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So i bought a salomon buff, but its a bit too streched. Not a lot, just 1cm more than my other buff. But it makes a difference.
How could i fix it?
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by throwing it in the trash
Wash it in hot water and dry it on high heat.
will try (Y) dankss a lot

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>tfw wagecuck who will never be a US Park Ranger at some dank ass national park
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Why not? If you really wanted it, you'd do it.
Easier said than done, NEET.
>US Park Circus Ranger
all the work of being a cop without any of the respect or money.

What are these berries? They're growing wild in my backyard. They're smaller than grapes. When I cut one open it smelled like cucumber and had a lot of white cucumber-like seeds in the middle.
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Melothria Pendula
Baby watermelons
It's definitely a cucurbit, like cucumber, squash or watermelon. Domestic cucurbits are bred to have low levels of toxicity but wild varieties may have higher levels of cucurbitacin, which causes severe abdominal distress.

So is the wind coming from the west southwest or going to the west-southwest?
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compass directions indicate which way the wind is coming from. physical landmarks (on/offshore, up/downslope) indicate the direction it's blowing to.

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Forested area by square km
4.9 million
>united states
3.2 million

Most forested european country
280 thousand square km


Sure as ever loving fuck sucks to be European hahahababa
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Fuck I want to bite so hard
Maybe we could just make fun of the Brits instead ?
But what's the ratio of forest to total land?
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forêt UE %.png
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The numbers are in metric

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09/07/17(Thu)07:34:23 No.1095775
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Anyone know about propane trees?

Doing a multi family car camping trip and I figured I should skip the disposable cylinders and use a 20lb tank. I plan to run my lantern and possibly two Coleman stoves off of it.

Any brands you recommend?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Source: https://freedomopinion.tumblr.com/
montana is very smoky right now :[

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Am by the coast in Wales at the moment; have started swimming in the sea a bit pretty regularly; really enjoying it and wanna find some ideas for stuff to do when outdoor swimming - e.g I've found a cove where I can get pretty close to the coastal birds on the rocks and watch them while treading water, which is pretty bants.

Was thinking maybe incorporate it into a hiking exped - back kit into waterproofed rucksack; use that as a raft to get across a lake.

Any more ideas?
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swim to some wicked crusty amateur raves

I opened what I thought was an egg and it looked like this. Like one of those blow away plants. What do you think it could be? It was under a tree.
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It is a "gall".
forgot pic

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Well in my opinion, I'd say it's an American retail and outdoor recreation services corporation that sells sporting goods, camping gear, travel equipment, and clothing.
The dividend is amazing
People like to rip on them for being overpriced, but I think they are ok. They carry a bunch of good gear that you don't see at Dick's or other outdoor sports stores. They used to have an amazing return policy, but that was unfortunately ruined by a bunch of selfish pricks. Similarly, selfish people who go to physical stores to try out all the gear and then order from another online store because they might save $5. That's a good way to ensure there's no places to try out gear before using it in the future.

Also the garage sales are pretty nice at REI locations in major cities. Haven't been in a while though as I haven't really needed anything from them (might be worse since they stopped the amazing return policy).

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