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Backpacking Route.gif
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Hey, I'm a Britbong who is going to go backpacking in Australia for six weeks from May - July 2017 who has a couple of questions:
Aside from the obvious, is there any, in your opinion, must see stops on the way up the east coast?
Also, since I will be going in the winter will the weather be unbearably cold or will it be comfortable for someone from Scotland?
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Ameribro here

spent a year working in 'Straya and I know few spots, but it really depends what youre into. It will be cold in the deep south but will be otherwise pleasant for you.

One thing I can tell you to do is go to Tasmania. It's literally my favorite place on earth. I spent a week there and it wasnt nearly enough. Do literally everything there.

Other than that, do the obvious. Go to the Great Barrier Reef and The Daintree Rain forest. Stay in Port Douglass and not Cairns. Cairns is Lad Central and the reef there is shit. Take a Quality tour to the High Reef. Half the Reef is dead at this point but there is still some amazing snorkeling out there. See it before we kill it forever. Take a day and drive to Mossman Gorge. Google it.

Byron Bay is a really chill spot too. Great beaches, and cool hippy-ish surf bro culture if youre into that. Plus rain forest and wild turkeys.

Go to Sydney, see the Opera house and botanical gardens, then go to Shady Pines and Eau De Vei out in Darlinghurst. 2 of my favorite bars on the planet. Low 302 for incredible late night Burgers drinks.

Take a day in Sydney and go to Manly beach. Chill, swim, hike and Drink beer at 4 Pines Brewery. I would live there if I could.

Go to Melbourne and check out Fitzroy. Dope art Scene and Great Bars. Naked for Satan and The Black Pearl are two of the best bars on the planet. Then go drive the Great Ocean Road.

Go to the outback if you must, just bare in mind it eats up a lot of time in travel to get to the cool spots (Uluru etc..).

Go to Darwin and do Kakadoo National Park if its dry season and see some real Crocodile Dundee ass shit.
At least a few days in Fraser island are a must - try and avoid a huge tour group.
Wow, thanks for all the detail! I must admit I hadn't really thought of staying in Tasmania but since you mentioned it, I will certainly look into staying there but I was originally planning on starting in Melbourne, flying to Sydney then working my way up to Cairns.

I'm a German national that will attend a wedding in Montreal and stay there for 3-4 weeks starting in mid-September.
At one point I will be at a distant summer house, so I hope to catch some of that Indian Summer while hiking.
Any cool suggestions on what to do on the island?

My French ist B1/conversational but I still have a hard time understanding full-blown joual, so I will try to familiarize myself with the dialect in the 1-2 months of vacation I have before my arrival.

I'd also like to cross the American border to Vermont by bus(Burlington maybe) and blow some caps on a gun range there since I heard that nogunz tourists are allowed to shoot at American gun ranges with an ID. Are there any non-Americans that have experience with shooting at American gun ranges as tourists?

At this point I'm even considering doing the 8h bus trip to NYC to see the city for a few days but I'm not really sure about this right now. Any experience with greyhound/megabus or bus trips in the US in general?

So, any suggestions by people that are currently living in or have travelled to New England/Quebec welcome.
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You sound like a nerd. I suspect you have had fewer than 10 sexual partners, this makes you an awkward inexperienced child. Therefore you should avoid Quebec as they are all grown men who will laugh at your beta awkwardness.
Who are you replying to?
Visit the Plateau and the Mile End.
They're completely infested with hipsters but they're still fun neighborhoods.
3-4 weeks is a long ass time though if you stay in the city, I'd recommend going to enjoy the outdoors before the hunting season.

>Any experience with greyhound/megabus or bus trips in the US in general?
It gets the job done and it's cheap but mostly used by the lowest of the low kind of people.
Personally I'd take a car or a train even if it takes more time.

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6MB, 4320x3240px
Anyone else here love travelling just to try new food?

By this I mean actually going out and trying food from the local area that you've never had before, or never had as good. Literally errbady who goes travelling says they do this, but very few push the boat out in my experience.

Singapore and Taiwan are definitely the best places for food in Asia that I've seen. Singapore has more variety than you'll find anywhere else, and cleaner (though can find a lot of less sanitised versions in Malaysia), and Taiwan has the freshest fruit I've ever tasted.

Had pic related on one of the Matsu islands (can't remember which, probably Beigan), it was a local dish with tiny shrimp in it, absolutely delish.

