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23/m/UK here

On a £6000 budget (roughly $8646) how long could I go backpacking around south-east Asia/India kind of area in hostels and such? I've heard you can live off £5 a day in Vietnam. Everyone in the UK seems to be going either SE Asia or Australia, are they worth the hype? Is it actually better travelling alone and is it easy to meet friends in hostels and such?
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I went there with 4k£, sure you can live off 5£ a day but you better count on 10/15£ average. Even eating local food (1£ meal) and camping, something is gonna go wrong so plan it ahead.
Get your own motorbike make everything cheaper if that's your concern. But it also make everything more exiting and unique (here was my concern).
Alone is ok, I went to cities went I wanted to meet english speakers, but I'm happy to be on my own for days. If you can't handle it, forget about Asia. The all country side is quiet and awesome if you enjoy that. 3G is ok everywhere, and cheap.
(that's about Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, it might not apply everywhere)

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I live in a small town in the US with no jobs. I have $500 to my name. I have no job experience, have never worked. I want to start traveling. Would it be possible? I figure I have nothing to lose. What are some places with good job prospects?
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There is nothing more liberating than having nothing to lose. Of course you could lose your life so your statement isn't completely true. My advice is catch a greyhound bus to your nearest major city whether it's Seattle, Dallas, Atlanta or New York. Stay in a cheap hostel while you search for an apartment. Use the hostel to make connections for jobs or roommates. McDonalds will hire you if all else fails. $500 will buy you maybe 3 weeks. Good luck.
What is your level of education?
High School. The closest college to me is like 45 miles away and my car is 34 years old and barely runs.

Hi anons,

I really need to prove a point and I know that you are a good source to rely on!
What are the non-generic crap "hacks" out there for travelers?

usefull things like: charge your phono on a flight mode to charge it faster
or pillow case + puffy jacket = awesome pillow that you wont need to carry around..

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>drink own piss
>get a longer EU visa by swimming to Lampedusa
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>Have a 12 hour layover in Amsterdam at Schiphol Airport
I've never traveled via plane before, but I think 12 hours gives me enough time to leave the airport for a while and do some fun stuff in Amsterdam, r-right?

Can /trv/ offer some suggestions?

I thought that I could maybe fuck a hooker and see Anne Frank's house, but I'd like to do other stuff as well.
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Should be plenty of time to do both plus more. Train from Schiphol takes 15 minutes to the centraal station. Budget an hour waiting in line for tickets to Anne Frank if you can't reserve them online. You can fit in the Van Gogh or Rijksmuseum visit where that picture was taken.
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Take a bus to Museumplein (which is the open field in your uploaded pic, plein means square) which is the southern most part of the inner city, where there's still stuff to do.

From there you can walk north to the National Museum, Leidsepllein, Rembrandtplein on the east). Further up north are the streets with all the shops (mainly Kalverstraat), eventually Damplein and Damrak and at the end of Damrak is the Central Station. From there, take a train back to Schiphol.

Additional info:

- get your weed in the shops, and bring your ID with you.
- to the northwest of Museumplein is Vondelpark.
- north of Rembrandtplein and east of Damrak is the Red Light District.
- west/northwest of Damplein is the Anne Frank House (behind the Palace)
- behind the palace is an Albert Heijn, the biggest Dutch supermarket chain. (Lidl is the cheapest but you won't find it I think) Get some food in the Albert Heijn for your trip. There's also an Albert Heijn to Go on Schiphol and the Central Station but they are bit more expensive and only have to go food
- around the corner of that Albert Heijn are some pubs. Next to one of those pubs is a beer shop called 'Bierkoning'. They have hundreds of craft beers (pic related, I went there 2 weeks ago)

Have fun!

It depends where you're coming from. If it's a long haul flight (from the US or Australia) then forget it; you'll be too tired and once you sleep you won't have enough time.

Don't forget that most airports are outside the main part of the city so factor travel time to and from in to your plans, plus you'll need to plan to get back to the airport at least a couple of hours before your flight leaves, just in case you experience any delays.

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Hey, I arrive in Bratislava tomorrow and am wondering where else I should I travel in the country. I'll be in Bratislava for 4-5 days (I like to travel slowly) before heading east. Where would you guys recommend?

I was thinking maybe to choose 2 from Poprad, Kosice, Banska Bystrica or Banska Stiavnica but I'm open to other suggestions.

Where would be good at this time of year? I want somewhere cheap and fairly easy/accessible to travel to and around. Thanks!
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Bump. Anyone? I arrive in Bratislava later today. Thanks!
Hey man I guess I might be a bit late but still.

While you're still in the Bratislava area I recommend checking out Vienna - it's only about 50km away.

