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itt: we talk about times transportation fucked us over

ever get cucked by a form of transportation /n/?
Yes I have been cucked by public transportation.

The 123 bus service ran by Stagecoach East Kent has run late in the past.

>Pic sort of related.
Ever waited 45 minutes at a train station only to have the train blast past you going 60 mph? I have, the conductor was looking right at my dumb ass. Not a scheduled stop. Had to walk 25 minutes and wait an hour for a bus with a gay bartender in an apple bees. Public transit gets so bad as soon as you get even slightly out if the city.
One time I had to catch a bus that passed through a tiny stop in the middle of the highway at midnight, the bus just sped past, I had to sleep on the street that night
Should have tried hitch-hiking. Sleeping on the street is complete shit.
Yes, just the other day a tram fucked my wife.

Happens every single fucking time.
>get to the station
>see my train
>doors are already closing
>i run there like hell
>nope, it leaves
>next train in 3 hours
>well, I'm going to take a fucking minibus
But that's I don't consider cucking, just trains being timely and me being an idiot.

But I ride trains normally only on weekends. On work days I commute by a fucking marshrutka. And no, I'm not being cucked by it, I'm being fucked by it.
Just recently there was a car on my route whose back windows were repaired with greenhouse sheets, thin wooden planks (1 per window) and nails (2 per window). Now it's out of service, but honestly I don't know if it's out of safety or because an idiot driver crashed it and killed somebody.

Also there is a car with seats so small that my knees barely fit between my seat and the seat next to me, and I have to sit very upright. No surprise every backrest in this car is ruined, so you have to sit upright even if you fit.

Also I'm lucky that my route has something resembling a schedule (every 15 minutes between 21.00 and 22:15, otherwise arbitrary). On other routes drivers wait until every seat gets occupied before even starting, which can be up to 45 minutes, not to mention it's always chock full.
Also they will drive by you if they are full, and they will try to get as full as possible at the first stop.
>ever get cucked by a form of transportation /n/?
>last time I had to take the bus to work
>6 km long daily commute
>20 minutes on bike
>20 minutes by bus
>if all 3 buses align perfectly
>be there on the stop more than 5 minutes early just in case
>bus number one does not come on schedule
>when it comes it's 7 minutes late
>miss bus change #1
>miss bus change #2
>what was supposed to be a 20 minutes long leisure ride (schools're off, buses not packed and so are the roads) becomes a nightmare 55 minutes long wait-ride
>it would literally take me this long to just walk there
>get to work only to be greeted by a "there goes your bonus for the quarter" note from my boss
I hate buses so god damned much.
a horse once fucked my wife
I really really really hate this meme.
Do you really think anyone cares punk? They're going to keep broadening the audience for my fetish like the idiot memers they are. They are basically peddling blacked.com subscriptions.

you're the idiot for believing the schedule at all. This is a "I used public transit once" post.

