of the places that you mentioned, I'd add Villa Borghese for a picnic if the weather is nice, Campo de Fiori for dinner and drinks, and the Vittoriano/Altar of the fatherland for a great view of the town for free. Finally, the Spannish Steps may not be a nice sight these days, since there was an incident were some hooligans completely fucked up the fountain one year ago.

Hope I could help.
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Ostia Antica (kind of a mini-Pompeii, a short train ride from Piramide station)

EUR (fascinating and in places beautiful Mussolini-era suburb, built for a fascist imitator of the Olympics that the advent of war put paid to)- home of "the square Colleseum" amongst other things

the "English" (or protestant) cemetery,complete with its pyramid

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So my apartment lease is up in april, and I'd like to move to New York, but I'd really like to move to Tokyo.

Only problems (dumb excuses?) I don't speak Japanese very fluently, though I have some comprehension of it and can learn quickly if I'm there.

I'm a designer, and could easily get a six figure job in New York, but it'd be more exciting to go to another country, and I think it could be fun to work at a bar.

I also have a cat and need to bring him with me. I know it's possible but not sure how or how long it takes.

Anyone have any experience doing this, tips, advice?
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Honestly, just stay in New York. You'll be treated better (the Japs don't like non-Japs).

Take a week long vacation to Tokyo if you really need to experience it.
You can't just move to Japan and work in a bar. They don't want you unless you ply a proper skill, start a business or marry a local.

>can learn quickly if I'm there
Everyone thinks that.

>I also have a cat and need to bring him with me.
Holy fuck, this special snowflake stuff is a red flag. Japan will grind you down into a fine powder.
Don't move to Japan. You wouldn't make it out here with that mindset.

Either you make 6 figures in New York or barely make 2,400,000 yen a year (20K-24K USD). Which is the average salary for someone living in Tokyo.

Just work your 6 fig job in New York and come out to Tokyo for vacation till you get your fill.

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r8 my lifetime travel itinerary. I'm still in school so I haven't been anywhere-yet, but I hope to visit all these places by the time I die. Help me add locations to any of the countries you see here, or suggest new countries to see.
Some of the things I like are
>architecture (especially old churches/medieval towns)
Stuff I don't like
>the beach
>fake cities like Dubai
Also use this as a general thread to post places you'd like to go.
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you can check out location aggregate sites and browse to your preferences.

I like this one: http://www.atlasobscura.com/places/hiran-minar
Impressive list - I've been to quite a few of those in Europe and, yeah, most of those are pretty great. A few suggestions - those in capital letters are the best.

Italy - going from north to south: BERGAMO, Brescia, MANTOVA, Ravenna, Bologna, ORVIETO, NAPLES, LECCE, OTRANTO, MATERA

Germany - maybe Trier; but for sure the Rhine valley for the landscape, WURZBURG, Regensburg

Scotland - ST ANDREWS, Perth, Glasgow, the West Highlands (also along the Great Glen between Fort William and Inverness)

England - the South Downs (Sussex) and ARUNDEL, Canterbury, Lincoln, York, Oxford, CAMBRIDGE

Spain - Avila, SEGOVIA

A bit further east: Ukraine - Lviv, Kamyanets Podilsky, KIEV, ODESSA



Georgia - TBILISI, UPLISTSIKHE CAVE CITY, Mtskheta, Davit Gareji Monastery and surrounds

Armenia - Etchmiadzin, and the landscapes of the north of the country

Turkey - ISTANBUL (god-tier, seriously)

Uzbekistan - SAMARKAND (can't overstate how amazing this is), BUKHARA,
many thanks. I screencapped your comment and added it to the spreadsheet.

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so I've got this problem. there is this girl, she's perfect. we are perfect. however her visa ends in april. I'm in the U.S. but she is from Italy.

what do i have to do to move to Italy with her? and stay for an indefinite amount of time; coming and going from her hometown Verona, for backpacking? does this sound feasible at all?

i should also mention, i don't have a degree and about $3,000.00 in debt. mind you i don't really care about credit.
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i have a job now, but could save more.
please help me?
Do what all the Africans do. Go legally, overstay your visa.Male money from sort of vice like women or drugs.
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the obvious solution. though, i would rather not follow that. i was hoping you guys had legitimate, less obvious, ideas. beggars can't be choosers but still. i really appreciate it though, i hope i don't have to do that. while I'm not opposed to women and drugs, it would be rad to contribute to society in another way.