If you like mountains then it doesn't get more comfy than the Poprad area. As far as Tatra Mountains go, they're cheaper and less crowded than the Polish side, though this time of the year I'd expect that snow may distrupt navigation at least partially. Still, if you don't wanna go hiking (which would require preparation), I definitely recommend checking it out if you like aquaparks and beautiful nature.
Check out the Northern areas around the Polish border with the Tatra mountains if you're into skiing or mild hiking (the serious hikes/climbs are currently closed afaik but it's still pretty nice there).

Don't have much time but will write a more detailed post later

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Hey /trv/ I've been thinking of having a coast to caost roadtrip in the states. Has anyone here done that? How much would it cost for a 1-2 months trip including car rental, gas, motels, meals?
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>I've been thinking of having a coast to caost roadtrip in the states
No one does that (with any sense).
You tour the west coast, or the east coast, or you explore a region like the southwest, or the South, or New England, but you don't enjoy cutting cross-country. Fact.

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Hi /trv/ im about to move for a backpacking tour in morocco. Does anyone know nice place to visit and the cost of meal and hostels? I got no high expectation (hotel, expensive meals, etc...) Any help will be appreciate.
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>Marrakech is a must. The winding souks with all their sights and smells are incredible. Just be careful not to get lost.
>Go into the Atlas Mountains at night if you can. I never did but apparently its one of the best ways to see the stars with 0 light pollution

I don't know if you've ever been to North Africa, but I have been to Tunisia quite a lot. It struck me fairly quickly how different Moroccans are. The general attitude towards tourists is a bit aloof and bartering can be hard.
Thank you for the fast response. Im currently in canary island. I will take the airplane to marrakech and later i will go on the atlas. You actually know maybe how much it cost food and other stuff?
No problem. Its been a few years since I went, as North Africa is not the most stable area in the world. Morocco should be okay though.

The currency is Dihram from memory and its something like 15 dihram to 1 GBP. I think food and shit is fairly cheap.

You MUST have an authentic tagine cooked in a tangine. Try and do the whole sitting on cushions thing too if you can.

Me and my gf decided to visit Reykjavík for 4 days in mid-January.

What are the top things to see from a local's perspective? Is anything interesting going on at that time?
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bring a torch? I guess it's pretty dark there now.
Is iceland eternally dark at this time of year?
Yeah it's 5-6 hours of daylight in January. But hopefully this will give a chance to see the northern lights.

hey /trv

so im going to India in 2017. The plan is to go to mumbai, fly to varanasi, stay in varanasi for +- 3-4 weeks, and visit neighbouring Allahabad. Then go to guwahati for a week or two, then back to varanasi for a few days up to a week and back to mumbai and home.

The purpose is both touristic and (yeah you probably guessed it) spiritual. not sure bout this board but going to india in search of spirituality has to be a meme here.

My search is a bit specific. Im searching to learn more about Aghora tantra. this has been something ive been obsessed for the last 3 years and ive been saving up money to go to india since then. But now that 2017 is nearing i want to exactly plan what where and how - most of which i can do on my own. My question is about sadhus, specifically aghoris if anyone had any exchanges with them.

how do i even approach them? as in - how do i initiate talking to them? i heared everyone saying to just come up to them when they are smokeing or just sitting near their dhuni. Is tht true? just come up? what are the chances of them speaking english, if close to zero, how do i find a transelator. also, how far fetched is thinking they will even talk to me, let alone teach me anything? also, on aghoris - i heared people giving money or manali as offerings to nagas and other babas, would offering whiskey as an offering to an aghori be offensive? they do use it in some rituals.
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enjoy the designated shitting streets and find your spiritual enlightenment in this rotten, stinking, dirty shithole of a country
i dont expect it to be other than a shithole.
3rd world shitholes are very dangerous

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Is it worth risking taking my Macbook with me to Istanbul, or should I just bring my iPad?

This isn't really a Turkey-specific question, I'd be wary of any hotel where staff are in the room when I'm not.

Should any reputable hotel have like a safe locker or something? It's a Radisson Blu.
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>Is it worth risking taking my Macbook with me to Istanbul, or should I just bring my iPad?
Personally, despite occasional horror stories I've read, I think it's less a question of security than of convenience/luggage volume. Do you expect to need your computer? Then bring it. I've traveled with laptops to dozens of countries, including some much poorer and more theft-prone than Turkey, and have never had an incident.
>This isn't really a Turkey-specific question, I'd be wary of any hotel where staff are in the room when I'm not.
Again, this is not an entirely unwarranted fear, and I have read about people getting stuff stolen from hotel rooms, but it's never happened to me, and in business hotels I will often just leave my laptop just sitting out, plugged in, on the desk in the room. I figure most hotel employees would rather keep their jobs, so they're not going to steal.
>Should any reputable hotel have like a safe locker or something? It's a Radisson Blu.
Almost without question. Any international chain/business hotel/four star and up venue will probably have a little safe in the closet; places that don't may let you lock stuff up in a safe deposit box behind the reception (get an itemized receipt). Sometimes I will leave money and my passport in them.
Radisson Blu will certainly have a safe
You don't hear about all of the times that people travel and do not have problems

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How much should I expect to spend on a plane ticket from Atlanta to Paris for a trip in 5 months?

