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Hey, Im from Uruguay and Im planning to take a work and holiday trip for a year. What would be my best option if I wanna work as a graphic designer/ Illustrator? Im 25
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The fuck are you asking about? What do you want to do? Hiking or are you asking bout graphic design? Talking about going 50ft from parking lot and drawing shit?

Graphic designer is a shitty job to take on the road... there i plenty of unemployed graphic designers/illustrators everywhere in the world. So you get hired almost purely on your contacts, and building up contacts every new place you go can be difficult/impossible. Unless you're a really cool outgoing partyguy who can join the incrowd of any city... i would something online if i were you, take your existing job with you

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Can I use store bought lump charcoal to make handmade water filters? Do they usually treat it with chemicals that would seep into the water? I know how to make my own charcoal but I was considering this for a bug in situation.
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You might be better off with aquarium charcoal, that way you know it doesn't have any accelerant-type chemicals in it.
Oohh... I forgot they made that.
4 layers, charcoal sand charcoal sand. our thats what i read. this was in a big drum.

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Heya /out. I'm thinking of taking a vacation. I'd like to go alone into deep woods and just survive for at least 2 months. I'd bring food to start me off. I have all the equipment that I would need including water filtration, gun, bow, saw, axe etc.. I'm thinking northern maine since I live in massachusetts. I'm basically wondering, is there still wilderness remote and deep enough in maine to hunt, trap, and build shelter without paying any attention to laws?

I love the outdoors and I've always wanted to just do this. Would I run into trouble? What do you think the biggest challenges would be?

Also I was wondering specifically, how big is the threat of wild animals? I mean if I have a shelter on the ground whats to stop a bear attacking in my sleep? I intend to do this alone far away from any kind of help.

Thanks for any insight guys. I know how this sounds, but I'm serious, capable and I want this.
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You'll die.
You should probably work your way up to doing this. I mean you don't even understand anything about bears yet.
Keep your food (and everything that smells, such as toothpaste) somewhere they can't get it while you sleep. Unless your bears are starved and crazy like Kamchatka bears, you'll be fine.

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is iceland the ultimate /out/-country?

jokes aside, I lately had a very fun 10-day hike in the south of iceland. Gorgeous country.
i sometimes met a lot of other tourists, sometimes no one all day.
what do you think about icland?
have other anons done some hiking there?
we exclusively slept at campgrounds, because we were unsure about camping in national parks. where did you camp?

I'm also going to post my packing list, because i have some questions on it
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so this is what I took on my trip (10 days). My pack had 17 kg (37.5 lbs) with 2.5 litres of water and it was really heavy for me, because I'm pretty skinny (56 kg / 123.5 lbs)
how can I reduce weight some more?
how the hell am I supposed to go more than 20+ days when I have to carry all the food?
I'm planning on doing the grande traversata delle alpi next year - which is 2 months - and I still don't really know what I should do about the water and food. I know I can buy it along the way, but if I have to carry water and food for, lets say 3 - 4 day it's at least 6 kg / 13 lbs. My back will explode.
Drop the thermos, two of the shorts and at least one of the shirts. Swap the alcohol stove for gas or carry less fuel. Exchange the hoodie for a lightweight down or fleece. Is your sleeping bag one of those 2kg carinthia monstrosities? How much does your tent weigh?

Get a water filter and a map with marked water places. Plan your food resupplies carefully.

Gain some weight.
i realize i packed too much clothing
can't drop the fuel if i want to do longer hikes
my sleepingbag is 1.2 kg
tent is 1.4 kg
i am slowly gaining weight, but it takes a lot of time

how can i drop the thermos? what about the cold?
am i missing something? do all of you run around with 17+ kg packs?

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>Live in Puerto Rico.
>Irma incoming.
>Need to make a bug out bag in case this turns out to be Katrina 2.0.

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Hurricane repellants?
Get a job
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Is this an actual happening or media's hype?
I assume strong winds can't melt concrete homes.

After my last week's fiasco in which I got lost and failed to achieve my planned goals I decided it's something I need to have for next summer. I don't hike in winter so I don't need anything for -30 degrees. I don't care about a camera or wifi or whatever other than what a GPS is supposed to have.
Do you use one? What would you recommend?
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how dumb are you? be honest.
if you can't use a paper map and compass even a little bit, you should probably travel with a friend.

otherwise a used etrex or geko for $20 is a fine companion to a paper map and compass, and it can share batteries with your headtorch.
i'm using a garmin gpsmap 64s with openstreetmap maps.

would recommend it.

although >>1095369 is kinda right. batteries leave you. paper does not

Anyone watching La Vuelta? Northern Spain looks great for /out/ing, just confirming that Spain is likely the best /out/ European country.

>Diverse biomas
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Too many laws.
are you a spaniard?

Not him but a quick google confirms hes right

Its a good place for /out/ if you don't get caught camping somewhere you're not allowed to camp. Which is everywhere basically

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Anyone have any good overnighters to do in Cape-Breton? I'm getting tired of day hiking.
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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How does /out/ feel about the Canada Goose clothing brand? Is it better than Patagucci?
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Canada Goose is just like one thing of note, right? They pretty much only make winter coats. It's like asking whether MSR is better than Osprey
as >>1094554 has already said you're comparing wildly different products with wildly different intended uses

>herp derp how do people feel about mack trucks are they better than ferraris
Okay, faggots. How do you feel about Canada Goose products, then?

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What do you guys know about Southern Brazil /out/ing?
Also South America General Thread
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>southern brazil
what have you done

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