I'd be really interested to do more of it in Europe, anyone got any recommendations? I'm only a Ryanair flight away from most places so I'm thinking of where I'll go next.
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I don't travel for food by itself but I always love to try the local gastronomy whenever I go somewhere. This is why I get so pissed off with my friends when they'd rather eat something cheap to cut costs.
Naw nigga I'm from Scarborough

We already have everything here
My nigga my nigga my nigga my nigga


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Share your experiences in Kiev.
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Bumping for interest. I really wanna go to ukraine but i got a feeling that it's a bit sketchy
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I spent about two weeks there this summer with my girlfriend. It seemed nearly every Ukrainian told me their favorite city is Lviv,but Kyiv was my favorite city in Ukraine.

Basically nobody there speaks English, so there is a huge language barrier unless you speak Russian or Ukrainian, and out of those two most people use Russian.

The best part of the city for me was Andriyivsky Uzviz, but it has a lot to offer...though it could all be seen in maybe 4 or 5 days.

Taxis are cheap as fuck, if you speak Russian (luckily my girlfriend does). They were never really more than 4 or 5 USD for us using a taxi app similar to Uber -- so I would recommend skipping public transportation unless you want to try it a few times for the experience.

I'll monitor this thread for questions and answer them as best as I can.
>Russian or Ukrainian
ukraine have his own language ?
learning russian right now, i planned to visit russia and/or ukraine for increase my skills

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8MB, 4496x2300px
I think this board is best to ask my question. I was born in Berlin and often hear that many tourists come here and many people from all over the world actually move here to live here because of the reputation of the city. But what exactly is this reputation? I hear in the news that many young people from Israel move here, "creative people", we have now the highest number of inhabitants since 1944. I like my city for what it is but I never thought so many people would choose it over Paris, Rome, Budapest or whatever. Especially the tourists. I know we are the greatest brothel in Europe but that shouldn't explain all visitors. So what is your opinion on Berlin and what do people in your country think?
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From my perspective, Berlin is popular because of the history it holds and how recently it was affected. I think the other attraction is it's perceived as safe compared to the eastern block, and has strong indications of the difference between east and west in a small space.

I'm going with friends late august and we're going to visit lots of the 'touristy' areas and it's just a cheap and easy, plus I've wanted to go back for quite a while now.

Do you recommend anything that people may not really know about in Berlin?
There is actually much "people do not know about" here ;-) Are you interested in something special? Partys, theaters, museums, street festivals, quite places to chill? cheap or expensive? Where have you been last time already? And can you give me a somewhat more specific date?
Berlin is a pretty nice city overall. Got a bit of everything, though it wouldnt be my top european city go visit, at all. Probably not even top 3 in Germany.

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Does anyone know volunteering or job opportunities in Barcelona for someone who doesn't have a degree and doesn't speak Spanish or Catalan? I've been backpacking through Europe for a while and would love to stay in Barcelona for half a year or so to do a language course. But I can only afford it if I find a job or a place where I can live for free.
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Are you serious? In a country with record youth unemployment rates?

Where are you from anyway? EU or outside?
EU, yes I'm very serious
Get some knee pads and some mouthwash then consult /biz/

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/Trv/let's (Anglos excluded), what does it feel like when you come across foreigners who can speak your mother tongue when traveling? Are you impressed, do you feel welcomed, or do you take it for granted? What is your native language btw?
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It does not happen, unless they're Ukrainians or Belorussians.
i dont care
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Have not met such peoples yet. On a recent outbound flight I met a guy who was... French, living in England, but actually living in my country for a good amount of time and he had picked up on a lot, including the Cyrillic alphabet.

I was surprised at all the mundane places he has visited just mucking about in my country which I would never visit on my own just because there's nothing to see or do there.

Bulgarian. Would be cool, desu. I love speaking it.

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Hi /trv/,

this summer I traveled europe for a bit. I'm american, but i've barely seen my own country. I've seen DC (where i live), STL, ATL, New York, Vermont, Annapolis, and parts of central PA. I was planning on doing a solo roadtrip next summer in my car (oldass camry), but the transmission decided to fuck itself.

I wanna try to get out to the west. New Mexico, Northern Arizona, Colorado, California, Washington, etc. I'll probably spend next summer driving around there and seeing music, along with going to music festivals. I need a cheap car I can sleep in (slept in my camry plenty of times).