Prices are about $1,000 direct, even less if I want to take Turkroach airlines with one layover ($820)

Should I anticipate them going down?
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6MB, 5312x2988px
Even though I would unleash the flammenwerfers without a doubt on Turkey, I just want to contribute by saying that flying with Turkish has been a very, very pleasant experience.

Really? I've been spoiled ever since Korean Air, and I'm kinda looking forward to the free booze

I'm afraid ISIS is going to blow me up, but I guess my chances are equal on AirFrance to Paris if I'm letting my paranoia make the decisions.

let me clarify, Turkish Airlines doesn't serve alcohol right?

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So I'm about to finish up a 2 year teaching gig in Vietnam and plan on using the money I saved to travel.

Teaching was fun at first and I became pretty proficient, but after 2 years I'm done with it.

I'll have enough to travel for around 6-9 months but I'm thinking ahead and don't plan on returning home (UK) to work.

I'm wondering what other alternatives there are to English teaching in regards to working abroad and travelling.

I'll always have ESL to fall back on but I'd rather explore other jobs. Preferably adding more notches to my bow so to speak. (Qualifications like CELTA but for other industries would be nice)

Searching online only turned up results like 'blogging' and 'online surveys' but these are a bit unrealistic.

So far I've come up with these:

SCUBA instructing

Cruise Ship work

Fruit Picking (picking by kilo and not hourly)

Freelance work (I studied animation in Uni but don't know anything about freelancing)

Any ideas or opinions are welcome. Jobs that work from home/laptop would be ideal.

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What course did you do?
If you are proficient at teaching, design lessons for schools. If you are proficient at teaching, teach incoming teachers. If you are proficient at teaching, do something related to teaching. ESL is what enabled you to reach Vietnam. Do you think you could have shown up[spoiler]I actually out loud as I began to type this[/spoiler]looking for work as a scuba instructing in Ho Chi Minh City? Be realistic, you autist.
If you want to make enough money you'll need to diversify.

Start writing. Blogs on travel or ESL teaching. Help guides for ESL teachers. Lesson plans.

Do freelance translations or write legal documents for foreign companies.

Buy/sell shit you can find locally to places where it's more expensive.

If none of those things work cruise ship jobs are a good way to save up money but the jobs will likely suck and you'll be working 10+ hour shifts 6 or 7 days a week for months. Some people are cool with that but others burn out quickly. As a westerner the jobs won't be the worst ones on the ship but hours put in are still hours put in.

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Hi /trv/

thinking about going to Vietnam and from there crossing into other nearby countries. Will I encounter any difficulties crossing the borders to say for example China or Laos?
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Check your passport power level, mong.
You're more than likely to encounter difficulties with China, they are difficult. Do the research, check the general threads at least.
As long as you have the appropriate visas there shouldn't be any issues.
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Just a quick question again;

are any vaccinations recommended when traveling to SE asia? I've gotten tetanus a while back so I should be covered?

Also, how long does it take to get all the needed paperworks (ex. visa)?

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Hi /trv/, I'm going to visit Vienna and Budapest in mid february. I'll stay 4 days in Vienna and 3 in Budapest. How much of a budget would we need? We already booked the planes and hotels for the stay.

Also, what places do you recommend me to see? Thanks!
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Bump for interest, I want to go to Budapest in March.

I think, personally, you're going to have to budget harder for Vienna, as it's really a more expensive city than Budapest. Budapest being a central/eastern European city in terms of development, and not costing as much as most western cities.
Go to golden time spa in veinna and have 3 ways with 9/10's
I've heard of that, we are on a tight budget but we are used to go to an expensive city like Barcelona so I don't think that would be much of a problem.

About Budapest, avoid exchanging your money in the airport, they will try to scam you. There are exchange shops all over the place in the city with much better rates.

Hey /trv/
Last year I got engaged and brought a house and something came over me and i realised I had locked myself into something long term and I hadn't seen the world yet. I gave up on the relationship and myself. For the past year I have been working on myself and saving money. I went from 100kg down to 69kg. I will be leaving to Saigon on 20th of June. With 20 grand aud, quitting my good job and no intention of looking back. I plan on riding a motorbike through Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.
And then travelling on from there with no direction. I have been to Thailand and Japan before.
Sorry for the wall of text but thanks for reading if you got this far

Tl;Dr quitting my job with 20k savings. Travelling south east Asia. Share your tips, things to see.
First time solo travel

Picture unrelated
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With some good sense, you could stretch that $20 to two or three years. More if you do some English teaching.

Be aware that using the same bike in all countries is probably not possible. They probably won't let you bring a foreign bike into Vietnam and I think one of the others has a similar issue. I've heard of it being done with a fuckload of trouble and permits.

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