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>Gardening, farming and related activities

Does /out/ into indoor hydroponic farming, or should I go elsewhere?
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420chan bro this will get you banned
non-weed veggie farming: >>1093050
indoor regular plants: >>>/an/2461672
general hydroponics setups for non-drug stuff: >>>/diy/
drug plants: 420chan.org or >>>/b/

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ITT: Times your /out/ing excursions have gone terribly, terribly wrong
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Planned a trip on the AT. 4 days.

Week of the trip my boss offers OT.
I start working doubles. Work one the day before my trip.
Get home Im whooped. Crash and sleep 14 hrs.
At some point my friend called and asked if I was still going.
Me still asleep told him "no, I'm working tonight."
They leave without me.

I'm so messed when I wake up I go into work and they're like aren't you off for a week?

By the time I got my shit right my group was already a day ahead on the trail.
>visiting some mountain in Virginia about 10 years ago, can't even remember the name now
>stomach is cramping on the way up
>progressively getting worse as we reach the summit
>holy shit I can barely move
>cramp is so bad I start drinking from a stream (went through a gallon on the climb up, water subdued the pain a little) with no fucks given to disease or parasites
>have to turn around
>climb down was even worse, forced to take a knee every 20 feet
>am driven home by bf, takes 5 hours and the pain becomes unbearable
>have to go to emergency room
>gallbladder was about to burst

Essentially every time I go to VA something bad happens so now I avoid the state if possible.
Other than the time I drove a fence post through my thigh hunting?
>plan big coastal 4-day guided duck/goose hunt with my dad in VA, gonna get us a brant (cool looking sea-goose) to put on the wall
>2 day drive to get there
>literally 3 hours into drive, stuck behind a semi, semi throws a retread and blows out both our front tires and smashes the windshield
>8 hours at nearest autobody shop getting everything fixed and we're back on the road
>really having to make time up to get there on time, end up driving through the night first night then taking a 2-hour nap in a rest stop the second day
>get in to our hotel about 1am, had called ahead letting guide know we were running behind due to bullshit
>get up at 4:30am to meet guide, dad's not feeling very good
>guide's an hour late, he has the shits
>finally get everything going, out innabay
>don't see shit-all the first day, the three of us combined shoot a total of 4 mallards and a random snow goose (limit is 6 ducks, 3 canadas, 5 snows/ross/specks combined, and 1 brant per person). Literally never even saw a brant
>dad's getting worse
>that night he spends most of the evening puking in the hotel bathroom
>I'm starting to feel sick too
>dad gets even worse, end up driving him to ER at 11pm
>call guide and be like "we're both sick, gotta bail on ya, we'll still pay for whole hunt"
>guide is at least a bro about it too since he's sick, says he'll only charge for the 1st day of the hunt
>end up going into full-blown Menier's (inherited inner-ear disease) attack while waiting for dad in ER, end up in bed next to him puking my guts out with severe vertigo
>turns out dad has a strep infection in his stomach (wut?), he's admitted and put on IV antibiotics, I'm released the next morning but still feel like shit
>end up spending 5 days there waiting for him to recover enough to travel, get royally bitched out by work even though I let them know I had a medical emergency and would be back late ahead of time

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Does /out/ know anything about pic related? they've got some pretty neat jackets, but I can't find much in the way of reviews.
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Looks to be the sister "company" to Kastking.

This means it's low-end chinese junk sold exclusively through Amazon and Ebay.

I'm not saying this isn't the case, but I don't see the connection other than name. logos are pretty different, neither of their sites seem to mention one another, and shooterking is a UK/ europe based company while kastking is based out of new york according to their facebook page
Googling around shows 2 sporting goods stores in the UK selling a very small selection of their products, everything else is sold via amazon.co.uk. It's all made in China. All of the youtube "reviews" of their products are basically unboxing reviews, literally the first 3 I watched showed them taking it out of the wrapper then trying to tell me it will hold up to abuse. Also all of them had the Chinese Engrish accent which makes me think literal shill.

Kastking is incorporated through NY because it's cheap and easy to incorporate in NY. I have never seen their products sold in-store anywhere in the US, and only through a couple small mom and pop shops in the UK. Again, the large majority of it is sold on amazon.

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I'm homeless starting tomorrow what do I do? I'm freaking out
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Go to an homeless shelter, find a job, stay away from drugs, stop watching porn. Don't blow it, keep it simple, count your money.
>move to a new place
Get out of the city
Move to a small town
They need workers
Housing is cheaper
>look sharp
Use your spare change to do laundry
Shave your head and face
Shower at rest stops
>get a job
Take the bus
Save your money
>buy an apartment
The end
Never EVER live at a shelter OP
Any random bush in town is better to sleep in than a fucking shelter

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I was curious as to what books you guys may have learned most from and your recommendations. Post your favorite survival book
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as a krautfag i read one from a german author you probably don'T know.

but seriously. none of these authors re-invented the wheel. there are only so many ways to build a shed and only so many ways to start a fire.

what i'm saying: once you've read one survival book, you read them all. some goes with youtube videos
Yep, this.

