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can we just agree that sex tourism and questions relating to sex tourism should belong in their own thread?

every thread there are four or five people asking how to get laid, if hookers are clean, if the hookers are good looking etc

just stop, it's unwelcome
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I don't give a shit about scuba diving but most of the island threads have posts on scuba. Can we just agree that scuba and questions related to scuba should belong in their own thread?
Oh wait, that's retarded. Deal with it, people travel for a lot of reasons, and a BIG one of those reasons is to hook up with exotic women.

It's a part of traveling. It's not unwelcome for 60% of the board I'm sure, even if people don't plan on seeing hookers, knowing info about the girls in a country is always helpful.
scuba diving isn't offensive or degenerate

can we just agree that food and questions relating to food should belong in their own thread?

every thread there are four or five people asking where good restaurants are, if street food is clean, what are good local specialties etc

just stop, it's unwelcome

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Hey /trv/
Whats Naples Italy like? I'm in the US military and recently found out that I'm going to be stationed there for a few years.

From my internet research I've figured out it has good pizza, dirty streets, and criminals.

I know that there has to be a few of you who have been there and can tell me a bit more about it.

Kind of vague but any info on the city would be much appreciated, thank you
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i think you're a very lucky man!

naples has wonderful food - much better than you'll ever get in the US, beautiful women, incredibly fresh produce, a pleasant seaside, it's the HOME OF PIZZA....

>dirty streets and criminals
It's not so bad, I wouldn't worry about it. The city can be a bit unkempt at times but it's part of the charm.

I think you will absolutely love it. When are you going? Be sure to report back.
Get ready to get fat, food is amazing and cheap.
I think if you're in the military local criminal won't mess with you. You'd better learn some italian tho, southern italians in general are horrible with english. And hand gestures of course.
There is much to see in the region.
Castles, Greek temples, Roman settlements, an active volcano, picturesque villages, etc.

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What are your thoughts on a trip to Dakar, Senegal? Tips/recommendations?

I'd be going with two french speakers, all of us white guys.
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Been stuck here for over a week now. Not worth it. Not much to see or do. Hot all day. You'll be bored quite soon unless you get out of town and explore the rest of the country.
What brought you there?
There's less French used by most people on a day-to-day basis than you might expect, although it is understood--a Francophone friend of mine lived there for a while and just wound up learning Wolof.

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Has anyone had any expiriences with volunteering abroad? I am trying to meet up with a lad I met online, and I don't have the money to travel to USA from Russia, so I was thinking about either going to a work camp somewhere nice together, or going to a work camp in america and simply visiting him during the weekend. Is such a thing possible? Do such volunteer programs pay for the tickets? Where should I look for them?
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No anon, you pay to volunteer. That's how it works with voluntourism. They wont pay for your ticket.
Not even if it's some big whoop organization like UN Volunteers? You don't pay for food and accomodation in any case, right?
>le travel for free meme

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Has anyone ever flown with spirit airlines? I have a free weekend coming up and need to get away, my buddy sent me a link to a $25 round trip deal they're having.

I know about the charging for everything and not to check bags with them, was planning on bringing a few changes of clothes in a backpack.
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read their fee chart very carefully. Also, they wont invol-reroute you to another carrier for MX.
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OP here,

reading lots of reviews and figured more poor reviews would be "they charge for things that I didn't know," but instead they're mostly, "they cancelled my flight, after I boarded the plane, and said I could get on a flight with them 2 days later." That's pretty scary, I can't afford to be stranded in another city, nor can I afford to pay for a last minute ticket on another airline.

I'm looking at their website, and I knew they charged for EVERYTHING, but I think this one image nails their business model to a T

more interested in getting a 1 time sale than to keep a customer long term
I did a round trip within the US.
>can only bring a small backpack 30 lbs or less.
>frequent delays
>seats are small
>bring your own snack or pay ridiculous amounts from their credit card only menu or don't eat anything.

Most of the reviews are people that didn't realized the cons and thought they would be served food and arrive at their destination on time.

So guys, I booked a trip to Nice at the start of July with my family; I actually was looking forward to it by researching all the areas to visit and what to do. I never felt more excited to go on a trip..... and then I saw the attacks yesterday.