You always add 25 minutes per transfer. If you take the bus regularly, you usually end up waiting around a lot, and its only really worth it if it takes 2-3+ hours to walk it. You should get a bicycle for that short distance. 15 minutes or less on a shitty single speed if there are no hills.
What are those thing actually like
We have minibus routes in some rural areas in britbongistan but it all proper busses in most areas
>be CRYstal palace fan
>Go to Wembley for FA cup final
>80,000 people going home from the stadium
>1 station
>Wait in a slow moving que for 3 hours
>McDonalds in Victoria full of smug manU fansll
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>cuck cuck praise kek lol i'm so 4chan xd
Kill yourself.
File: Gaz-322132_TAXI.jpg (518KB, 1712x1368px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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A lot of transportation in Russia is displaced by these shits. Urban, suburban, interurabn, doesn't matter.
Most Russian cities are very sprawling, not like American sprawl, but they are made of small commieblock settlements separated by nothingness. In Novosibirsk (where I live), if you live near center, you have plenty of options — metro, tram, some trolleybuses and buses. In other areas it's the 'shrutka, some busses and surburban rail which is decent but rare. So you ususally have to take the 'shrutka.
They range from very small where people aren't able to stand properly because of low ceilings but they do, to larer ones which are almost like a normal bus.
wow that sounds like shit. A larger bus making regular stops would simply solve that whole fucking problem. Compared to Europe, America has shitty public transit, but at least I can say America has better transit systems than Russia. We have mini-busses here as well but they are typically secondary or tertiary public transport. I see a lot of them used to haul the elderly, disabled, retarded, and poor to work as part of some gov. program. But those pick them up at their place of residence, so they are a bit more like a school bus than a regular bus route. Normal people dont take them, since smaller buses are less efficient.
>take shrooms at friend's
>go home by bus
>forget to drink water before going
>have to change buses
>just miss the bus
>wait at the station
>forgot my hoodie and it's like 10-15°C outside
>wait 30min for the bus (according to schedule)
>it just doesn't come
>wait another 45min for the third bus
>tl;dr trip on shrooms at a bus station for the longest 75min in my life, while freezing, being dehydrated and having a massive headache.
Where I live those things are called "Angkot" every city big or small has these small vans that stops everywhere
In most cities they are the backbone of transit
On top of that, the ride is paid in cash and the driver is in charge of counting the money. And sometimes he does it while driving. Unsafe? Yes.
Also you have to announce to the driver that your stop is coming or he might miss it.

To entertain himself the driver puts on music. Back in the days it usually meant 'Russian chanson' aka outlaw song, today it's mostly generic pop shit. And beacuse the driver listens to music you have to scream your stop from the lungs (although he misght still miss it).

There are 'funny' prints in the cabin that mock the passengers in passive-aggressive ways, like the pic. Text says "no toothpaste keeps your teeth intact better than a ride paid in time".

Needless to say, marshrutka drivers are not the most loved and popular people. Once on the last bus the driver put on a very intersting playlist. The songs were in that pop style that's too cheesy for radio, and most of the them were about birthday, but one of them was about suicide. I felt bad for him and wanted to wish him a happy birthday but in the end I didn't.
you're a huge pussy
>freezing in 10 to 15 °C
Are you from fucking Thailand or something?
Thats like, a nice summer day
Why are bicycles not more popular in Russia if it is as you say? Bikes are great for sprawling areas, the only thing that would make it impossible is if your roads can't handle it. Is Igor Rasteryaev right?
Won't say for others, but I tried commuting by bike. I live 15 km away from work. There are 2 paths I can take, along a highwy or a bit to the side. The first is full of cagers, the second has some ravines across it that are nothing for an MTB pro but I'm not one. Bot have prolonged slopes. So you can't get there without braking a sweat, and there's no shower where I work. So I usually say fuck it. To the mall I usually bike.

For shorter distances by all means, bikes are popular. I often see old men riding old rusty roadsters around dachas. And my workplace has about 30 or so bicycles parked nearby on a good day.

Why bikes aren't more popualr? A combination of a long winter which makes biking harder, lack of special biking infrastructure, 'bikes are for kids' mentality, cagers' disdain, etc. Mostly as everywhere else.

>Is Igor Rasteryaev right?
Well people here drive like they have never had a license. I am just now getting a license at age 30 and don't have a car yet. Everything I find is to expensive for my tastes I am seriously considering a bike OR a bedford rascal/piaggio porter. I still want the bike though. May get me my first road bike soon. As far as the "bikes are for kids" I encountered that when I biked in the US, they laugh at you in the summer, when its snowing or below freezing, they're not laughing at you anymore.
Well, they won't laugh at you here; it's not strictly 'bikes are for kids', more like 'bikes are for sports and entertainment'. Bike roads are usually created in parks etc.
In my first town they made a bike road between an ice skating ring and a swimming pool. It's always empty because basically nobody wants to get from swimming pool to ice skating ring; they want to get to either of those places from home. But hey, bikes are sport so we'll put it in a sport-related place, not a place that makes sense.
I once had to ride one of those in St. Petersburg. Fucking nightmare.

