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Anybody here taken one of these courses?
I'd be interested in teaching somewhere in China/Taiwan/Korea/Japan but I know next to nothing about how this works. I can usually wing shit pretty well so I assume if I take an online 100-hour course and go over there I shouldn't have too many problems organizing lessons and stuff.
What I'm more curious about would be the settling down/living situation. What's life like as a TEFL teacher? Can you live confortably in one of those countries for a while, then move to another country, repeat the process? Is it way more stressful than I imagine it right now?
Because from what I've read about it that sounds like a good way to travel and finance the shit at the same time.
Also I have no degree whatsoever as I'm about to drop out of college, does that make any difference for this?
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99% of teaching jobs in Asia like that demand at least a BA in any subject. And online TEFL certificates are frowned upon because of the very limited (if any) classroom teaching experience you'll receive. However at the same time an online TEFL is better than not having a TEFL at all. But having a BA is most important.
Damn are they really that strict? I was hoping I could land some elementary school gig pretty easy...
You still can in many places in China and possibly (don't quote me on this) Taiwan. In Japan/Korea they demand a completed degree.

However these jobs will likely not be advertised much online. People without degrees or people who aren't from English speaking countries usually have to be on the ground to find these kinds of jobs. So it's a bit of a gamble because you might not find them. The other issue is that they're usually much lower paid than jobs for degree holders and you might face worse conditions like shittier hours, fewer benefits, no actual work visa (kinda illegal but in China everyone cheats...).

If I could give you any piece of advice it's that you should complete your degree first. It will open up many doors for you.

Last year, I went on the Birthright trip to Israel and got week-long extension. When I was in Jerusalem, I went into one of the Palestinian areas in the West Bank just to see it for myself, across the checkpoint. I know that you are not supposed to be involved in any Palestinian activism, which I am not. But are there rules against just visiting?
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I also went to Ramallah.
So, are you talking about a trip and deed you did a year ago and now you're simply pondering if you broke a law?? What's the actual question here, that you might have gotten in trouble while in a bad neighborhood and so were stupid? Or are you going back again?

Let's philosophically think about the mindset about someone who wants to see how the lesser half lives. It's just curiosity let's say. People tour the slums of Rio, the favela, and there are actual tour companies. Stupid, but let's just say that it is human nature to what to see people living on minimal income, no sewer systems or landscaping, people piled on top of people, and what that means to family life or how that contributes to the attitudes of those kinds of people, I guess. While you were over in Palestinean territory did you have a takeaway? What was your impression from your Western mind? Did you realize it used to be 30% Christian Arab Orthodox, but now less than 1%, before they were pushed out just like every other nation did creating a diaspora that is now 10% of the world palestinean descent expats? Every now and then, the caretakers of Bethlehem's church are murdered or beaten up for sport. Lest you think it somehow "cool" to visit a nation that instructs schoolchildren to hate in their chosen textbooks. No one faults you for wanting to see it, but any warm feelings sympathy should be checked with a little research.
Try this film festival documentary to see some firsthand citizens and their attitudes towards each other, and see what your takeaway is:
Shlomo please, keep your shilling on /int/.

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Hey /trv/,
can anyone recommend good budget hostels in Budapest and Belgrade?
I'm traveling solo so I'd prefer hostels in which it's easy to meet people and go out.
Thanks in advance!
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I can vouch for Carpe Noctem Vitae in Budapest

Party hostel with events every night. Was fairly easy for an autist like me to make friends. Good conditions too! Only complaint is an overwhelming number of aussies
thank you anon!
although I find aussies to be the most annoying travelers, they really are into partying which is cool I guess
Both carpe noctem hostels are booked out ;_;
Does anyone else know another good hostel?

How retarded would it be to travel to Turkey right now? I just finished a three week abroad program in Switzerland and was planning on going to Instanbul thereafter since my travelqt has departed but with the recent goings on a lot of people have expressed concern when I've mentioned it.

Also my Uni program was focused on international security so my luggage has a few books about international law and international relations theory and one about counterterrorism I need for writing an essay. The last one I am definitely ditching beforehand.

I was also planning to check out kazakhstan or mongolia which seem a little less sketchy curently though more intensive.
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You'd be fine. I've been to Turkey five or six times since 2013 and my boss is going there next week to meet his arranged marriage wife (he's Russian but ethnically Turkish).

>You'd be fine

Yeah well except if he happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time
Have you not been on /pol/ recently mate? Just try Mongolia or Kazakhstan. Shit's not safe for the moment, even if things calmed down. (For now)

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I'm going to be taking a trip on the California Zephyr and I'm going to have an afternoon and evening in Omaha to fill between my flight in and the train departure.

Any recommendations for stuff to do? What's the best way to get around town?
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Eat a steak.

>What's the best way to get around town?
You're not from this part of the country are you? Probably the bus at first, then Uber later.
>Probably the bus at first, then Uber later.

That's pretty much what I figured my options would be.
I'm falling asleep just reading this thread.

Eat a steak and catch some Pokemon. Maybe take a nap. Practice knitting. Read a book. Get caught up on your emails. Write a memoir.

Should you travel if you're a loser, or would it be a waste?

I'm 21, male.
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Yes, get out of your comfort zone and make some friends along the way. Wander around taking pictures or find places you want to see and get there no matter how intimidating traveling on your own might look. Lastly, don't fall in love with anyone just go have fun
Sure, why not. At worst you'll die.
You forgot OP is a loser. Youre applying your own normie perception of reality to your answer

It depends OP. We need more details. But generally, if youre a loser in one coutry, youll be a loser in another

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I'm thinking of going to Norway for a holiday some time. Where are some nice places to go and what things can I do there?
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I would suggest visiting the capital Oslo or Bergen, which you see on the map to the west coast.
Either go to the mountains and hike, or go go denmark/sweden.
Do the Norway in a nutshell tour, make sure to stop by Flåm.

