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I'm planning on spending 10-14 days in the Adirondacks in October backpacking. Recommendations on where to start?
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High peaks is an option. I'm planning a Mount Marcy summit in late October, you could probably bag most of the 46 high peaks if you wanted to in 10-14 days.
Where are you planning on starting?
I'm interested in doing a few peaks but I'd like to spend more time in the valleys. Hoping to see a moose.
was going to take the Van Hoevenberg Trail from the adk loj, I'm a total novice as far as mountains go so I figured it'd be a decent but doable challenge.
I hear Colden, Gothics and Cascade are great too, but I'm new to the area so I'm no expert. I'm gonna give those a try before it gets too cold to do it without costly gear.

I don't think you'll have any luck with moose, though. There's only a couple hundred in the whole state, afaik.

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ITT: Things that inspired you to get off the computer

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Being bored during high school read The Lonesome Gods multiple times. Went on a hike and took off from there.
my dad. he took me camping and hiking all around the great U.S.A. one summer, and i was hooked there

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>just want to hike and camp
>get literally blown the fuck out
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>canada flag
Croatia by the looks of the scenery

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Why the FUCK is /out/ gear so expensive, lads?
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I'm going to guess, few buyers, intermittent sales, good quality for the most part (it becomes fairly obvious fairly quickly if something is of bad quality when you smash it against rocks all day).
Because people who don't use it bought it for looks.
buy once cry once.

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Going to be heading out on the Long Trail some time this month. I am going to avoid all but the main path, but I might take up to 5 detours depending on how cool things on the others are.

What should I absolutely bring?

I am definitely bringing a tent, my phone, nutrition bars, and a good few bottles of water.

I don't really feel like wasting money on lodging, hot meals, or showers (unless they're those 50 cent ones and not out of my way).
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Should add that I can easily clear 20 miles in around 3-5 hours depending on the terrain, and am going to shoot for clearing at least 30 miles a day.
I'll have time to tell you tomorrow.
Bring 2hu lewds.

Do you have much experience and how many other people are you going with?

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Anyone ever leave a gift or anything behind for the next hikers/campers to find? Every once in a while I'll leave a little gift for people to come across, last thing I left was a nice little Mora
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Cairns tbf, I hope people after me enjoy the effort I put in them and get inspired to build their own
I shit right in the middle of the trail and leave a couple of leaves on top so that the next people passing step on it.
What are cairns, you faggot?

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Going to Colorado in mid October to hike around in Rocky Mountain National Park and maybe attempt my first 14k (Mt Elbert). Any tips on gear or hiking in general for fall there?

How thick should my layers be? Am I fine with trail runners? How long does it take to acclimate to the altitude?

Coming from Florida.
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Leadvilleanon here.

Elbert is one of our easier 14'ers. It is however very steep and prone to bad weather in the afternoon. You won't need a ton of clothes, but should have a water/wind-proof shell and sweatshirt and warm pants. Whatever shoes you're comfortable in will be fine.

You'll need to start hiking well before dawn to be off the mountain before the weather goes to shit (lightning, hail, snow, wind, whatever).

Coming from sea level it takes one or two weeks to acclimate, but the worst of it will pass in less than a week. Stay hydrated, that helps. Be aware of the symptoms of HAPE and HACE. People die here every year from the altitude. Not many, but some.

Thanks. I keep seeing Leadville on lists of where to stay, but Twin Lakes looks closer on the map. Is there any advantage between the cities? Was going to stay in Twin Lakes then take the south Elbert trailhead.
south elbert is much longer and less popular. But yeah, Twin Lakes is where you'll take off from there. There's not much lodging in Twin Lakes, it's a tiny little town with like 1 hotel and one gas station. Maybe a restaurant.

I usually hike the standard front route, it's much faster. Straight up the mountain. It takes off from Half Moon Creek where I was camped over the weekend. There's dispersed (free) camping all along Half Moon, and there's hundreds of campsites. Or if you love throwing money away there's also 2 Forest Service campgrounds on the same road near the Elbert and Massive trailheads.

Leadville is also fine if you want a hotel or B&B. We have something like 8 restaurants, 5 gas stations, 10 bars, 3 weed dispensaries. Not a big town but much larger than Twin Lakes.

Here's a list of things NOT to do on the mountain-

Elbert is much safer than Capitol but we've had plenty of people die on the easy 14'ers as well.

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How do I start a fire with these?

All the fire-making tutorials are about starting from wood, or starting from sparking rocks.

If I strike two random non-flint rocks together, I always get a flash which is localized to the rock surface. It's not a spark, but a flash of light which doesn't jump everywhere.

It seems to me that if you put tinder here, you could start a fire with literally any rocks lying on the ground.
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>Get two good sized rocks and rough up their surfaces.
>Practice striking one rock worth the other at approximately 45 degrees.
>Douse your intended for area with gasoline (don't forget a healthy wrong of your clothes as well).
>Strike rocks at gasoline until the fire starts.
>Never come back with stupid fucking questions ever again.

Everyone wins.

There is no need to be upset
A shot of Chlorine Trifluoride will light 'em right up.

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In the autumn I'm gonna go and wild camp solo for 2 or 3 days, probably in the Brecon Beacons; I want to use the time to practice and teach myself some outdoors skills - what do you suggest?

I've got some outdoors skills from army training, but not really any proper bushcraft stuff - what are skills I could teach myself with a few days outdoors alone? Definitely firelighting and practice navigation (including night nav), but what else? Also, any generally fun activities to do when solo camping?
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I like trying to see wild animals, look for tracks/scat, dens,etc.
If you'll have cell phone signal, bring a battery pack and take pictures with your phone throughout the day. When you're at camp and the sun goes down, get cozy and upload pics to /out/. Post them in order and narrate it.

Then wait for inevitable spooky skinwalker comments and anons telling you not to worry about it.
Which reg OP?

Hey /out/, don't usually frequent here but I was looking for some opinions, I'm getting out of the military in 2 years and am looking to go to school in MT, whats the best 4 year degree (its free) to set me up for having a career where I can live in a cabin in the woods, maybe 30 mins from a small town?
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Sounds like you want to be a forest ranger, botany is cooler =P
Idk, doesn't that mean living by national forest? Wouldn't be the cheapest cabin in a woods living id imagine.

What can ya do with a degree in botany? Right now I just signed up for an education degree focusing on history.
Depending on whether your "cabin in the woods" has broadband internet, an enterpreneurship degree (coupled with a lot of skill and talent, and a bit of luck) can make you a multimillionaire and set you up for life with a minimum of work. Otherwise, several Montana universities offer Forestry degrees.

Cabins on the eastern side of the Bighorns aren't too terrible on price, although cost of living is kind of middle of the road due to long drives for groceries and high fuel costs.

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