t. a finn who visits spb regularly to buy cheap shit
all these horror stories and the worst thing to happen to me was that the bus just sped by me while i was waiting for it at the stop and i had to bike like 10 miles to work in like 90 F weather
Why? It's a great word
Good, more red pilling the normies.
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I've learnt to start riding my bike & to only transit if the weather is truly horrible

Anyone else think that name is a bit *tips fedora*?
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Yeah. All the time.
>Buy a car because I live in shitty conservative suburbs
>Pay $150 dollars a month on car insurance
lol is it a ferrari?
cuz my average car costs $300/year skipping only the retarded options
I have a clean driving record and only have the bare minimum insurance. I drive a Subaru. It's so expensive because I'm 19 years old.
Once the DC Metro System fucked my wife.
It's a bus service that's been around for years.
>bombardier streetcars
If only Bombardier had their shit together and actually delivered these things.
>go on trip to east coast (D.C., Philly, AC, and NY)
>have to fly
>be non-manlet
>already not enough room for my knees without putting them to the side
>tray kind of close but still workable for my laptop
>guy in front of me puts his seat back
>my knees are now digging into the back of the seat
>laptop impossible to use on tray
>have to rest it on my legs
>kind of works
>starts to burn my legs because I'm playing a game
>can't sleep
>can't play vidya
>can't do school work because no internet
>five hours to D.C.

Compared to

>take Northeast Regional from D.C. to Philly
>over eight inches between my knees and seat in front of me
>electrical outlet in a position that doesn't require me to spend fifteen minutes trying to plug something into it
>laptop fits comfortable on tray
>not seatbelts
>seats are comfy and thicc
>no restrictions on when I can use my laptop
>complimentary wifi

Air travel was a mistake.
I know the company predates the neckbeard meme, but it does sound like something a neckbeard would say.

>Make haste! Procure a stagecoach, for I need to go to see m'lady!
>60 mph
>This is considered fast in America
I see.
I live in Toronto. Not a day goes by when I don't get cucked by transport.
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One time I got to a bus station 30 minutes before the bus was scheduled to leave but missed it because there was only one stupid nigger at the front desk, or seriously took her 30 minutes to help 4 people, so I missed my bus and took an urber instead
Could've been worse, considering it could have literally killed her.
>taking a bus from Sacramento to Salt Lake is more expensive than Amtrak
>it's also somehow faster
>train arrive
>man shout in excitement because of train
>nassau county, ny
>bus network is so badly funded that buses don't show up 25% of the time
yeah i've had a lot of times that i've been cucked by the bus
Fuck yeah NICE
n32 rep
goddamn im on the same route

it's oddly reliable by nassau county standards
>check directions on jewgle
>tells me I can use any of three lines to get to destination
>waiting, one of the 3 comes, take it
>realize it does not go where jewgle says it goes
>get off, wait 20 minutes while hungry as a venezuelan to get the line back
>fucking hotdog cart
>hell no, not buying no AIDS-hotdog from a sketchy cart
>stomach growling, can't eat for another hour
>rail comes, get on, one stop back
>get off, wait for correct rail
>must have been 30 fucking minutes minimum
>these rails are supposed to come every 15 minutes, wonder what the fuck is going on
>watch fat spicess stuffing face with some sort of nachos in a cup gas station tier abomination
>make eye contact
>4 foot tall 400 lb bean-guzzler is visibly sweaty
>watch fat midwestern tourists waiting on the cripple platform for the rail
>finally it comes
>go 3 stops, wait for another connection
>sundown approaches
>get on rail, enter a crazy hobo with a chihuahua in his vest pocket
>hobo sits near me, opens a fucking umbrella inside the traincar
>umbrella acts like privacy screen, wonder wtf he is doing to that dog
>sassy black lady across from me glares at him and shakes her head

>>i run there like hell

I have a policy to never run to catch a bus or rail. Either you get there with plenty of time to spare and look like a fool, or you miss it and look like a bigger loser. Never heroicly just in time.
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Thread images: 10

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