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What are some of the best places you've been that had a great beach and parties?

I've been to several:

Greek islands

But none of them really top the parties in Cancun.

Is Cancun really the best for partying? They have great clubs, drinks, atmosphere, people etc. The beaches aren't the greatest, I prefer the beaches in the Cyclades, but the parties there are pretty shitty.

How does Thailand stack up against Cancun in terms of parties and clubs? Might have to check it out.
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>I travel because I can't get laid at home: the post
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It stacks
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surat thani.jpg
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I'm going to Metal Days in Slovenia at the weekend, but the best travel method for me was to fly to Vienna first. So I'll be arriving about 11:30 in the morning, and leaving again at 6:30 for a coach onwards. I'm meeting friends at the festival itself, but will be on my own in Vienna. Suggestions on things to do?
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that's 630 am the next day
Schloss Schönbrunn is nice. Its got a Park and a Zoo.

MuseumsQuartier is also a good point to start.You can explore the inner city and the Stephansdom .

cool, will have a look. Any idea on ease of public transport there?

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Hey, /trv/.
Through some luck I'm able to stay at a vacation appartment in Cannes for a bit more than two weeks in early august.
I'll be staying close to the old town and the beach.
I'm not the biggest fan of shopping and pompous lifestyle and am more into saving my money and getting the most out of it when travelling so I hope there's more to Cannes than just dumb shopping and looking fancy hotels I have no interest or need to stay at.
I really like nice museums, galleries and historic sights/buildings, and I figured there'll be some neat stuff to see.
My French is a bit rusty but overall enough for getting around, basic conversation and reading stuff.
I've been to France a bunch of times and I'm especially thrilled at the idea of having my own kitchen to cook up something good after heading to the supermarché.
Nice and Grasse are also really close and I think I'll visit those.
Anyone got any special ideas
>what to see
>what to eat
>what to do
>where to maybe meet people of the backpacker variety
without having my wallet raped?
Also general advice about the Cannes-Nice-area.
After a lot of help and a pleasant experience on my last travel with /trv/'s help I hope someone has any ideas.
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>general advice about the Cannes-Nice-area
Too crowded and expensive

I suggest you to visit Hyères area and the countryside. If you have a car you can go near Castellane and the parc naturel du Verdon, this is very beautiful (only 80km). If you don't have a car, there is some bus line too.

Near Cannes you can visit Grasse if you like flower and perfume.

If you want a not crowded beach, you can go go some naturist beach, usually there is not à lot of people but you have to be naked and sometimes there is creepy people. As a woman, i never go there alone.

>What to eat
You can buy your food at the local marché but beware of scams. In the summer there is a lot of little shops who sell fake french olive, fake aop cheese, fake Provence honey, etc.

You can eat :
Goat cheese, socca, fougasse, anchois, ratatouille...
Look at this wiki page : https://fr.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cuisine_niçoise

>where to maybe meet people of the backpacker variety
Maybe couchsurfing. I guess there is some group / meetings you can join in.

Have a nice stay

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hi gang

i want to visit iceland for a weekend (friday, sat and most of sunday). can anyone recommend me some good things to do, hotels, places to look at and so on? i imagine i will probably be staying in reykjavik as i wont be renting a car or anything and im not sure if theres much else outside of the one city

also can anyone recommend a good airline flying from england to there? preferably from stanstead, luton or heathrow
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Check out 12 tonar. It's a CD shop that serves free espresso while you listen to music. Also check out the penis museum and eat some horse
>eat some horse
and whale, and puffin, and shark, and sheep
Go inside the volcano.


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So I am thinking about working abroad. I am a citizen of that country. There are a couple of recent online news articles about how there is a shortage of people working in that profession. Is this info reliable?
>inb4 what is the job and country?
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What profession? Does it require insurance or certifications?
Teaching, yes
Okay, so you must have some dual passport situation.

Within my country, there are state by state certifications, so you'd need to do whatever process there would be for that state, and for the country within the state. It can be a 2-5 year process, for what is a lesser paid job, unless you have a Masters. The path might be that you teach private school first while you work on certs. College level work has a process too, and in most states require the upper division degree (basically you have to have more education than your students there).

To do these things you need a residence, not just a passport Pass a background check, have established credit and mailing address. It might be hard to hit the ground running, without savings and other work first.

You should probably stop being evasive and list the countries in question.

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What do you guys think of Madventures?
Does the show give accurate image if places they travel in?

Also general travelling show thread, I suppose.
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Madventures is genius at time. As for accuracy i couldn't comment on everything but out of the places ive seen its pretty on point. Wish season 1 was released with full English subs though.

Check out "Departures" First couple of seasons are on netflix.
i wish they would have just done the whole thing in finnish with english subtitles, their english pretty much ruined the entire "thing" of the series for me
You can blame Dudesons for the English. When foreign stations got interested in funding third season, Tunna and Riku talked with Jarppi, and he suggested that they switch to English to make it more accessible so that show would be more accessible to foreign audiences.

...Which is true, but I have to agree it would've been nicer if they sticked with Finnish. Their English accents aren't really that good.
Also sucks that first season hasn't been completely subbed, it's very strong, especially since it's the only one where they didn't return back to Finland between different countries.

Going to Budapest August-December for a study abroad semester.

Does anyone know some of the general cost of living expenses I could expect?