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So i'm planning a trip to Scotland with my family in July, for 2 to 3 weeks. We're most likely going to land in Edinburgh, spend 3 days there and rent a car.

So far i marked a few castles and abbeys, glen coe, ben nevis, loch ness.
What are must-sees and more confidential stuff in Scotland?
Is it easy to access the isles with a car? Skye seems nice
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- Visit Skye, it's amazing. I've been to almost anywhere in Scotland and it's my favourite part. The scenery is amazing
- Drive the coastal route from Oban to Fort Williams (Ben Nevis) to Mallaig. From Mallaig you can also take the ferry to Skye.
- See Cairngorms National Park. It has a lot to offer. Hiking, cycling, skying or just driving around
- See Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park
- Try to visit at least Islay, Jura, Arran or Mull. Google them to find which interests you the most
- Drive from Inverness to Brora, and possibly onwards to Wick. Beautiful coastal area
- Visit at least one whisky distillery. For the most complete experience I'd advise The Balvenie as it has a malt floor and an active cooperage. But I could easily list 10 more that are absolutely worth is
- Eat haggis. It's amazing in every form
- The Orkney Islands are great too. From the man of Hoy to the shipwrecks between Holm and St Margarets Hope to Skara Brae to the lovely Orkney Brewery. Try their Skullsplitter beer
- Inverness is a fun town too, as is Oban itself

I second skye. I was there new years eve, its great.

Drive up the west coast to tongue if you can. Its beautiful, really remote though. Theres a trail up the coast from ulapool.


theres all sorts of brochs, standing stones, glens, castles, caves mountains, ruins on the route. I did it with my gf in a rush in 3 days, we didn't get t do all that much but it was a great trip.
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Castle Doune. It was most of the castle in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and if you stop in the gift shop on the way in they have "loaner coconuts" so you can gallop around in style.

This is a great stop to surprise fellow travelers with. Didn't tell people I was with why we were stopping at Doune, just that it was a castle I particularly wanted to see because of "its history," which was technically true. My power level went to over 9,000 in their eyes for the rest of the trip.

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So i'm going to cuba in a few hours. Has anyone else here gone and if so do you have any advice?
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They have rum in little juice box boxes. You should try that.
It's basically juice box style boxes of rum. It's fucking hilarious.
Unless you don't drink. In which case don't try that.

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Should I wear these shoes to go back packing through Europe?
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You already posted this on /out/ and /k/.
I am a man of many questions
Lol I wear my tony lama cowboy boots when I'm over there for work

Chicks love them

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Has /trv/ been there? I'm thinking of doing a spontaneous trip to Israel in a few days. It's a very unique country so I figure it will be quite an experience to visit it. I'd also like to go to Jordan and visit Petra while I'm at it. Also if possible, take the bus to Cairo and see pyramids and then take the plane home. I wonder if all this is achievable or too dangerous, especially considering the situation in Sinai.

Do you guys have any suggestions or experience advice you'd like share? Still not 100% if I want to go or not.
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yes, but not since '96, so not a lot of up-to-date info. haifa was beautiful, as were the golan heights/galilee, diving in eilat was awesome. border with egypt was locked down at that point, no idea now.
bring a radiation suit and a spade with you
just trust me

Check out the visa situation before going. Having an Israeli visa on your passport might present issues entering Egypt or Jordan.

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Weird but serious question about traveling from Australia to Canada.

My girlfriend is visited me in canada from australia, and apparently her mother has to deposit 1 grand a month into her account (says these airline people). Is this true or is there a way around this? 1 grand a month for 6 months is a crazy amount of money.
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visiting* typo, fuck...
what account? also is the airline not letting you buy ticket because this deposit?
Into her bank account, and she has the ticket. They said she needed at least 6 grand. But she will be staying with me. So I'm confused

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I got a passport and a job where I finally make good money. So, I want to take a nice vacation afar this summer.

I narrowed it down to three cities:

>San Pedro Sula, Honduras
>Monrovia, Liberia
>Mogadishu, Somalia

Which one should I go to first?
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You might as well stay in upstate Vermont, pussy. You'll never be a Real Traveler holed up in those tourist resorts

I haven't found a place to stay yet. What are the good tourist resorts in those cities?
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Just give up dude. Such low quality bait.

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