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Sup /out/,

I'm a gaijin living in japan. I want to head out to Hakone area for the first time and go hiking and exploring for a day or so. Any tips or pointers, or great spots from people who have been out there?

Also Im looking for some good maps online to print out but not finding many large images
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Cant help at all but I've read that japanese people use yahoo or something else so probably why you can't find anything on google about it.
When I lived in Japan, I got /out/ on quite a few hikes in the Chiba area, so while I can't give you suggestions on Hakone, I have some overall pointers for hiking in Japan.

First, it's really hard to find info about Japanese hikes in English. Do you know Japanese? It helps to looks for ハイキングコース (Hiking Courses) in the area that you want.
Here's one for Hakone:

Looks like you chose a good spot for hiking since that website says there's 24 courses in the Hakone area. This should be a download link for the map for Hakone hikes: http://www.hakone.or.jp/hiking/pdf/hike.pdf

But just in case you haven't gone on any hikes so far in Japan, be prepared for much less maintained trails than ones in the US. A lot of the ones I went on were incredibly rockey, even becoming bouldering at times. Even the path up Mount Fuji! Though that led to an even more enjoyable experience desu

Oh also, transportation out there can be funky sometimes. If you happen to be using google maps, sometimes it's best to just have it lead you to the closest station. Once you chose a trail, try checking for independent shuttle buses to the trailhead.

Enjoy your time exploring!
I hear Mount Takao is also good for hiking and day trips out of Tokyo.

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hey guys! today i was doing some sewer exploration and ran into some angry raccoons. It kinda freaked me the fuck out (I turned a corner and they were right fuckin there, snarling at me. I had to run). Any advice for ways to fight raccoons? Would something like a tazer or mace be effective?
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>any advice?
Yeah, leave the buggers alone. For you its urbex, for them its a big weird smelly racoon like bastard trying to destroy their home - guess who's gonna give up first
>tazer or mace
For a tazer you need physical contact, which might be really stupid unless you like rabies shots. Also try using mace in the open, much less 'enjoyable' in close quarters.
My guess is, the raccoons found a dirty old hole and made camp there, you wont find anything there of value..
Mini bat is my first choice for dispatch on the trapline. They die... ugly
There is a raccoon that hangs around my property keeping the cats away so I half buried the top of a dog igloo thing and covered it in dirt and debris. Now he's got a nice cave to live in.

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No one watching it? Kinda neat as fuck.
Francesc d’Haene won ahead of Kilian Journet who finished second.
The livestream was useless. Can't wait for the RunSteep video on it though, the ones he made for Sonoma 50 and NFEC were amazing. Glad to see Jim "Show Up to Blow Up" Walmsley holding on to 5th.

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Press F to pay respects

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Meh, it's not exactly the old faithful inn.

Just moved here from Vancouver Canada. I'm missing the mountains but the nature around here still looks pretty. How do I take full advantage of that? What sort of /out/ activities are recommended in the southeast generally and in South Carolina in particular? Is there any hiking? Should I buy a small kayak or paddle board? Should I get into fishing? What do you guys recommend?

In Vancouver I basically just hiked and snowboarded to get my /out/ fix and occasionally camped. I'm not expecting hard mountain trails out here or anything, but I would certainly love to find some trails through some wetlands. I'm located in the Charleston area btw.
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I have for a long time dreampt of going to go to Pendelton, South Carolina.
You could try trails on nature preserves. I have some family out there and they've said they like Botany Bay on Edisto Island
And if you get a kayak you open up a ton of possibilities for yourself. One of my cousins took me to a river where he regularly finds a ton of fossils and shark teeth. Not sure where it was but if that's your thing you could get recommendations about where to go from a fossil forum

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Been watching airgun pest control videos using rifles for small game. (.22lr, airgun, ect) and wanted to try to get into it. Not sure which board to post on so i thought/out/ would work. Live in states (MI) how would i go about looking for jobs? I have all the gear, craigslist doesnt offer anything. Do i just walk up to farmers or whatever and ask? Ive done plenty of this around my own property but want to get into it more seriously.
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maybe you could put advertisements at tractor supply or hardware stores