My apartment is already fully paid for, so not including that in monthly costs.
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a ticket to the movies plus popcorn and soda totals at around 10 euros

a big mac menu is around 4.50 euros

a beer costs around 0.80 cents in stores and less than 2 euros in most clubs/bars/pubs

all in all, life is pretty cheap in Budapest compared to everywhere else in the west, from, say, 400 euros a month you'll live like a king
Budapest I found to be real cheap with the crazy exchange rate. Make sure to use their currency instead of euros as you will get up charged using euros. I found ruin pubs to be quite entertaining and cheap. Instant being my favorite but szimpla was amazing just to see. Hookers everywhere offering sex for 10,000 forint (found every single one started negotiations there) plenty of great places to get authentic Hungarian food (I miss the goulash so much) for next to nothing
Yes, Budapest is cheap, but there's no way you can live well on 400€ a month. Maybe excluding rent.

Does anyone recognize this place?
It looks really interesting. This thread is gonna be about what country this thing is at. (Sorry for my shitty english btw)
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>>2nd image
Priyapat (sp), Ukraine, close to the site of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor.

Hey /trv/! I'll be headed to Vietnam with a friend for ~2 weeks in November. Most of our time will be spent in HCMC, but I'd like to check out one of the cities in the center of the country as well, probably for 3ish days. Right now I'm torn between Hue and Danang. Anybody got opinions/recommendations?
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Bumping for interest.

From the bit of research I've done it seems Da Nang and Hoi An are good places to visit.
Danang itself is pretty boring, but makes a good base for day trips to for example Hoi An or the Cham temples nearby.

Hue is very interesting with the Imperial Palace (think China's forbidden palace light) and all the imperial tombs around the city.

I'd pick Hue over Danang personally.
Yeah, that's what I've been guessing as well. I think we'll probably make it Hue, as it seems like it's got more to offer for a several-day visit.

So my girlfriend and I are taking a weekend off together in the middle of August. We have about 4 days to spend on a mini-vacation with about $1000 between us. The problem is we have no idea where to go or what to do. Can you help us out /trv/?
(We live in the suburbs of Chicago fwiw)
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maybe you can visit one of the smaller tourist towns nearby e.g.

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so i have a cousin who works at an english based call center there saying he could get me a job there since i speak the language fluently. if i went there though i'd have somewhere between 3-5 grand in US dollars saved. idk much about mexican cities but would this be enough to coast by for about 3-4 months? i'm not planning on going back to school until the coming spring semester. if i went there it'd be in the fall until late winter and desu idk anything about this city. is it even worth staying there? and by there I mean in the well-off areas and how much money would I need? bc i could pretty much save up enough in US dollars right now to have at least 5 grand by the time September rolls around if i worked my ass off. as in 5 grand fuck around money
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1) you won't make much money
2) you'll have to deal with hurricane season in a city with ZERO infrastructure (flooded streets, power outages, etc)
3) you'll end up driving to the valley to shop like most people do from Monterrey; cuz the shopping in monterrey sucks
4) you'll probably have a good time; the nightlife and soccer games are great

Do you get sick during or after a vacation or holiday?

I spent a week in NYC last week and i had a cough and stuffy nose during most of it.
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i swear the exact thing happend to me in NYC
I spend the week there
During the day, absolutely no fine and no problem
But when it got dark, i started coughing.
WTF could that be? It's not like i'm not used to dirty city-air, i live in Amsterdam my whole life
people all over the world come to NYC
half the people see walking around don't even speak english
who knows how niggerviruses are around
just be thankful you didn't die
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Im guaranteed to get sick every time I go to the US.

Im perfectly fine at my first stop. Extensively walking around NYC or the like for a couple of days.
However the moment I fly to my second stop; I get sick. It only lasts like 2-3 days, but it's really annoying to be sick while on a trip like that.

No amount of flu shots or immune boosters help.


I'm travelling in Vietnam at the moment and I got a job offered at a hostel for 1/2 months, as a receptionist. However if I accept it will be illegal since I don't want to get a working visa because I don't have enough money for that. Does anyone know how much risk there is and if I could get in jail for it?

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I think you only need a working visa if you're going to work for more than 3 months straight.
Google it for more info, though.
Check the trees for charlies!
Click all the trees to post...

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Anyone been to San Sebastian/Donostia? I'm staying there for a week, so I need anything interesting to see in Basque county. Thanks
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yep, it's beautiful. just go out for night walks around the shore
been there, beautiful place, great food, incredibly rude locals
Yes, twice! Incredible beaches, although not as many young people to go along with them unfortunately. I'd highly recommend hiking the hill to the castle up top, and DON'T be afraid to go off the beaten path. You can see gravestones hundreds of years old protruding from the hillside, covered in moss, a fractured WWI statue monument too.
Here's the hostel I stayed in, although it feels like more of a hotel. Wonderfully polite staff as well. Cheers bro.


hi /trv/,i'm looking to travel to iceland next year when they start reopening the blue lagoon,is it true you can see most of the sights by the ring road through means of car renting?also when is the aurora season?how much is iceland krona:usd? thanks!
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Literally all your questions can be copy pasted into google verbatim and you will immediately get your answer.
I'd say 90% of the questions asked in /trv/ fit your description.
Yeah, but Google will neither call me a fag nor tell me to kys. People come here for the human experience.

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