My only question is should I ever bother going now that the mood will probably be ruined? I know my chances of dying in a terrorist attack are so I'm not really concerned but my god, how can you anyone enjoy a holiday after such an atrocity?
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getting to france, monaco, and italy in one trip? just go

Will taking pictures be frowned upon?
haven't gone; my mom goes every few years and takes pictures every time; it's a vacation town dude

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Hello all. I am going to USA in this year. My english is so badly. But I'm learn it. My english teacher says: - You are should more talk with native speakers.
Well, I am looking for people for conversations (Prefer from USA). e-mail/skype/etc. My e-mail - me[at]octogeek.ru
Thx for u answers.
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Where are you from?
From Russia

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I'm heading to Switzerland for a couple of days for work, specifically Basel and Zurich.

I want drink well and eat cheaply. Any advice?
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Holy shit Switzerland is expensive as hell. Buy everything from Migros or the Coop. I went to subway and spent literally double for what I'd pay here. The prices are doubled than what you'd find in Germany or Austria in my experience at least.

Try to make a day trip to see Lucerne, it is a beautiful city.
>I want drink well and eat cheaply. Any advice?
Switzerland is expensive.
From Basel you can go quickly to Colmar in France https://en.wikivoyage.org/wiki/Colmar
or Freiburg in Germany. https://en.wikivoyage.org/wiki/Freiburg

There you would eat and drink better and cheaper.
If your most important goal is to spend little you won't be able to eat on the streets or restaurants. A kebab is already 8 Euro and this is considered cheap for a meal. Migros and Coop offer food but only if you cook yourself or make sandwiches (without meat). You could easily spend 8 Euro on food in Coop or Migros as well though. Maybe go somewhere anon.

Are there any long distance walkers in /trv/?
I'd like to hear some of your stories.

How long your walk was, what gear you took, how you lived; the journey and experience all.
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Depends on how long is long-distance. I can't compete with AT thru-hikers but I spent eight weeks hiking in Morocco last year. I slept out in the open when the weather was good and when it rained I mostly slept at people's houses so I was able to pack very light. I got pretty lonely though, which is why I only did half of what I'd planned.
It's fun to be alone every night with a campfire and your own thoughts, provided you're not running from any demons, which I was at the time. And I was blazing my own trail which I'd mapped out on google earth, so just finding the right mountain valley was sometimes an all-day task.
Daily routine was walk a mile, have breakfast, get lost, have lunch at someone's house, find the trail, walk 10 miles or so, have dinner, sometimes fighting off wild pigs, play harmonica, sleep, repeat.
I've also done a few trails in the UK and Spain, a week or two each.
I think a long-distance hike is something everyone should try at least once.
also curious, complete newbie to all this and thought some long distance walk would be a good place to start.
walking along US freeways is illegal, FYI. So if you must follow the path of an interstate, be sure you're at least 50 ft away to avoid police trouble

if you're hitchhiking, be aware that hitchhiking in the state of nevada is 100% illegal and will land you in jail

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Would I have any issues traveling in Finland as a black American? I hav traveled to Norway, and had no issues, it was an advantage if anything. But Finland seems a different, odder, beast than Scandinavia.

I'd chiefly be visiting a friend who will be an Asian expat there for work. She's been to Sweden, also without issue, but not Finland.
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No. Why do you ask this.

Worst you'll get is dirty looks but finns hate all immigrants/tourists.
Because there are certain places, at least I have been told, that it's not the most pleasant to go as a black person. Same for whites. I know nothing about Finland outside of memes (crazy language, elf people, mongol blood).
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>I have traveled to Norway, and had no issues, it was an advantage if anything

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Will give free (0) room today in Sibenik if anyone is near.

2 beds 1 kitchen
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43.7193651, 15.9022396

please spread this
how is croatia during the month of october?
Thats nice. Any reason for it?

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do /trv/ like traveling inside earth?
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This cave is Coventosa in Cantabria, Spain.
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We were in the cave for 10 hours.
File: DSCN0239.jpg (119KB, 1166x874px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The place was amazing and we only made the 5% of the explored cave.

So I'm planning a long haul travel to South America next year. Would like to aim for 2 years at least.

I'm 27, single white British. I'll have at least £10k. I'm planning to start in Bolivia and just go wherever shit takes me. I'm looking at working at hostels, farms, anything to keep my costs down. Found some good websites for hosts etc.

