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I'm American visiting London. I know we don't have to put on a British accent to be understood, but should I sub in British words for American ones or is that pretentious? Like pants for underwear or lift for elevator?

Also french words that English people tend to pronounce in the french way like filet with the hard t. Should I do that or just speak like I would in America?
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They'll know your an American either way and hate you the same.
>and hate you the same

I'm an Englishman, and I can assure you that Americans are both well-received and well-respected here.
Nah. The British aren't daft. I sometimes use American words by mistake in Britain as well.

But please, think twice about what to do when a girl tells you to put it in her fanny....

The wife and i are thinking of moving to Philadelphia from New York. we are from California and have been in NY for 2 years now but want something else. Good idea? bad idea? why? thanks
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Your levels of stress will decrease, and you'll save a ton of money given how much cheaper rent is. More affordable. More open spaces. Better cafe culture. Better beer culture.

One weird thing is how far from the city people commute. A lot of people have a rural life, but commute to center city. It's sprawled out pretty bad. It's also a bit younger as uni kids make up a large portion of people who live in the city.

Seedy areas are a little less predictable than they are in NYC. There are pockets all over the place.
Are you from there? any places you recommend for renting and eventually buying?
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Different person: this interactive map should give you a good idea what to expect.


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Hey /trvl/ers

Has anyone here been to the Galapagos? My family and I have been invited to my cousins wedding in Ecuador and see this as the perfect opportunity to go.
So, what's the best way of going? Good to know? Price? How long should we take?
Thanks in advance friends
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btw we're from Denmark if that makes any difference
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sharks galapagos.jpg
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I've been -- spent a week om one of the boats that goes from island to island and takes you ashore to see stuff.

>So, what's the best way of going?

See above. Though, there are small towns on a couple of the islands presumably touu clould stay in inns/hostels/B&Bs in these towns and charter some guy to tkae you around. My understanding, though, is some of those guys a re sketchy as fuck, unlicensed and operating outside the law, which may lead to issues for you in terms of getting chased off of where you want to go, etc. If unregulated, I'd be concerned if they are adequately observing safety regs, etc. as well. CAVEAT -- That is info I got from a guy with a vested interest in people using one of the licensed boats, so do your research, I guess.

Good to know?

Itenerary of the boats is always subject to change, since the park service down there rotates which islkands are abailable for a visit to which boats, keeping too many from being in one place at one time and giving each island days with no visitors, to try and minimize human impact. Paths on islands that are part of the pork are clearly marked and cannot be wandered off of, again to keep impact down. Try and get to Kicker Rock and snorkel/dive the cut there, pic related. I enjoyed the Darwin Center and the baby tortoise hatchery, but fuck if I can now remember which island the latter was on. Water can be cold, look at average temp when ou are going to be there, bring a wetsuit (rent if need be), although the boats will have them, they will have limited numbers of a given size and you don;t want to be the guy who doesn't get one if they run out on a cool day. GET AN AFFORDABLE UNDERWATER CAMERA OR FOREVER LIVE WITH REGRET.


Expensive, Google could find numbers for you.

>How long should we take?

A week to get a good feel for the place, two to see most everything. Folks coming and going on the boat I was on stayed for a few days, and I felt like they missed a lot.
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galapagos iguana.jpg
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Dumping a few more pics

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Hi guys,

i am planning a bachelor party for my best friend.

The idea is to rent a holiday home in Alicante/Spain.

Now i am looking for some entertainment + party locations in Alicante.

Do you have any hints and ideas for me?
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is this bate? assume your a moronic yank. its alicante just turn up.
Just looking for some hints!
We are going in the first week of april.

Whats the best bars, pubs or discos?
just turn up. if its not the uni hols it wont be busy, u may be in luck as its probably easter hols i think. if not will be full of old retired northern brits and fat germans and be even shitter than normal. should have chosen somewhere in balearics or canaries

Does /trv/ collect currencies? My girlfriend just told me it's stupid.

