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Looks like the worst of Irma has passed. How my boys in FL doing?
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They are all dead I killed them you are next
All is good

me and catbro rode it out
Winter Springs, FL here. Really didn't do too bad. Couple of broken spots in my fence. Bunch of branches and leaves everywhere. All cars undamaged and same for house. Power out currently though so it's muggy and shitty inside.

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>hey, we've got a decent product that does what it's designed for, but now we'd like you to make a cooler looking, but dumber version of it, to sell for a higher price

How much do they pay people to come up with junk like this?

>make more parts bright green
>add skulls
>add useless holes
>add false edge

I mean if you really wanted a cringey, green, tanto folder you can already get a Kabar one for $15....
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A new trend I've seen is 'made with GERMAN™ steel®' on everything. Doesn't say whether it's carbon or stainless, doesn't say what grade or steel type. Just German and that's all you need to know because that one company made a good knife and my grandpaw said it was German so it's probably the best steel coming from Germany.
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I don't mind the bright colors. Every time I set my camo Buck knife down in the leaves it takes me second to find it. Otherwise, yeah, I agree conpletely.
why do i recognize that archer on the packaging?

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So if you were to decide to camp in a random forest in England, what are the chances anything would happen? If I were to just go out with some mates, not start a fire or destroy anything are we likely to be prosecuted or anything. I understand wild camping is illegal as all land is owned but how else do you go out camping in the UK, because fuck a camping site
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>doth thou knowest not that this is the kings campsite?

You gotta be kidding me.

You'll be absolutely fine. Even if some official happened upon you, you'd be moved on at worst, certainly not prosecuted. Stick to the common sense rules: set up late, break camp early, leave no trace, and you'll be absolutely fine.

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Are there any studies published that have specifically shown a positive connection between level of outdoor activity and mental health? Asking for a friend.
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If you're a lardass, losing a little weight with the excercise that comes with gettin /out/ will def help with depression. I'm sure there are millions of studies on that.

Also all of you cunts that have been potheads for years and claim you need it for your anxiety- just quit smoking for 3 months and you will be amazed how much anxiety it causes.
I eat burgers everyday

How does that even cause depression, and no I'm not a lardass, just skinnyfat
Diet makes a big difference. I eat like shit, but when I attempt to eat a little better (pasta at night, granola bar in the AM and some peanuts at lunch) I feel way better than when I eat $15 worth of McD's at midnight.

Found three giant mushrooms growing by side of tree. Cant seem to find online. Anyone know what they are?
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It is not edible. Been through my mushroom hunter book though havent found it.
It's some Ganoderma. Perhaps G. lucidum.
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just eat them, if you don't die they're edible

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I saw this thing on TV where people are painting rocks and leaving them on hiking trails to bring happiness to the masses while they are trying to get outside. Today I came across a little painted rock sitting on a stump. STOP THIS IT'S STUPID!!
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Fucking hipster faggots ruin everything. If I catch someone doing this ill curb stomp them on the nearest boulder.
This makes me very, very cross

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How do I avoid being a complete faggot when I'm /out/ing?
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avoid using electronics, don't be obnoxiously loud when you don't need to be, respect the environment and don't fucking litter.
it's just that easy
the beauty of /out/ is that you can be whatever you want. if you want to go into the woods with your boyfriend and suck his dick all night thats cool. just dont be loud or leave trash behind.
I know it's going to be hard since you're OP and all, but you gotta just stop yourself from sucking the dick of everything you encounter on the trail.

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If I'm living innawoods won't the cops show up and shut me down for not having running water?
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That's going to depend on local building ordinances and whether or not you own the land.

A general rule though, is that tiny homes (built on trailers) aren't considered permanent structures, so they aren't restricted by building codes. And unless you're in a city, there likely won't be any laws that say that you have to live in a house at all.
You don't need running water.
most places I know of in the western US require you to have utilities on the property in order to park an RV or mobile home. So yes, water. Also electric, gas, and sewer/septic.

a lot of places will allow you to camp on your land without utilities for a certain amount of time each year. Usually just a few weeks.

If you build your own place without getting a permit and inspections the cops won't arrest you, they just give you an eviction notice, bulldoze your shit, and haul you into court to pay for the cost of evicting and bulldozing your shit.

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Can I please have some tips & the best tackle for catching bass?
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pretty much everything works for bass, they're a trash fish anyways, fish for something else

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what does you guys think about "survivalist" "survival" and stuff like this?
I think its pure marketing.
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This looks like a survival instructor teaching some folks methods on how to start fires. Whats wrong with that?
If people want to learn how to do stuff in the outdoors, I'm all for it. If people want to buy a ton of gear from American cottage manufacturers, I'm all for that as well. If people want to walk 1 mile into some high elevation environment and chop down every sapling within a quarter mile and shit up the place to play bushcraft, then they can fuck right off.
Instructor probably wont survive a shit. And he is repeating what he saw in YouTube.

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