However, if i had to make a recconmendation, perhaps the boy scout or eagle scout handbooks would suffice?
i keep an old boyscout handbook ontop of my toliet and browse it whenever im pooping. i assume i must be learned something through osmosis whenever i poop at home.

what's your favorite tony home design? do you have a tiny home? if so, what does your blueprint look like? I need to build one in the next two months (on wheels with a hitch). I have all the tools and resources I need. What are the ins and outs of this endeavour?
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I like the ones that are at least 500 square feet.
I've been living in one with my family for the past year. AMA.
how big is the house?
>inb4 tiny
can you describe your installation?

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I live on Long Island NY, looking to go cabin camping upstate this winter. I've done cabin camping outside of the state back in boy scouts but I'm unfamiliar with good places to do so in NY. I'd prefer rustic though I'm not against something with very basic electricity. Looking to have 4-6 people go with me if any anons have good recommendations, I'll also take some tips for newbies because a couple people going with me will be pretty new to camping.
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Seconding this, two old college buddies and I are looking to rent a cabin for the weekend in the Adirondacks before/ after deer season.
In the same situation, can't find shit cause I'm lazy.
Former long islander here (H-Ton represent). Can't speak to formal campsites but there's some good spots to pitch a tent uninterrupted up by Carmel. Also if you don't mind driving far upstate, the park area northeast of Potsdam is pretty great, where nobody will bother you. Wish I could offer more help with specifics but it's been a while.

I was going to put this in /adv/ but I figured /out/ was a good start. I've been honestly thinking about checking out from this world and just going to live someplace uninhabited or sparsely occupied by people. I don't see anything as better right now, going to live out in the wilderness planting your foot down and saying this land is mine (or at least until the country I plant my foot down in decides to fuck with me for muh modern society reasons) I'm in the US by the way. Anyways yeah I've been honestly thinking about just packing up and getting a plane ticket or boat ride to Europe and just walk until I find a nice place to put my foot down (hopefully avoiding the Middle East) but hey isn't that part of the adventure. We only live once and I don't want to be a slave at some nine to five where I come home, eat, sleep, and, shit, then go to work for somebody at some job for what? To pay my rent and buy food to maintain the cycle, I don't see the worth in it honestly. I currently have no attachments to my life here in the states, I have family but they wouldn't miss me or I them. What do you guys think? I honestly just want to live my life exploring the world and reading books, and farming or possibly hunting, I feel people aren't given enough options in life. I honestly have no-one to legitimately discuss this with, my family are ragging Catholics, I respect their spiritually to that aspect they might get it, but I know they wouldn't understand where I'm coming from based off of other conversations due to their religion. The few friends I chose to have would agree with me but wouldn't actually take the leap into doing it. Pic related this man Radhanath Swami did what I'm thinking of doing and became a Buddhist monk I think, when we walked to the Himalayas. He was a US citizen, and changed his man this what I mentioned, I don't know why, probably part of his religion.
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That seems nice, where did this man do this?
I'll give this a bump and see what happens

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#190-"Camo" Edition

Previous Thread:

Thinking about picking up a new hobby? Want to get a memecaster? Haven't mastered the Palomar knot? Click here!

Talk about fishin
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Anyone get those monthly LTBs? Are they worth it?
Never worth it full price.
People who fish a lot tend to buy good shit, no matter their income level, because they know it matters.
They've seen what happens if they don't, and most people aren't into watching money burn.
The poors just buy their good shit less often.

Season with salt, pepper and garlic powder. Use about twice as much salt as you think you need.
In a skillet, put 1/2tbsp oil and 1/2tbsp butter in the bottom; get it hot and smoking. Put filets in meat side down for 1 to 1-1/2 minutes, then flip and finish up skin side down. They are done when the rib bones easily pop out of the meat when you run your spatula along them.
Remove from pan immediately and serve. They will be insanely good.

>this guy again
Because wild caught is twice as good as farmed and wild populations can sustain small scale harvest just fine. We've been over this.
Besides, WANTING to eat wild caught fish isn't poverty-tier, HAVING to is.
He doesn't HAVE to, he WANTS TO, because it really does taste so much better.
The occasional meal from even quite contaminated waters is just fine. And most waters aren't even that contaminated anymore. 40+ years of clean water legislation and holding polluting businesses financially liable for cleanup has really done wonders for water quality.

>7.5lb pike
>rare as hen's teeth
Pick one.
A healthy watershed with northern pike will often have populations of fish well over 10lbs. Taking a 7.5lb pike is like taking a 4lb bass-it's not the end of the world.

Help! Long story short, I saved about 100 tadpoles from a pool cover in july. I put them in a big black garbage can with some sticks rocks and leaves. Some are starting to get legs, but fall is around the corner and im wondering when these lil shits are gona be frogs or toads and hop away? I recently read that some frogs hibernate deep in the mud of ponds over the winter.....So do i have to store this make shift tadpole home over winter? If it freezes will they die. Any advice would be helpful.
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Find a pond and dump the tadpoles in it.
>Any advice would be helpful.
very difficult to diferentiate if you don't know the species exactly...but following a more or less common rule, frog ones don't get bigger than the tip of your middle finger, and toad ones can become a lot bigger, sometimes even thumb-tip size

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