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Im a pleb so i might have this in wrong board.

Finally have access to dead grandparents money. Intend to purchase residential property, in USA, that is in the best geographical location with respect to safety from natural disastor and nogs.

Where would this be? I'm in the cornfields of the midwest now, am I already in the best spot?
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New England
itll sink
>He's going to blow his money because of conspiracy theories!

I'm Loving Every Laugh©

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I'm a depressed, low energy fucker that feels alone and isolated despite being good looking.

Are there any countries where being gloomy is kind of the norm, so I can blend in better?
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Low energy? You fit in right at home in Florida Jebby!
I think you need to get /out/ more than anything. If you are interested in that, try Scotland or Alaska.

Or you could just go anywhere in Britain.
Germany or any Scandinavian country

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Ok, hi everyone. In December i'll travel from italy to japan. I found a cheap place to stay near ekoda station (ekoda flexstay inn), that has no Subway, but has the railway. Since i dont want to pay for 2 tickets every time, i've seen that the nearest Subway is Kotakemukaihara Station, 1.2 km far. Is it a good solution? Any advices? Is subway better than railway to move in the city? Isn't there any ticket who lets me take both? Thanks /b/. Be helpful pls.
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I know we are in /trv/
Subway is much better than railway. There are unlikely tickets that let you take both unless you have a JR Pass and that subway line you want to take is also part of the JR rail. It is more likely that you'll have to walk to the subway station before being able to explore the city. 1.2 km isn't that far for me, but it is a bit of a hassle, especially on vacation.

I think you have find a better place that is closer to the subway station, but most likely it will be more expensive. You'll have to decide for yourself how much you value your time and money before you consider changing your reservations or keeping them.

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I've been in Saint Petersburg for about a week and a half now and I have done almost nothing and am really ashamed. It's such a beautiful city but I'm very socially anxious and anxious in general, and it's even worse that I don't know the language. I have about 2.5 weeks left here and I want to make the best of it instead of hiding inside all the time. I will try to go to some landmarks and such like pic related but where else can I go here that's interesting and unique to Saint Pete?

And general tips on interacting with Russians.
(I am trying to learn some basic Russian but it won't suffice)
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1. Excursion to the roof of St. Isaac's Cathedral.
2. to go on a bus or on the "Meteor" (by hydrofoil) to Peterhof.
3. Walk on foot early in the morning in St. Petersburg, in the center.
4. Artillery museum of curiosities, the Hermitage, the Peter and Paul Fortress.
5. At night, look at the bridges.
6. Excursion to the waterbus the canals of St. Petersburg.

Which Disney World hotel is the best hotel?
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>Which Disney World hotel is the best hotel?
Resort disney-branded hotels get you the perks of early admission, some fast pass ride skipping stuff, reservation priorities at some of the tightest restaurants, frequent shuttles with airport transfers, and my personal favorite, an afternoon nap respite to put the feet up with the most minimal of hassle to return later for fireworks in the park. Some places like fort wilderness have fun experiences within the site like campfire movies.
Non-resort branded hotels might get you a better room and clientele experience with the hotel itself at a savings. It might be filled with non-stupid people who didn't pay 4x the price for their room, have their own car to dine out.

Which do you want? Have you been before? Do you understand the differences of staying in Kississimee or Orando vs the disney brand? For Disney hotels, most people pick the hotel in order to stay near the park they most want to visit or the entertainment/mall later. It's a pretty big expansive property now overall and the shuttles add time to your day. They might not want to be like near Animal Kingdom if they have no intention of going there, for example.

Do you want your hotel to have the finest dining? Some kind of kiddie theme, or do you want to simulate traveling somewhere meaningful to you like Africa, upstate NY, hawaii, a big national park in the West, pick a theme and there's a place for that. The lowest end ones are garishly decorated versions of Days Inn, if we're honest (the music themes), at crazy prices for what you get, but the perks nonetheless. If you have people traveling with you or intend to do any cooking (like say you're going for a family reunion over a holiday), the villas simulate a vacation condo and come with golf courses tennis, choices of pools, multiple beds, pretty florida landscape views, and things you'd have in your second vacation home.
> the cheapest are the Pop resorts.
>Swan, Dolphin, and the Buena Vista are the luxury stuff
>Complimentary is not the cheapest, but it has it's perks
>Grand Floridian is luxurious, expensive, but has godly views of the park and can quickly take you there.

The things to check for is:
>Transportation (Some places have the monorail, which can best the buses and get to places, one has boats to epcot and Hollywood studios
>Events if your into that sort of thing
Hi OP, I work in one of the resorts at WDW.

Like the other anons mentioned, it depends what you're looking for when you stay there.
Are you more interested in going to the parks or doing activities at your resort?

If you just want the minimum of transportation and extra magic hours then I recommend a value resort (Pop, All Star, Art of Animation), these resorts are more motelish so your room won't be so amazing but you get the perks of staying at a Disney resort nonetheless.
Another thing to consider is if you care about the theme of your room/resort because each one is very different. Some resorts are better for guests with children than others.