My list:
Dirham, Pound, Ringgit, Rembini, Bath, Lev, Koruna
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I collect currencies, yes. My girlfriend even bought me a folder to put them in, your girlfriend sounds pretty shitty desu
Yup. I collect a sample of nice crisp bills in small denominations from countries I visit.

I've only cheated when it came to Nork bills and Zimbabwe monopoly money (purchased from ebay)

My list: Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, Bermuda, Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Iceland, North Korea, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Euros
What word is desu filtering out? I forget.
Senpai is f a m.
Cuck is back.

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A few friends and I (all mid 20s, some guys, some girls) are trying to find a fun all-inclusive tropical resort to go to this spring for a few days. None of us have ever gone to one of these type of places before so we're not sure where to start. Any suggestions? Looking to be around mostly people our age. Ideally at a place that's less family or elderly oriented.
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>inb4 RealTravelers®
Barcelo Solymar, Varadero (Cuba)
Which hemisphere? Rough budget?

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Getting to Rio 2016 Olympics with 53,000 AA miles.

Is it possible? Have never flown, but I churned out 53,000 miles. I already have tickets to a couple events, so it's just a matter of getting out there.

How does this shit work? Even if I can't afford the full ticket with the miles, I can still use them for a fat discount, right?
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All I can say is

6 3 5 1 4 2 7
5 2 3 1 4 6 7

imho mate
www aa com/awardMap/home.do

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Is Montreal the best place to go in Canada ? What are some things to do there? Is it a nice place to visit if going with family?
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>Is Montreal the best place to go in Canada ?
Depends where you are coming from, and what you want. I could certainly see it being the best city in Canada to visit. Toronto might have more stuff, and Vancouver has better outdoors, but Montreal has it's own charm that I think the others lack.
>What are some things to do there?
If you're younger and like to go out at night, it's good for that. There's 3 large universities in the city, with almost 100000 students combined. Bar scene is very active. Older people tend to like it for the restaurant scene. There's Italian, Jewish and French restaurants. They copied the European model of going to restaurants for 3-4 hours and snacking on a bunch of stuff. Summer time is full of festivals. For a city of it's size, it has more smaller cultural centers than big ones.
>Is it a nice place to visit if going with family?
Yes, the city has a good division between the parts that are family friendly and the parts with more vice.

Depending on your interest and ability in French, you might want to visit Quebec city more.

It's not your fault, but you could have worded your questions better. This thread will be full of shitposting about what Canadian city is the least worst to visit now.
>Going anywhere in Canada

Because I heard it was beautiful there and very fun

Sup brehs

I'm taking a trip and looking for suggestions

>Leaving for Bangkok on JAN 22nd
>Phuket by the 26th
>Back in Bangkok by the 11th.

I don't wanna go home. Should I skip to Europe, or visit Vietnam? Looking for the most fun and cheapest option. After the 11th I'll be travelling alone.
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interested.. going to Thailand in March too.
I want suggestions for best accomodations and clubs to go

Check out RCA, a few good clubs on that strip.
Enjoyed the fuck out of Vietnam. Cambodia is well worth a visit as well.

What sort of stuff are you interested in seeing/doing?

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I want to go to one of these cities with my girlfriend for a week in February but I'm having trouble choosing. We're on a rather tight budget and we'd stick to sleeping in a cheap hostel or airbnb room and mainly eating cheap stuff from supermarkets. We plan on eating out somewhere not too expensive a few times and getting coffee at cafes.

