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Hook turn across traffic

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What is the correct way to turn across traffic and why is it always the hook turn?

Seriously though stop using the pedestrian crossings to turn right.
I used to do that before I got a mirror. Still do it on occasion in the winter when my glasses get so iced over I can't see what is behind me.

I generally don't make turns across traffic on busy streets unless there is a dedicated lane for those turns. Plan ahead and make the turn in a less shitty spot.
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Even where there is a dedicated turning lane, it's better to do the hook turn.
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What in the actual fuck is that OP? How does it make turning safer? Jughandles are way better
I just got used to riding out into traffic to get into the left turn lane. Easier for me, but it's definitely not for the faint of heart. The turn square things are objectively the best way for novice/casual riders, but they're really just glorified pedestrian crossings.
A hook turn is always done from a spot where cars travel past you safely while you stop and wait for traffic. It improves your safety because you don't have to pull into the outside lane and queue with motor vehicles.

What happens in this 'jughandle' design? Are the lights red for me again by the time I get back to the intersection? Because that's slower than a hook turn where you just go when the lights on the turn street go green.

the correct way is to drive on the right hand side of the road, which is the way of freedom and patriotism, and no silly hand wringing about turning across traffic.
Can you guys please explain what the fuck you are talking about without using jargon or incomprehensible diagrams like >>1104367
I won't stop anyone from travelling on the wrong side of the road, but on my island we do things how we like.

We're talking about how you can turn 'left' (or right) across car lanes without actually getting into the turning lanes. Basic idea is here:
You gotta get in front of cars if you want them to see you. Drivers don't look anywhere else.
They'll have to slow down or rear end you.
Which is worse for you than it is for them, but they'd rather slow down and waste 10 seconds waiting for you to turn than get blood all over their murder cage.
It's not an incomprehensible diagram unless you're mentally retarded. Those clover-like ramps allow you to switch over to the intersecting road going left without having to cross traffic,
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yo here we drive on the right
but this makes sense, ty
sure dude makes lots of sense :^)
You don't have to pay attention to that part
>You gotta get in front of cars if you want them to see you.

Why not stay behind them so it's not even an issue?
This may work for bicycles. Not so much for cars.

Green car turning left, swings right and waits for the crossing signal to go green, then proceeds. What about the red car behind him who also wants to turn left? Once the blue car clears the intersection, you can turn as many cars left as possible until the next car following blue. Or the signal. Green car waiting in the 'hook turn' box effectively blocks all other left turns and straight through traffic as well.

For bicycles, not so much of a problem. More can fit in the hook turn waiting box. The only downside is that this will pile up more bicycles in front of the crossing lane. Instead of making a standard left turn from the middle of the road and continuing on, way ahead of the crossing traffic, you now have a bigger pile of people wobbling around in front of the cars, trying to get up to speed. And someone is inevitably going to get squashed.
yeah it's definitely a bike only thing
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In Melbourne CBD, you have to do it even in your car. In pic related you can see 3 cars about to turn right. Of course, it's not done because it's good for the car, but because it doesn't delay the trams.

On the other hand, for cyclists, I don't think it's inevitable that someone get squashed unless there's a reckless driver or someone is stupid enough to fall off their bike from trying to trackstand.
>but because it doesn't delay the trams.
Van in your picture turning right has a car stuck behind him on top of the tracks. What was that about delaying trams again?
That pic is decieving. You can' trust it!
Look at this pic and consider the direction of traffic. Cars wouldn't stop at 90 degrees of the direction of traffic. They only be blocking the track for the tram that would have the red light. When the light turns green the cars go, making way for the tram which also gets that same green light.
What about the second, third and fourth cars all waiting behind the first one waiting to turn?
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