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Are there any good online resources to find good information on what are some good foraging foods for my area?
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If you're US, check your state's conservation department website. They usually have at least some info on wild edibles you don't have to catch or shoot.

If you're not US, I dunno.
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I find t hat you have to do tons of research yourself for the most part. Nice thing is that people spread edibles around the world. Most of them are now naturalized. Thus, many websites that specialize in wild edibles are more or less specializing in old food crops that went wild over 200+ years ago and were replaced with more modern plant types. Thus, finding websites for naturalized wild edibles will be easy, but finding websites that specialize in native wild edibles for a specific area won't be as easy.

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>In my area
And what area might that be, or is this another one of your infantile guessing games?

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I moved to a new area for college, and they have miles upon miles of forested land that they own. I've already clocked about 15 hours of hiking and exploring off trail, and I'm trying to get in at least 40 before the weather gets colder. What are some cool things to look for? I've already found fossils beside creeks, snakes, lots of deer and coyote tracks, and plenty of insects. Any rocks/animals/bugs/signs that I should keep an eye out for? Pic related, took that about an hour ago, he was huge
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Also, ITT hiking general
>Also, ITT hiking general
This whole board is pretty much focused on hiking.

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I live in southeastern United States. A pretty rural area but most of it is private property and farmland. What's the best way to start going /out/? Should I look for nature trails nearby on google maps? I usually hate parks and trails because it bugs me to run into other people when I'm just trying to be alone in nature
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Get permission from a land owner don't fuck shit up and be honest about what you want to do while on their property. Some will let you others won't. Keep asking around until you find one that doesn't mind.
just go outside nigga
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go to ozark africa man

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Recommend me some alternatives to craghopper kiwi trousers?

I love these but the fit of the latest ones is different and I'd like to try something new

- lots of pockets
- lightweight and comfy
- fairly cheap
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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share your experiences with buying or accessing wild land

flora and fauna
how secluded it is
legal issues such as property taxes and zoning laws
overall experience: pros and cons
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You first
15 acres.
Oaks, pines, maples, sweet gum, maypop (wild passion fruit), fern, american plum, assorted wildflowers.
Deer, fox, coyote, turkey, rabbit, squirrel, dove, quail, alligator, panther...
Hurricane Irma is suppose to track right over me, this maybe my last post.
Dirt road that's graded regularly by the county. Walmart is 25 minutes away but it still feels like the middle of nowhere once you get off the road.
Poor county so nobody gives a fuck. County can't even afford renewal notices for vehicle registration so you just have to remember to go and pay for it.
Taxes are about $10 an acre yearly for undeveloped land.
Very few con's:
Small dating pool.
Few entertainment options.
Pros make it worthwhile:
Rifle range where I can blowup tannerite© in my backyard.
Leave vehicles unlocked because nobody sets foot here unless they're invited.
I know every vehicle that drives down the road.
No one knocks on my door.
Never hear neighbors.
If I hear gunshots in the distance, its either a neighbor plinking or hunting- not Tyrone robbing the corner gas station.

I'll never go back to a major city.
some quick hurricane advice, esp. if you're in the path of the hurricane. BOARD UP YOUR WIDOWS. Tape at minimum. Sit under the sturdiest doorframe or support beam in your house. Fill up your bathtub with water, unless you have a well (jealous). Uh, for everything else its probably too late, good luck man, report back!

Hey /out/

I live in NJ (kill me) around the Trenton area. Are there any good places to go climbing around me? I haven't really found any good places to go within my immediate area, all the good places to go around 40+min away if I want to go hiking or climbing.

I've never really explored too much of PA or NY, but I've been around Trenton and Hamilton and Princeton and the like; and a little bit of New Hope. I just really want to find some nice spots to go exploring and to climb stuff (trees/wall-faces/whatever). I'm new to climbing, but I'm in pretty good shape, so I'm still just a beginning.

So, any suggestions for NJ/PA/NY would be great.
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I'm no climber but there's a ton of nice hiking spots. Delaware water gap is a popular one. Big mountains, camping, etc.

Ok maps, look at the terrain and look for gorges. Hackleberry park, ken Lockwood, for examples. Typically big cuts into mountains and I've seen some interesting climbs. Sourland mountain I've seen people with climbing gear too. There's pretty and scenic spots all over north west nj.
On maps*

Same goes for PA exactly west. Delaware water gap is basically a touch of PA in Nj.

I've been to Harriman state park in NY, just above NJ. Some big mountains up there.
Thanks. I've always heard good things about DWG, but never gone. I guess I'll have to go, maybe I'll wake up really early tomorrow and go check it out. Should be nice to have a morning hike, haven't done it in a long time.

I took this photo during a flight from Dubai to London (January 2017). I think we may have been flying over Turkey or Bulgaria at the time - but I can not remember. Does this mountain range look familiar to anyone? I would love to know!
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Mount Ararat.
This guys seems to be right, after quick research
That's where noah's ark is located

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What /g/enerator is going to power your technology during blackouts?
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you in florida? buy a cheap one from harbor freight. unless you're going to use generator regularly the honda is overpriced. Now I'm not saying they aren't good generators. they are. very dependable and light but not best value.
I just got a solar powered battery pack

it's gonna suck major cocks if the power goes out because it takes like a full day to recharge 3000mah of the battery
>he doesn't own a radioisotope thermoelectric generator

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Ok /out i dont know if this is the right place to put this thread but i am thinking about getting into mountain/cross country biking and was looking for opinions on what the best mountain bike is in the 600 - 750 dollar range
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Trek Marlin 7.
Try asking the bike thread on /n/. They tend to be pretty knowledgeable.

Hey /out/, what's the best bugout/innawoods backpack that money can buy? Longterm durability is the first consideration followed by lightness of material weight. I'd also prefer it to have a midrange capacity of 30-40 L +/- 5 L.

Money really is no consideration here so no poorfag stuff pls. I want the best.
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I prefer the brands 5.11 and tasmanian tiger, then its up to you to find the model you like the most.
I have a 5.11 rush 24, and love it!
I had been looking at the Rush 24, but a military guy I know said 5.11 backpacks are for airshitters and the straps would have broken within weeks in Iraq just by being continously slung over a vehicle rail.
Can't really comment on that, i only use mine for EDC and innawoods...
It can carry ALOT of weight, ive litterally filled it with textbooks several times to the point i was scared it would break, but its still fine :)
But yeah, maybe the straps arent superior, but i dont know a better brand.

First time i heard about the rush pack was on /out/ or /k/, where a guy said he had used his for like 9 months is towelland, so it cant be that bad..

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