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road trip.png
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Doing this trip in a month. Going to be gone for about 4 weeks with the GF and a little Dog.

Never done a Road trip this size, nor have I been to any of these locations before. I'm looking for any general road trip advice, and specific tips on this route. Secret spots along the way are what I'm most interested in, like Tamolitch Pools in Oregon.


And road trip stories too, that would be good for a laff I suppose.
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Why not Vegas?
been there 5 or 6 times already/

in any event, it always a possibility after the grand canyon
Not going to hit the 4 corners?

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>Rome or Athens
Which city is the better destination from December 26th - January 2nd?

I'm going to travel to Europe with my girlfriend and we will go to one of those cities/surrounding area during that time.

We are mostly interested in ancient history and museums, which is why we narrowed it down to these two cities, but worried about things like safety, weather, etc...which is why we are asking on /trv/.
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100% Rome.

Athens is mostly a shithole.
What makes Athens so bad? I only wanted to spend a few days there and go around Greece...is it really that bad?

I'm planning an excursion in Western Europe, please suggest me places to visit without capitals, also i would like to be near the Mediterranean sea. - France/ Portugal/ Spain & more. Thanks
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i would recommend the ardeche region in the south of france, canoe up the river if you can, its a beautiful area

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Does anyone have information on how to get to the Donbass republics from the Ukrainian side? Is there any "easy" way to pop into Donezk for some days? I speak tolerable Russian.
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I'm not sure if it's even possible from the Ukrainian side. I've obviously never done it, but as far as I've been told, you need a dual/multiple entry visa to Russia, and you go from there. Rostov on Don is a nice starting point apparently.
>from the Ukrainian side?
Not going to happen

You would have to go through several military checkpoints on both the Ukrainian side and on the Seperatist side.

Its better to go through Russia because they have normal border controll instead of military one.

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what's good /trv/, I'm driving to downtown LA tomorrow to explore the city.

I'm from coastal part of the county, but never really had a chance to go around for myself until now. My itinerary is pretty bare bones; was thinking of at least checking out The Broad, Grand Central Market, walking around the arts district and then closing out the day at Griffith Observatory, but I'm wondering what you guys think is worth checking out/what places were memorable when you visited. Thanks
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If you want to get into the Broad expect at least a 40 minute wait, worth it. The MOCA is a right across from it if youc ant get into the Broad
Grand Central is a good choice to eat, try eggslut or that little Mexican sandwich place across from the nuts and mexican candies on the right side when you first enter, I forget the name.

Take a walk down in Little Tokyo the Japanese village plaza. Choose any restaurant if you're hungry, preferably "hole in the wall" looking ones. The top part of Grand Park where the fountain is has a nice view of city hall, especially at night.

If you want grittier setting, theres a couple of cool bars and lounges down 6th street, after you pass tent city (Skid row). Also the Last bookstore is worth at least a look and see, so is the LA public library. Then theres LA Live if you want to get drunk and watch sports/Staples center.

Dont go down any further because then you'll hit the fashion district.Cheap shopping Neat, but not pretty.
The Peterson Autmotive museum is a pretty cool place if you like cars, talks about the automotive history of the state and usually you'll have some pretty neat things over there.
I would add a walk down Spring st from 3rd to 9th. You'll go through the old bank district. Lots of interesting architecture and murals.

Hey /trv/ I'm flying to Chicago tomorrow, what are some fun things to do?
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How long are you going to be there?

What are your interests?

>Architecture tour, including the boat tour
>Kayak the river
>Museum Campus
>Art Institute
>Navy Pier
>Cultural center downtown has some useful information and is also a neat building too
>Ride around the loop
>Lincoln Park+Zoo
>360 Chicago (Hancock Tower Deck)
>Some bars and nightlife on Milwaukee Ave
>Hyde Park and UoC campus
>Go look for some shows in the theater district
>Walk the mag mile
>Millineum/Grant Park
>Lakeshore trail (you can rent a bike)
>Hit up a jazz club (green mill is decent but touristy)
>New park that was formally an airport, close to downtown, forgot the name, but I hear it's cool.
>Go to a cubs game
>Relax at one of the beaches along the lake.
>If you get bored (depending on how much time you spend here) you can get a cheap train ticket up to Milwaukee if you wanna check that out.
this Thursday-Sunday, like bars and nightlife, would like to go to some famous museums and do some touristy stuff since this is the first time going.