If you stay at the Grand Floridian, the Contemporary, or the Polynesian then your resort is in the monorail path as opposed to taking the bus or a boat over to the Magic Kingdom. Of course these resorts are more expensive but offer a lot of resort recreation as well. However, for a lot of resort specific recreation (fitness clubs, lounges) you don't have to be staying that specific resort as long as your Magic Band (room key) are linked to one of the on property resorts.

In general the best deal is to go with a value resort if you don't mind an average and small room. Staff won't treat you any different if you're staying value or deluxe (unless you're VC) so if you want to save money I'd go with value.

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whats the best country to hop off the plane and stay there indefinitely, which ones are most welcoming and won't deport you desu
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if you're black they give you 1000 euros a month + a house in germany
That makes you not homeless.

I'd say somewhere warm all year around. California is probably your best bet, plus there's a big homeless community for you to make friends with!
miami beach is better

General Vegas thread? I'm planning a bachelor party for my brother there and we'll be going in about a month. I have lots of questions.

>what hotel should I stay at?
>What airline should I fly on?
>should i tell the hotel about the amount of people and possibly get the xtra person charge or just try and get away with it?
>what are some fun (non-typical) things to do in Vegas?
>are there naked lady shows like they have in paris?
>where can I get drugs if the other groomsmen/my brother wants to do drugs?
>what are some bachelor party things I need to do?

Obviously I'm asking this on 4chan so I'm not the most social kind of person that knows these things
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>what hotel should I stay at?
If you have the cash- MGM Grand. Fucking spectacle, great fun people.

Luxor is sort of trashy-ish despite the intimidating black pyramid gimmick, same for Excalibur.
Delano and Mandalay are more geared toward families and old timers.
Trump was eh (MAGA, though)
Haven't been to the rooms in the others.

>What airline should I fly on?
I went on Virgin because it was the cheapest at the time.

>should i tell the hotel about the amount of people and possibly get the xtra person charge or just try and get away with it?

>what are some fun (non-typical) things to do in Vegas?
Shoot full autos. Dune buggying and ATVs in the desert. Heli rides over the Grand Canyon. Grand Canyon Skywalk. Mt. Charleston Lodge Restaurant- big plus if it's snowing there. Lake Mead. Racing your rental 110 mph on the highway. If you *really* want to throw away money for a once in a lifetime thing just to say you did, all of you could chip in to crush a car with a tank for a couple thou.

>are there naked lady shows like they have in paris?
Can't speak for this.

>where can I get drugs if the other groomsmen/my brother wants to do drugs?
Why not just take edible weed gummies and hide them MAD deep? That said, you can go on craigslist's M4M and casual encounters and chat up with 420/T/ski guys.

>what are some bachelor party things I need to do?
Vegas prostitution is a meme. Friend hired one and he said it was expensive and eh. Strip clubs are.. well strip clubs. Like you haven't seen a naked chick before. I also heard the Bunny Ranch was a meme (my old boss went there with his wife on his wedding there for a threesome).
>Vegas prostitution is a meme.
So escorts/mps are no go or just expensive?
>>what hotel should I stay at?
I was at the NYNY, and it was OK, but nothing special. Unlike the weird, fake and plasticky outside design, the room was just tacky, but normal. The Aria and Wynn seemed quite nice, from its general design- Just utterly showy and tacky, but at least not fake Venice/Rome/NY/Castle, but I havent been in a room there.
>>What airline should I fly on?
If short haul: The cheapest one.
If long haul: Not an US one, but also not Condor.
>>should i tell the hotel about the amount of people and possibly get the xtra person charge or just try and get away with it?
I'd guess you could easily get away with it, but I dont know what will happen if they find out. Plus, the rooms are fuckhuge anyways, so 1 person in a 4 person room would not be that much cheaper than the same room booked for 4 persons.
>>what are some fun (non-typical) things to do in Vegas?
Depends on your idea of fun. I enjoyed the atomic testing museum and the big tour through hoover dam.

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So I have saved up enough of a nest egg for an escape to another state, I hate living in America's wang and want to move somewhere better. I am looking for more conservative areas in states where marijuana is legal. I have the issue where I enjoy occasionally smoking a doob but I also get hulk level angry at pronouns and microaggressions. So I am looking for an area where I can enjoy greenery without encountering such beasts on the streets. Does such an area exist or am I shit outta' luck if I am looking for a green friendly area that isn't massed with regressives?

Pic hopefully related, I like overcast skies and places with actual seasons.
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I don't get what you're trying to say, you wanna move to a conservative place that has weed ? that's like saying I want to go to a gay friendly muslim country
Not really, I have a bunch of conservative friends that smoke. We see it like consuming alcohol, don't go over the top and don't make it your lifestyle and there is nothing wrong with it. I was just wondering if there was a right leaning area in legalized states that would be nice to live in. I mean I know the cities are dead and gone, but I grew up in a farming town so I don't even really like living in the city.
You are going to love your new home on the colorado front range.
Gun loving libertarian pothead central up here.
Just do NOT wander onto someone elses property or you will get shot.