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> be me
> live in New Jersey
> disappointed at the domesticated, destructive, and non-sustainable way of life that everyone around me leads
> make it a point to move to the country and start a homestead after finishing school
> decide to learn basic survival skills in the meantime
> buy some starter equipment such as a knife and flint and steel
> perfect, sunny day arrives
> walk outside
> tightly-packed houses and concrete, separated only by gas stations and chain stores stretching for miles, and miles
>take a few steps, and wait close to 3 whole minutes to cross the street, just to get to the car
> get on the highway and drive for 45 minutes to reach the nearest woody area
> find a secluded spot
> gather wood along with kindling and build a fire pit
> 300 pound whale pulls up next to me in a UTV that can barely hold his weight
> tells me I can't do this here
> ignores me when I explain that I've taken all precaution to be safe, even bringing along a portable fire extinguisher and a jug of water
> threatens to call for more land whales on UTVs if I don't leave
> too tired to deal with the bullshit, so agree
> spend over an hour driving back home, since rush hour had just started by then
> crumble after realizing I've got 2 more years of this hell to bear

Who thought building an environment and society like this would be a good idea? Why would any self-respecting person voluntarily move TO New Jersey? Why would any self-respecting person stay longer than they have to in this concrete jungle?

How do I cope with living in New Jersey, /out/?
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Same way I cope with living in LA surrounded by leftist morons who claim to be for conserving the environment, but live in this urban trashed jungle. You leave or deal with it. Right now I'm dealing with it until I can get my shit together and leave.

Hawaii is the worst. Fuckin tourists, fuckin expensive, fuckin overdeveloped.
You're a stone's throw away from PA my man, just find a trail and set aside a day, or even more if you can, to go and do your thing

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What to look out for when buying a backpack?

What features REALLY make a difference (eg. Trampoline like back mesh)
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Capacity and fit should always be the top things.

Does it hold all your stuff and is it comfortable to wear when fully loaded. Any other features are pointless if those two criteria aren't met.

You'd think that would be a no-brainer, but working as an /out/fitter for several years I saw many people intent on buying gear that was just wrong for them because it had some neat feature they were hyper-focused on.
Back mesh is nice when it's hot. The downside is that it acts as a cheese grater, even slight motion will just extract fuzz out of your polarfleece. It's often simple to fix though with various ways.

Good fit is priceless. Good ergonomics in general, can tighten/loosen easily, essy access to a bigger pocket (useful for fast changes of layered clothing), a bit of waterproofing does not hurt but is not a killer feature (just drybag all the things)
help I also need a backpack but I don't know what to get. I need something I can put a lot of stuff in that won't be too expensive. I want one that I can attach a sleeping bag to the outside without having to lash it on with paracord if they make any like that.

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Can confirm. Kernow is gorgeous and populated solely by angry pirate-accent midgets, rich retirees and their cute daughters and dogs. Vibrant Diversity has yet to blow up any of our beautiful cathedrals, or the numerous Neolithic villages, King Arthur's Castle and the mining stations. A Somalian rapist coke gang was arrested in Exeter the other day.

Annex Cornwall from Britistan.

Seriously yanks, it's worth coming to Kernow if you're in Ëngleland. Whole villages of happy whites, Mediterranean summers, gorgeous coastal hikes, great archeology, beautiful landscapes, and everyone native speaks like a friendly Captain Blackbeard
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Watch some clips from Poldark, it has some great on set locations from Cornwall. I've seen them filming a few times whilst /out/ - the dude playing Poldark rode past me on a horse once a couple years ago.

Thoughts on switchblades?

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They're generally weaker actions than a regular linerlock/framelock/memelock and you're eventually going to wear the spring out.

They're also at best no faster than an assisted and at worst, slower.
>calling that a switchblade

>blade opens via spring action through the press of a button

Yup, that's a switchblade

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