Any suggestions? Preferebly sub $2k. I'm thinking about an old crown vic. It's big as fuck, people get out of my way, and i've heard they are reliable. Any other suggestions? I'm probably going to save up a total of $7k-$8k for next summer in total.
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Sounds really like you should invest in a late model car something within 5 years of aging, and postpone this dream vacation that you think you can do in a vehicle that was only 2k (you won't even have safe expressway worthy tires on a car that cheap). About 8-10k is really the starting point for something within 10 years of age. If you need something to sleep in, I'd wouldn't suggest the Town Car/Vic idea, though they are comfortable rides, the seats don't fully recline. I would however suggest a smaller SUV or minivan where you would be unseen from dark tinted windows. You really shouldn't sleep in a vehicle though, puts you vulnerable to crime. But rather get a real camper you can lock yourself into, you know at a campground, with showers, security, no breaking of city ordinances.
P.S. Nothing beats the A/C of an older Camry. Fact. Fix it and forget it. Take a little 1k trip that doesn't include driving your car halfway across the country, but a $170 JetBlue flight instead.
fix the tranny on the camry
Why did you bother answering if you know nothing about cars

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Hello, you keks.

Most of the threads on here are about Europe at time of writing. Usually it's mostly Asia, I thought? Weird.

Anyway, I need ideas for off-the-beaten-path shit in Taiwan, HK and Macao. Never been to these places before but I'll be there soon and I guess I want to do more than just hit up museums, night markets, "famous" temples and all the usual shit you have all over Asia.

All help appreciated.
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Macao is only good if you plan to gamble. Other than that, its las Vegas on crack.
Hk has a good bar scene. Do the pub crawl they have going on....either Friday or Saturday nights

Can't suggest anything without knowing what you're intersted in

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Let's have another InterRailthread, ctrl + f no results.

I will be journeying by train from Bulgaria to Sweden next week.

My route will be: Sofia -> Budapest -> Katowice -> Berlin -> Copenhagen -> Stockholm.

Should I make reservations for the trains in advance or can somehow reserve them the day before or so?

I will have 800€ money by the time I leave. I'd pay 246€ for the 7-day InterRailpass.

Is there any unexpected expenses I should expect?

Do I need to pay any extra for the trains, for example for a bed?

Please kindly share any tips if you have traveled Europe by train.
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It will be much cheaper to use buses, local trains or blabalcar than pay 246 euro for Interrail. The only advantage of Interrail is that you don't have to research anything in advance.
I mean buses are so much cheaper in comparison to fast trains. If money isnt an issue sure then fast trains are great.
But youre paying a fee for a seat reservation ie the fast trains with good conenctions.
I avoided these and it ended up being quite a mess and it was exhausting travelling days.
Download the app and compare what time difference it is and what the seat reservation costs (these vary depending on the length of your journey).
Buses arent as easy to plan but they usually end up being cheaper a lot of the times.
Yeah, buses will likely be cheaper, but the trip will take longer and it'll probably be much less comfortable.
You're paying extra money for extra comfort and time.

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Need some advice /b/

So I'm going to travel to the UK from the United States next summer. I will be staying for a week to visit some friends.

I'm 18 and recently got a job, so I will be saving up until next summer.

Approximately how much would I need to save? I've never been on a plane and have got no idea where to start either. I was thinking $3500?

What do you think is a reasonable amount?
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/trv/ **
Depends where you go.

$3500 will be enough for everything especially if you are staying with friends.

Where do they live and what do you plan to do?
I'll be staying in a hotel in Wales.

Not sure what we'll do, maybe sightsee, go to a pub. Not sure

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i'm leaving my appartement for like 10 days and i was thinking using airbnb to rent it for that period of time.

I live in aix en provence in France it's quite tourristic in summer.

Iv never used it before, any one could give me some tips or any advice ?

i spent the day cleaning and rearenging stuff, moving shit from drawers to drawers, i'm kind of stressed about stom strangers creeping around my stuff
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Don't let strangers use your house.

thanks for the input buddy
I've stayed 6 different Airbnbs before any only 1 I think was a private apartment. All of the others were holiday rental flats. They came prefurnished with like 1 spoon and 1 fork, 1 towel, etc so you wouldn't steal anything. I had to register with my passport and sign a contract too.

The private apartment I stayed in was in Poland and happened to be the first Airbnb I had ever stayed in. I met some woman and her two kids who were going out of town for the weekend. I paid 11€ a night for the entire apartment so it was worth it. I didn't really go snooping but it was still a minimalist apartment so I imagine she either moved her valuable items out or had none to begin with.

So if you do rent to people leave all your valuables with a friend and lock all unnecessary rooms.