So what can I expect? Anything I should do beforehand I might not have thought of? I'm currently learning spanish. What kind of reception can I expect from people? Can anyone share any experiences, good times and bad?
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Jusst stay to Chile, Argentina and Uruguay. Every other country is shit.
if you come to argentina i will kill you for fucking over rhodesia
>I'll have at least £10k.
>I'm looking at working at hostels, farms, anything to keep my costs down.
I think with this ammount you can survive well even without working - but in fulgral mode.
Don't listen to this guy
>What are Peruvian ruins
>What are Bolivian salares
>What are Paraguaian/Argentinan/Brazilian jesuit ruins
>What are Brazilian historical cities

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When traveling to a third world country, how does one get over seeing poverty all around?

I'm traveling in India right now, and seeing disfigured mutants and mal-nourished children shuffle the streets asking for money, as well as mothers with children in their arms and the general despair of the streets is sometimes very overwhelming and extremely depressing, do travelers to these countries just have to be made of thicker stuff?
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You have to create a mental wall. No matter what you see or do to try and help: it wont make an ounce of difference.
Accept it. Then ignore it. Enjoy your trip.
I lived in India for a while and have traveled around the Middle-East, Latin America, and the Balkans. I wouldn't say that you have to be made of thicker stuff to visit impoverished places, but you can't be overwhelmingly sensitive, either.

An example that springs to mind is that of a teacher from Chicago I met in Delhi. He'd spent all day going to restaurants and sightseeing with a guy he'd met in the street. Of course, his new friend was a tourist tout who eventually steered him to a booking office. When the teacher realized that he'd spent all day hanging with a con-man, he put his head into his hands, stared at the floor, and started shooting out tears and screams. He actually got up and ran to the door and sprinted down the street back to his hotel.

I knew another guy from Poland who had a lot of sympathy for beggars. He'd take them out to eat, buy them shoes and clothes, and give money to poor workers. A Russian woman living in Delhi warned him, as did I, about being too charitable, but he didn't listen. By the time a week or two went by, he had a cohort of beggars and street urchins who'd follow him everywhere, smiling and reaching out their open palms. Strangely, all the new shoes and shirts he'd buy would be replaced with bare feet and rags the next morning.

I don't know what to tell you. You deal with it or you don't. Maybe give some money to a reputable charity or donate some clothes and books to an NGO. Do a little something to help the people you see without letting yourself get manipulated.


For what it's worth, a lot of the mothers you see begging with babies aren't actually the mothers of those kids.

My ex-girlfriend is from Delhi and worked for an NGO in a slum. It's a pretty well-known fact that a lot of beggars are part of organized gangs and will actually "rent" babies to take with them when they go out panhandling. In other cases, parents will sit at home and sip down cheap booze while forcing their sons and daughters to go out and collect rupees from cars.

It's a very vile system. Kids are kept out of school by their parents or by beggar mafias and are then further exploited by the local police, who take bribes from them or use them as free labor in their stations.

I guess this might sound tacky, but try to see past this visible suffering to grasp the people behind it all. A lot of what these men and women do is very admirable, even if it makes you feel serious feels. For every beggar or con artist, there's a guy who's out busting his ass 15 hours per day hauling around fat aunties and tourists in a cycle-rickshaw so he can get his kids the fuck out of the Bihari countryside into a school.

The thing is, a lot of these people aren't abjectly miserable. They have their life which looks shitty to you, and is probably shitty to them too, but they make do with what they've got and try to find ways to make it better. Appreciate that, and, if you can, give a little to somebody who can help.

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Would you rather, as a tourist, spend five days in Los Angeles or in San Francisco?
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San Fran easily, when trying to plan a trip to LA I never find enough things to get excited about as one would expect for a city of it's size. Plenty of smaller American towns offer so much more. SF is a big city, but it's a worthwhile visit.
los angeles is a vastly superior place to be. san fran has become an overpriced yuppy hellscape. the whole town is a shopping mall with awful traffic and no parking. LA has an overwhelming amount of history, culture, nightlife and beautiful locales if you wander away from the tourist traps
you have to be a pretty serious neckbeard not to find things to do in LA

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