>have been to before, favorite city that I've ever been to
>moderately expensive (100 euro flight both way)
>lots of stuff to do, hard to get bored + a lot of this stuff is free or cheap (ie renting out a bike or chilling on the beach with a book)

>have never been to Portugal before
>price-wise approximately the same as Barcelona (flight+accommodation+everything on-site)
>we're worried that we might get bored though there's the possible option of exploring other parts of Portugal though it might not be possible for us if it's not cheap

>have never been to Greece before
>flight is 50 euro 2-way, accommodation is cheaper, cafes/food/stuff to do is definitely cheaper, with all of this taken into account we could enjoy ourselves a lot more while we're there
>not really sure what to expect, worried it might not be as "nice" as Spain or Portugal
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Bonus question: Is Athens actually much cheaper than Spain/Portugal or is it comparable? I haven't actually checked the prices in Greece I just assume with the crisis and stuff it's a cheaper country.
I am actually heading to Lisbon in february with my girlfriend.
I chose that city, because it is well known that Lisbon is a beautiful city.
A few years ago we have been in the south of Portugal and we did not regret it! Really nice coast!
But I think tourist spots are always expensive.. in the west.

Lisbonfag here. I wouldn't recommend it in February, as it's not a very pleasant city if the weather isn't great. At least you can eat really fucking well for really fucking cheap.

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Hello /trv/.
I am thinking of visiting Beirut, but I was wondering if the conflicts that happened in the past years are still going on. How safe would the city be?
Also, how does visa-on-arrival work? Is there anything I should be aware of other than what the name implies?
And lastly, is there any other cities worth visiting in Lebanon? Would crossing to Jordan be worth it? How much would that cost me in addition?
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oh, one question I forgot: If there is a Israel stamp on your passport, you can't enter Lebanon. So I was wondering if the opposite is enforced too. Would I still be able to travel to Israel some time later with a Lebanon stamp?
"You cannot enter Lebanon with a passport bearing an Israeli stamp even expired.

You cannot enter Lebanon with a passport showing that you enteredIsraelfrom Jordan orEgyptor showing that you left Israel to Leabnon via Jordan or Egypt." - Gaby85
"Most people visitIsraelafter visiting Lebanon. You can enter Israel with the same passport you entered into Lebanon." -Gaby85

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Hey /trv/, I just won $5 mil in a local lottery, and I want to spend big chunk of it on lottery.

First, I'm looking for must-visit places in Germany, Austria and Canada.

I like mountains and nature, more or less, I hate tourist sigths. But I also like big cities, the "urbanistic" aspect of that.

Also, can I find any local organization that do trips to mountains and shit? Don't really want to go alone, but don't know where to look for that kind of things.

Any tips? Thanks.
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>and I want to spend big chunk of it on lottery

Typo. On travelling, of course.
If I give you a tip will you pay off my student loan?
Haha, student loans are actually the one thing I told my family I'd give them money for. But no.

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How do I experience real Berlin?
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Berlin is literally everything, and the "real" one is the one you want to see.
Been there for 6 years. It really is a great town. In fact, its not even 2 towns but 4.

Depending on what you want, Berlin can deliver everything. A rather affordable city (or well, was when I lived there) resembles as the NYC of Europe without the "FASTER FASTER FASTER" effect.

A really chill place to live at.

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4chan oshou.jpg
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Hi, everyone !
Osaka-city(Japan), a nice regulation was approved.
It is called [The regulations about coping to Hate speech in Osaka-city] .
In Osaka-city,
When you say about “the specific race”, the specific race hears that ,and they scold it is Hate speech,
Only in this, Osaka-city takes sides with the specific race, and checks your name and
announces it.
If you are caught in the specific race's crosshairs ,Osaka-city checks your name and
announces it.
Do you come to such wonderful Osaka-city?
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Have fun Tarou. Next they'll be forcefeeding you kimchi.

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I'm planning to travel to India, with my friend, next summer. I would like to see Mumbai and spend some time over there but also since I'm going for at least two weeks I would like to visit some other places. I'll be flying to Mumbai as it seems the cheapest connection. However when we're there we'll probably use trains.
I've started reading wikitravel but it isn't really helpful for choosing what to see. Especially when I don't even have a rough idea of where I want to go (except for Mumbai).
I'm hoping you could give me some advice on some tourist routes or some interesting places.
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Can I come too!

How much $$ you saving up?
I have enough money saved up. However I don't want to spend too much since I'm still studying so I'll be on a rather cheap budget.
india is a shithole and indians are ugly, nasty people

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