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Spicing up comfy/classic settings:

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ITT, we share ways and ideas to play a comfy, classic RPG setting, with small tweaks that can add a little something while keeping most of the original vibe.
The party is comprised of nothing but cooks going on quests for rare ingredients and have routine iron chef style showdowns with other NPCs.

No world ending threat, just coming up with great and unique meals. The bard hypes up the crowd during cooking events with showy techniques, the fighter/barbarian is the grilling expert and meat tenderizer, shit like that.

Halflings are considered naturally superior in this setting.
I'm setting up a classic high fantasy, heroes vs monsters/villains D&D campaign. My only twist on the classic is the inclusion of eldritch/old one/outsider creatures, who are completely oblivious and indifferent to the world that the PCs are in. They will not be antagonists, monsters, or involved in quests to any significant extent, their place is more just as catalysts for weird shit to happen.

The idea is that there are small cracks in reality that the most minor and unintelligent forms of eldritch creatures occasionally wander through. I intend for the party to first come across the old one equivalent of a small bug, which I've nicknamed a meta-snail in my notes, as their first eldritch encounter. It will basically ignore the party, but freak them out and break game rules. So far:
>Touching a meta-snail will randomly rearrange a PCs attribute scores for a couple of days in game.
>Attempting to attack a meta-snail will be confusing. They don't have HP, and will absorb projectiles into itself. Same with melee weapons subject to a grapple roll. The basic materials of said item will be described as rolling around within the headache inducing shape of the meta-snail.
>As mentioned, they don't have HP. Instead of taking damage, they have an allotted weight score, which the weight of each item they absorb is subtracted from. If the party manages to get this to zero, a statue of the strange, snail-like creator will be left, composed of a warped and condensed mixture of whatever materials it has absorbed.
>None of the creatures properties will be explained to the PCs, naturally.
(Might continue with other details...)
The game is very much intended to be standard heroes saving towns from goblins and kobolds, but they will encounter this weird shit every now and then, A) to keep them curious, and B) to remind them that there's always a bigger, weirder fish, that they really don't understand. They might also make unusual battlefield hazards that could catch an unwary player, or be used in an imaginative trap to bring down some INT 18, STR 6 necromancer that keeps kicking the parties arse.

I want to make them ferociously difficult to actually engage with, interact with, or understand. These things are absolutely not of this reality, and the laws of physics and game mechanics are just going to be passively put in a blender by these guys.

If the PCs really really want to murderhobo an eldritch creature, I want it to be a long endeavour, that will probably require a full level five party, upwards of half a ton of materials, a lot of trial and error, and some really really creative thinking to get it to notice them and engage, rather than just wandering 5 years into the past while they shoot at it, to kill the equivalent of a garden snail.

Apologies for the unrefined nature of this bullshit /tg/, I planned this, and wrote this post, drunk. Subject to editing when I'm a bit more with it.
We did something similar to this.

PC's opened a pastry shop. Found/stole top shelf ingredients. Bought/stole recipes.
>Agree to cater a high end party
>During party, PC's would look for high value items to steal.
>Party would then have copies made
>Next party there, they would steal valuables and leave the copy.
Was clever and fun.
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