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Going to Rome in a week for 7 days. Did i fuck up too bad going to Rome in August or is that just a meme? Any tips or advice?
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It will be really crowded with tons of tourists, but you probably already knew that.
It's warm and it is really packed with people. You didn't mess up because it's an amazing place, but you will experience more aggravation in an aggravated hot and humid state, as you visit the main sights. I suggest a lot of early rising, get a breath of fresh air after the cool night and a head start.
>inb4 a bunch of people start telling you to get out of the city and go the beach or other cities.

Be careful with dressing for the weather to be not so sweaty hot in your choice of summer attire, but not conservative and classy enough to visit churches or get treated kindly in businesses.

It's going to be hot as balls and you will be drenched in sweat. If you can endure that, you're fine.

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I didn't really plan out my trip before I bought the ticket. I'm staying with a friend near Santa Monica but he's going to be busy most of the time and I was just wondering if there is anything to do for relatively cheap in the city. People travel across the country to come here and I can't think of a single thing to do other than universal studios I guess.
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SoCal is actually a bigger theme park market than Orlando. Universal is one of them and there is also the original Disneyland. There is also Knott's Berry Farm, which is sort of like an older kid's version of Disneyland (it has kid rides AND big thrill rides). A bit north of LA is Six Flags Magic Mountain, which has more roller coasters than any other park on Earth, but most Six Flags parks have below average reputations.

Knott's in pic.
Do you have access to a vehicle?
nope, pretty much going to hike and uber/ take the bus

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I came here to say that pic related is for fat, lazy, pampered travelers.

does /trv/ agree?

Also, post most pragmatic travel luggage
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Who gives a fuck?
Me? Clearly.
I try to pack only what's essential. I usually do 4 day trips and if it doesn't fit in my Medium OD Messenger I probably don't need it.

I don't care if people have wheeled luggage, just don't be a fucking autist and try to stuff your over-filled "carry on" into the overhead bin when it clearly should have been checked.

Anyone ever traveled on a container ship before? Is it possible to just call a shipping company that runs a route I'd like to travel and book a cabin if I'm flexible?
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Yes if you have lots of money and time to waste.
Google cargo ship travel and educate yourself.
It costs more than a plane ticket and takes much longer. The only reason to do it is the experience.
those places seem to have very restricted routes

I have been traveling around a country for a month. I will soon return home, and I feel like I will miss it terribly as it is unlikely that I will return here. Is this normal? I have been traveling with other travel companions from my uni and they seem to be homesick/want to return home/miss the food from home/not like the country very much instead.
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Is it country specific, or have you been bit by the wanderlust drug?
Both I guess. I am from Singapore and I am currently in a European country. I love traveling to Europe and I really like Spain - the fact that I can communicate with locals in Spanish really changes the experience and I love the food, scenery, architecture and beaches here. I like the way of life in western countries in general. So different from Singapore.
With the exception of Filipinos, most SEAs, have no real desire outside of their home country, so I see where your your friends are coming from. Spain is pretty easy to travel to, but as far as expat jobs outside of Europe I have only seen teaching English and working for the American government or it's contractors in Spain.

About to go on a mini tour through Europe (britbong here). Starting on Tuesday I'll be visiting Amsterdam (3 days), Berlin (4 days), Krakow (3 days) and Prague (3 days).

I'm most concerned about safety in Berlin and Amsterdam. How safe is it here compared to France and Belgium for example, and in general?

Also what are some interesting things to do that are less touristy in these cities, especially in Berlin? I'm a B2 level German speaker and I'd like to throw myself in the deep-end a bit while I'm there. I know that I'm going to be dragged through museums and the like as well as Auschwitz in Krakow, so would like to blend these experiences with some more authentic activities. Budget is modest, also.
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If you want to find authentic Berlin, go to the Berghain
Looks dodgy as fuck
Berlin is totally safe.
The clubbing and nightlife scene is very unique in there. I suggest checking that out but note the door policies and rules there (google them). The bouncers tend to be very strict and rude towards tourists.
The clubs stay open almost all the time every day. Drugs are also super easy to get if you want to. Check out residentadvisor for club events. I'd also recommend trying to get in the early opening hours so you will have time to try other clubs in case you get rejected at the door.

Other than that berlin has tons of cool abandoned buildings and places worth visiting.

I'll fly into Boston and then head to Portland and Freeport Maine. What is there to do? Acadia National Park looks nice.
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You might like to spend a day in Ogunquit.
Keep in mind Acadia is a few hours away from both Portland and Freeport.

The best place in all of Maine (for an /out/doorsman, at any rate) is Baxter State Park and it's sort of a hidden gem except for locals.
Oh wow you're right that's far. Thanks for the heads up. Say what will the temp be like in late August?
Oh wow you're right that's far. Thanks for the heads up. Say what will the temp be like in late August? Seems like temp is going to be a different this year compared to historical avgs

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