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what kind of knife is this?
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It's a Korean Ginseng knife. For digging out wild Ginseng roots.

Costs around $600.
It is made from specially alloyed "blue" Brass, because Koreans believe steel alters the taste of Ginseng.

Its a known fact that a steel can alter a taste. Cut a apple with a 440c and with a 1095 blade, you can easily taste a difference when you nom nom it.
t. korean knife maker

Is a space blanket a good substitute for an under quilt while hammock camping? Sleeping with a sleeping pad is pretty uncomfortable and i don't want to spend money on an under quilt.
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No, only good as a vapor barrier or additional warmth.
its noisy as hell
have you ever used one?
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get an evazote blanket, it works better than a pad and costs around $20.

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Anyone have any experience with Everett, Washington? I'm moving there soon. What kind of /out/ activities are there?
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Hiking, Camping.

Christopher McCandless is a fucking meme and /out/ idolizes him

This guy was the true /out/ God
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1. Nobody here respects McCandless
2. OP is a faggot
3. Sage
>living in your friend's backyard off of allowance from your mom, talking shit about poor people because you have it so easy
Truly the paragon of all things /out/
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Peter Freuchen.jpg
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My guy > your guy

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What do you guys eat when you're /out/?
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Okay, Chad.

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Hey fellers, /k/unt here.

I'm going trekking into the Peruvian Andes in 3 weeks and putting together some kit.

Anyone recommend the PCU system of clothing for such a trek? It was developed for special forces in the dry, high and cold mountains of Afghanistan.

I plan on getting the hardshell, the baselayer and a fleece.

Also open to other gear, heard good things about the Russian Gorka mountaineering suit.
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>hardshell, the baselayer and a fleece.
>Russian Gorka
You don't have these all ready ? Are you really from >>>/k/ ?
Gorka is a windproof cover only. It provides no better insulation than a civvie jaclet and trouser and is not waterproof.


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Almost that time of year again that Sam's Club brings out their winter stuff.

Last year I got pic related jacket. It's a brand called Free Country, they sell stuff online I think but I've only ever seen them at Sam's. Their prices online are nothing great, but in store the prices are like 1/4 what they are online.

The jacket I picked up is a 3 in 1, has a nice mostly watertight outer shell (I waterpeoofed it at home too) and a liner jacket that has a fleece inside and nylon outside.

I'm not saying it's as good as a $300 jacket, but Sam's sells them for $19.99, and you basically get 2 solid jackets. They also have down puffers, vests, fleeced, all under $20. It's my go to stop for all kinds of winter shit since I don't want to spend $1k on a few pieces of clothing.

Sounds like a shill, I guess it is, I just like bargins.

Post your own bargins anons. What gear did you pay nothing for and its hit way above it's weight class?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

This is a really stupid question, but please bear with me as I'm basically a shut-in but would like to start getting out more.

I live in NJ (a bit south of Trenton) and I'd like to start going for a walk every once in a while. Not really anything specifically for exercise, I'd just like to go hang out in the woods basically. I'm mostly a hippie already but I want to start getting out and actually doing something to make myself feel a little more alive and being in nature instead of in front of a computer seems like a good first step.

What kind of thing should I be searching for? I'd prefer to be alone, so the less populated the better, and I don't want technology/etc with me other than possibly for music.

I realize this is kinda vague and shitty but I'm not sure what activity would be a good place to start. Preferably something that involves just me and no equipment etc.

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Go to google maps. See these green splotches everywhere? Those are state parks and forests. Zoom in on them, in google maps, to learn their names. Google the names and look for hiking trail listings on their respective websites. Some may not have websites of course or many might be lumped into one website with info.

Like this one just to the South-west of Trenton,

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Do you have birch? Go find some chaga and sell it to me.

I started reading this and it says they have cabins for rent. Would it be stupid to rent a cabin just for one night by myself one weekend, with no prior experience?

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good day /out/ists

Anyone got experience with snugpak elite 4?
Im thinking about it quit a time, it seems to be good for cold weather and thats what i am looking for, what do you think?
Should i choose this snugpak model or theres something better.
Im living in Latvia, near scandinavia, so most of year is cold weather, im looking for -7 to -15 C , sleepingbags
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why snugpak?
also: basic /out/ guide
its cheap and it works, north armies use it so its field tested
i've got the antarctica RE, which seems to be the same thing as an elite, but with more stuffing rammed in.
finishing of seams and stitching is good, zip doesn't jam. it's huge and heavy and you wouldn't want to walk far with it, but anybody who can read would figure that out.
i'm generally happy with it. my only complaint is they used a thin, soft, fluffy-feeling fabric on the outside of the bag, but a horrible slick heavyweight satin on the inside; it clings and feels slimy when your feet are wet. sad!

What is leather/suede like in the outdoors, what about when its wet?
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Its comfy but it gets heavy

If youre one of those weird people that feel disturbed when operating above your typical body weight I dont suggest it
Those shorts are gay af and so do are bavarians.
leather can only really be used when youre not walking too far (like 100mi+) as its too heavy to justify the weight. It can shrink and crack if it gets too wet and wasnt properly treated before or dried after. A leather jacket for a weekend /out/ing is pretty nice though, just make sure its not one you care too deeply about.

suede is mostly a no go as it will be ruined if it gets wet, which it will whether by rain or sweat.

uncultured s[ch]wine

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