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britbong going to austin in a month
reccomend me the best places to drink, and anything else i should do i might not know about
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didn't you post this exact thread very recently?
Barton springs
There's a bomb ass pizza joint on Congress Ave. just south of the river. Home Slice...

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Is Beirut still a safe place to visit? It seems awesome, but the turmoil in eastern Lebanon seems to be spreading.
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I just got my passport yesterday because I want to go to Taiwan. Will anyone else suggest a place to visit in Asia. And yes Japan is on my list
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Uh, okay, Vietnam.
Sorry for not making this clear but I mean actual places I.E. Hualien city, Taiwan. Not just countries.

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What's the most obscure island to travel to?

Doesn't have to be exclusive for rich folk, but it doesn't have to be a shithole either.

Somewhere that is nice, warm, not a lot of people, with a minimal amount of infrastructure but with reasonable amenities (A shower and toilet would be nice) and will have people saying "where the hell is that? gotta google."
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>not a lot of people
well you've just ruled out most of Asia.

Cape Verde seems awesome. Comoros/Mauritius/Seychelles/Ascension are on my bucket list too.

I've always wanted to go to the Andaman Islands to see nudibranches in the wild, but they're fucking hard to get to.
>i want people to see me as an interesting, cultured person by virtue of where i've been told to go by others

Kill yourself, seriously
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>i want to wander aimlessly around the globe

OK vagabond.

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The most divisive piece of clothing.

I'm a nature photographer though, and the more time goes on the more I feel like I can't tolerate the sun blistering my skin. Also probably cancer.

What do you recommend?
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Tilley LTM6
That looks pretty good, for a sun hat. Might grab a version that doesn't look quite as techy.
wide or short brim? assume i am retarded when it comes to hats (and various other things)

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Is couchsurfing a decent option to be homeless in a big city, considering I live in London?

If I plan everything careful enough can I live the rest of my life in strangers' houses?
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Why not?
If you need to ask, it means you're stupid and definitely won't be able to.

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please give me tips for visiting thera
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Play Overwatch
if you buy it for me

Any anons in Helsinki at the moment?
Recommendations or secret spots around here?

It's almost half past 2am and my body clock is fucked from jetlag and constant sunlight around here
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thats a nice deal
I will be here in 2 weeks

So I obviously want to travel. I want to see the world and I don'tknow how to do this. I definitely do not come from the best of households nor are we well set off. I am just starting my freshman year of college is there any advicethat could be given to me?
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I am also on my mobile so there will be some mistakes.
Here's my best piece of advice (in regards to studying abroad): apply for your study abroad program.

For the most part, it is as simple as that. I have many friends that say they are so jealous of me because I got to spend some time studying abroad in SEA, then when I ask them why they didn't do an exchange they can't give me a real excuse.

The application process and everything was really straight forward, and the only fee I paid above and beyond what I would have paid if I stayed at my home school was my flight over there and all the extra trips I took.

I don't come from the best of households either, and I also go to a more expensive school. That said I was able to travel a lot while on exchange because I worked a ton during high school and my summers off. See if your school has bursaries (aka free money for poor people) and apply for them each year because that will help pay for shit.

My school also has an exchange bursary, and I received a decent chunk of change from that. When you subtract the extra travel costs off of the amount I received, there's still some money leftover, meaning I actually made money by studying abroad lol.

tl;dr you can easily do it, so just do it. No excuses.
Thank you, I'vebeen looking for stuff like that. Once when got pulled over this police officer searched my car then asked what I wanted to do with my life and I told her and she told me the same thing. I'll be looking to that though thank you.

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