>Just came back from Spain
>During two-week study abroad session I stayed with a host family
>Was hoping to become friends with them as I want Spanish-speaking friends to practice my Spanish with
>Host family turns out to be bed and breakfast like
>Unlike my previous host family, they didn't show us around town, never eat their meals with us, host a large number of students at the same time, etc
>Even using their washing machine costs €6 if it wasn't included in their contract as water was scarce in their area
>Told my parents that I was disappointed that they were like that in Spain (now returned to homeland)
>Today I heard my dad talking with my relative on the phone saying how my host family was more like a bed-and-breakfast
>Asked my dad what is the difference between a host family who does not show you around and a bed and breakfast
>Dad gets upset and says that my standards are too high
>He said that my friends probably think that I am showing off how much I travel when I told him one of them reacted saying "Do you expect them to treat you like a daughter?"
>I explained that I really want to befriend some Spanish-speakers as they are uncommon in my area and I really want someone to speak to in Spanish
>Mom said they are not obliged to show us around and they may be uninterested in my culture even though a guy from my culture has been living with them for two years
>Parents say that not befriending any locals is not a big deal and they don't understand why I want a Spanish-speaking friend so much
Whose fault was it?
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What part of Spain? Whose fault is what?
I went to Málaga, Andalucia.
For example, was it my fault for having really high standards or was my host family really being cold towards us. Was it my fault for mentioning that I am disappointed with my host family a couple of times to my friends and family or was it my dad's fault for overreacting?
A host family is supposed to act like a family toward you. Of course the relationship is meant to be personal. What kind of seedy program did you do this through? If you didn't get what you hoped to out of the experience, it's a failed program.

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Hey /trv/ I'm white and upper middle class, highly educated with a tech job. I currently like in CA and I'm getting tired of all the liberals around me and the US's catering to minority groups. I only speak English and am pretty bad at language. Where would be the best place to move to live comfortably in a cultured yet not-diverse environment?
18 posts and 3 images submitted.
Non-big city England, Scotland or Ireland (Republic of).

You'll do fine with English in the Philippines but I don't think that's something you're lookin' for.
File: 1460828937677.jpg (69KB, 479x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
69KB, 479x720px
I could definitely get along with the population of the UK after Brexit works and the migrant/islamification is over.

Philippines could work too as honestly Asians are just better looking white people.
Asians are pretty good at not giving a shit about the feelings of minority groups and calling things as they are.

I recommend Taiwan as it's sort of a more cultured, refined China IMO. And I think it has the best looking Asian girls (Japan doesn't count, they don't have personalities) when you go there in person.

I'm educated, was at one of the major tech co's as a senior engineer, quit and have been traveling around the world for almost a year now. I don't think I can go back to the US after this, so I'll be looking at remote jobs or tech jobs in Asia too pretty soon.

South America is great too but you need Spanish there. In most of Asia you can get by on English and hand signals.

Saw some weird ass shit today regarding a JetBlue flight and some Harriers
>volunteering at train museum with a friend
>walking into the building after gettting lunch
>2 fucking Harriers, bristling with missiles, fly over town really really low, as soon as they get over the river, they ascend like nothing I've ever seen at full tilt
>Guy I'm with is into plane stuff like I'm into train stuff
>checks app he has that has updated tracking of commercial flights showing speed altitude, location and direction of travel
>most of what he finds is normal
>there's a jetblue flight off the coast
>36000 feet, heading south toward Orlando
>190 knots
>same area the Harriers are heading
>we keep watching it on the app
>gets south of South Carolina
>out of fucking nowhere it goes from 190 knots to 487 in the span of about 10 seconds
>graph shows steady increase so he's not falling
>the fucking pilot jammed the throttle wide fucking open
>keep watching flight
>gets near Orlando, still off the coast
>doesn't slow down at all and drops from 36000 to 17000 feet, still at now 510 knots, no leveling out whatsoever
>levels out at about 13000
>there's now a 50 mile bubble around the plane where no other flights are
>gets over the orlando airport
>3000 feet
>510 knots
>we watch it fucking rocket over the airport and head southwest
>disneyworld is southwest
>eventually it disappears from radar
>"holy shit did we just see a fucking plane crash into disneyworld"
>frantically check other sites for any info
>after 15 minutes we find a listing showing the flight as landed at the orlando airport
>what the actual fuck
Flight was JetBlue 6927, anybody on that flight/know anything more?
pic related
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Lost me there. They send up F16s, not harriers.
Do you know what kind of aircraft it was? 190 knots is very slow for an Airbus a320.
Fighter planes are very, very loud. They were probably just practicing and completely unrelated to the airline plane.

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