Northern norway has the most beautiful nature, in Lofoten. Western norway has deep beautiful fjords and mountains.

Oslo is the only real city, and a great one too. Make sure to stop by Frogner, Tjuvholmen, Vigelandpark, Vulkan and Grunerlokka

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Im going to Nicaragua for two weeks. Mostly going to be staying in San Juan Del Sur. Gonna be doing some surfing but what are some other things to do there. Also looking to get laid, via prostitute or citizen. Also I dont speak any Spanish.
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Why nobody reply
This is a slow board anon, do not worry.

Waves in Nicarauga are great. Not knoing spanish will make things tougher, even learning a little bit will help
bump for interest

places to visit, things to do

has anyone been in western sahara? is it possible/relatively safe to get into the Polisario contrlled zone?
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I haven't been to the Polisario-controlled zone, but I made a friend in Laayoune and he told me if I could stay another two days he'd take me across the berm to meet his family. I couldn't stay or of course I'd have jumped at the chance.
So I assume he wouldn't have offered if he hadn't thought it was possible. Maybe if you were traveling alone the police would turn you away, however.
If you ride the iron ore train in Mauritania it crosses over Polisario land for two miles, so that technically counts.

Otherwise the WS was pretty boring except for Dakhla which I loved.
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Why do you want to go, out of curiosity?
Can annyone tell of a good route trough africa? Saftyconcern etc.

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When it comes to low-budget backpacking, there's two things I haven't figured out:

How do you get enough food, I mean quality food that is tasty and nutritious?

And how do you do your laundry?

As for accomodation, hostels and couchsurfing are perfect for the low-budget traveler, but I haven't cleared the other two questions.
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Street food. Markets and grocery stores. Cook at your hostel if you want cooked food that's not street food. Fruits, veggies, bread, and some beer make for a good, cheap meal that requires no prep.

Either wash at your hostel, go to a laundry place, or go to a wash and fold. Wash and folds are really, really convenient when traveling.
Your post is fine but i wonder why the beer ?

Poorfag here. I went backpacking in asia. If you get a bar of lye soap, usually big green bar, wet your clothes, lay it out and rub the bar vigourously over the clothes, paying special attention to the armpits, etc. Rub the two parts of clothes together, rinse real well till water runs clear, hang to dry. In hot countries didnt take long. Or hang over shower curtain or bush while you are exploring around

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Crossposted from >>>>>/o/15485273

Hi /trv/,
Reunionbro here,
I just wondered if any of you guys (locals or in town at that time) would be interested in attending the following motorcycles shows:

Koln INTERMOT 5-9 oct 2016
Chongqing CIMAMOTOR 20-23 oct 2016
Auckland BIG BOYS TOYS - 28-30 oct 2016
Milano EICMA – 10-13 nov 2016
Indianapolis, INDIANA MOTORCYCLE EXPO 17-19 feb 2017
Taipei MOTORCYCLE TAIWAN 20-23 apr 2017

>tl;dr: we can't afford the trip yet would love to have direct Stream of info, would refund expenses and send a few gifts from Reunion for your time, would also be happy to host you if you ever come in the region.

Thanks friends!
>pic is from our review of the HD 1200 roadster, have a nice pic of my hometown for your time.
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Page 8 polite bump
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You're in luck I check out /trv/ every now and then,
you might find somebody willing in the /dbt/ thread on /o/.

Me and a couple of other guys have been taking pics at the EICMA to post there for the past two years, we can share them with you next time comes around.
Thank you anon.
My thread in /o/ 404'd fast, I'll try again in the /dbt/.

Would you have a contact, so we can communicate on the details?

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How do you guys meet girls while travelling? Specifically in Europe

I've been in France for three weeks with little luck on Tinder and I see QTs everywhere all the time. Im here for the summer to practice my French but don't know any locals to show me around to bars and stuff

I'm Korean so maybe Euros aren't really into Asian guys?

What do you guys do to meet girls abroad with no social network at all?
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try talking to people
Lol, white girls will never be into asian guys. Aside from being socially awkward, slightly psychotic, and dress like 1990s meth addicts with silly brown/blonde hair, asians are famous for having small penises.

Honestly just give up on white girls, we will never find Asians attractive.

T. American white girl

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Best places to visit in Mexico?
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los angeles
The border
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Ask me anything guys, i'll answer myths and practical questions.
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Have you been here before? I remember reading a thread by a ramp guy. It was pretty standard stuff. Q#2, what's the most odd thing that has happened to you while at work?
Why do my bags get lost?
How many things have you stolen?

Why do they call you "Goldmember"?

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I need your help.
I'm an Irish lad and I've been going out with a Polish girl now coming up to 4 years now.

She's currently in Kielce right now, and I've planned a surprise visit.

So far, I've booked a flight from Dublin to Warsaw.
How the fuck do I make this journey to Kielce? I speak no Polish. I can't ask her for help because it's a 'surprise' of course.
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You'll need to find PKP-bus stop in Warsaw and then find which one goes through kielce, look for more than one So you may find the earliest one
Thank you.

Would you know if Warsaw is English language friendly?
You shouldn't have any problems with communication in the airport and in the city center. A lot of people speak english, but mostly young/middle aged people. A lot of people are extremely shy when it comes to talking english, but in general you shouldn't have any problems finding someone communicative in a few tries. I don't know about kielce though.

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