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Hey guys, this is my first post on this board so forgive me if i do anything wrong.

I'm planning on making my first backpacking trip, i am gonna go to oslo, from there i'll hike all the way to bergen and from there on i'll go all the way up north to see the northern lights and i'll move back through finland to helsinki, i'm gonna plan route's between two cities each time that have to be 3 to max 6 days walking apart and when they are longer dan 3 days apart i'll have to plan a route that passes by one of the dnt cabins which i'll get a year membership on.

My plan is to walk all of it and to take exactly no buses or trains at any time
I will be sleeping in nature or in one of the cabins
I will wash my clothes and everything in the lakes and i'll also take water from those so the only thing i have to worry about is food and gas for cooking and maybe some coffee

If anyone has some advice or tips or anything that can help me prepare for this trip please let me know
If you want to know anything more of my plans just ask
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I have never been there but seems a nice trip, anon. Godspeed

>If you want to know anything more of my plans just ask
Solo trip? How many km?
Yeah i'm gonna be alone and its gonna wind up being something over 2000 km
Pleas tell me anything i might need to know, i'll be dealing with a lot of different weathers and all type of circumstances
2000 km to the north that is, from there i'll still have to take finland on

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montana flag.jpg
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Why is it so....perfect?
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90% white
I agree. The state's high percentage of minorities relative to neighbors like Iowa and North Dakota makes it a much more fun, safe and welcoming place to be /out/.
>no people
>good craft beer and at least one decent local whiskey
>almost as much /out/ potential as Wyoming, but without the super dense tourist season around Yellowstone/Jackson/the Bighorns

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What are some good /out/ books? For general knowledge on bushcrafting, survival and all related things.

pic related is what I plan on reading next week
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I carry this one. It's mostly based on the swedish armys guidelines for survival in the swedish wilds.

Title is "Your forest manual"
Does it have an English edition? "Your forest manual" is too obscure for direct search but I'd like to find a .pdf
Not that i know of.
This is the book: http://www.bokus.com/bok/9789187397424/din-skogshandbok/

ITT times you had to quit on a climb
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Ha, you little girl
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Had my quads ache up really bad to the point of moving at a half walking speed pace near the end of an all day uphill climb and had to turn around near the summit. I've gotten better at preventing it but I can't figure out what causes it exactly.

My observations is that it occurs usually on a carbohydrate-heavy trip. Usual trip food for me is rice w/ soy or spaghetti w/ sauce and various "hiking" snacks like trail mix. My previous trip I've expanded past the carbs a fair amount trying to prevent these aches and seemed successful. I brought along dried bananas/mangoes and crackers and salami in addition to the rice/spaghetti.

The aches did stop and I could walk all day long, was I missing vitamins (provided by banana/mango) or was it something like protein/fat in the salami I was missing? Or is it just dehydration?
I've had to bail on a few because of shitty conditions, like slide/avalanche danger.

I've never tapped out for physical reasons, but then I'm not into hardcore mountaineering. I'm an unashamed weekend peak bagger.

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How do you guys feel about Duluth Trading's products?
I am on the fence about ordering some stuff from them, but have never experienced any of their stuff personally.

Anyone had any positive/negative experience with them?
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I have 3 pair duluth pants and a vest. Theyre pretty great, hold up well and are way more comfortable than stuff like Carhartt. My first pair of pants ive had for 6 years and they are good and thrashed. Ive kept them alive with patches, cant stand to lose them they have been great pants and gone with me everywhere. I think it was primarily UV damage that did them in. They always held up great living inna, but about a couple steps further than sun bleaching and they started to rip. The vest has been fucking great. Most people arent into vests but ive never found one better than my duluth vest. My fleece lined fire hose pants are the shit, they are essential in my winter gear. I dont have experience with their shirts or underwear, just the fire hose pants and vest. Ive lived outside for years wearing this stuff, so if you have specific questions i will try and answer.
Sweet, thanks for the detailed response.

I'm looking at buying the firehose work pants, the firehose jacket, their flannel, and a couple of henleys..

Do you find it annoying having to un-velcro your pocket every time you go to grab your wallet from your butt pocket?

Are you able to move freely in them? Seems like firehose material would be restricting..

Can you wear them in the summer, or are they too hot?
My dad wears a lot of their shit. If they manufactured in the States I'd be all over it.

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Didn't see one of these on the catalog.
Questions that deserve their own thread thread.
Have a question that deserves it's own thread, but don't wanna go through the all the hassle of making a whole new thread? Just post them here? Sure, the questions don't get what they deserve, but it's just so convenient!
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>goes through the hassle of making a new thread
>doesnt understand the negation of QTDDTOT
I think you might be lost newfriend?
i want to get outfitted like a swamp donkey
>Didn't see one of these on the catalog.
then you need to get your eyes checked: >>1091158

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>get mobile notofication
>its samsung congratulating you on meters you walked
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Not creepy at all.
>Hiking around and taking pics along the way
>Maps asking if I want to upload them to the specific location I was hiking in
I know, right? I'm really starting to miss PalmOS.

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Does anybody else just wait for the stop signal to change to walk instead of going when there aren't any cars due to OCD?
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Y is this /out/ related? And no I go if there are no cars light takes to long here
OP here, you're right I should have posted in /adv/
I cross in the middle if the block because I am afraid of being hit by cars and
Would rather wall behind them then in front.

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/out/, I was doing some off-trail backpacking recently, and was leaving cairns to mark my way. Nothing too big, two or three small rocks stacked on semi-visible locations. Much smaller than pic related.

On the wau back, I wondered if I shouldve destroyed them to preserve the remote feel of the location.

Ultimately I decided to leave them sinceI wanted to come back to the area, and they marked a known route towards a nearby peak that others might follow. Further, O didnt leave so many that one would be 100% able to follow them without a map.

What does /out/ think? Should I leave them there or destroy them when I go back?
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do like i do and kick over every god damn one you come across.
Looks like a trace from where I'm standin
Doing gods work. Fuck these millienals for wanting to ruining nice things and making everything gay as fuck

I kick them all down so it looks natural again

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Pretty sure I got a tick bite, just noticed today. I was /out/ on Labor Day in Michigan City, Indiana for salmon fishing. What should I do to prevent any bad shit from happening?
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You're fine
if its been that long already then you have whatever was there to have.
hope it didnt have any diseases is all you can do.
Your absterutely fucked enjoy your lyme disease

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