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>Women in the infantry is a good id-
How old were you when you realized women have nothing to do in front line roles, and barely even things like medic or logistics?
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Is she being pulled by a hydration system and not a drag handle? Yeah women don't belong.
>being trained
>do shit wrong
>get corrected
>learn from experience
>grow as individual
Nothing wrong here m80

>Is *he being pulled
That's a guy, guy.
When have norwegians seen some action?

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Is it true that most "Mil-Spec" lowers nowadays are milled in such a way that you cannot mill out the pocket for a giggle FCG without compromising the integrity of the gun?
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when I was in the Marines we weren't allowed to look inside our weapons so I don't know
Molon Labe
United States Marine Corps 2014-2015
Thank me for my service or you won't live to regret it.
only different parts is automatic bolt carrier group, trigger group and sear
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Why were the aussies so chill in WW1&2?
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It was just a bunch of criminals committing more war crimes. It's their roots.
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Hey /k/ I need to make a decision on what to buy.
I have about $650 in spending money, I don't have a shotgun or a .22 yet
Do I either;
>Buy a Mossberg 590A1 for $570 after transfer and have probably the most durable shotty ever but just the one gun
>Buy a Mossberg 500 Tactical from Dick's and a 10/22 for the combined total of about $645 after tax

I'm kind of going back and forth here if I want a really good shotgun or just a good shotgun and a .22
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option 2
the average user isnt going to use any of the additional features of an a1
also the 590 standards around 400 if you really want that bayonet lug
Most of the 590s I'm seeing don't come with the bayonet lug and are barely cheaper than the 590A1 while lacking the neat bayo lug and the metal trigger guard which alone is worth $100
Buy used guns. get a 500 for $225 at a pawnshop.

Find a used mossberg blaze for $90 and save the over $300 or buy something else.

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Apparently the Ma Deuce is heavy, unreliable, inaccurate, and has spilled Commie, Muslim, and Fascist blood for almost ninety years.
Proof Ruskis are fuckin' retarded.
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Well, it is heavy. You can't argue that it isn't.
>listening to the opinions of /pol/
Take a look at their arsenal threads, they're pathetic. Garbage-tier ARs and AKs, Maverick 88s, ths odd decent arsenal from a /k/ crossposter. They have no taste in guns.
It is heavy, unreliable, dated, and downright a pain in the asshole to mount/dismount/maintain/clean, etc.. .He ain't wrong. The round is great but the gun itself is kind of a fuckin meme at this point in our history

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Is a mossberg 500 with a 28" barrel good enough for hunting any game in North America?
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was about to reply until you bumped your own thread from page 4
Sry I was afraid it'd go to like 8 in a couple mins

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Would a glock 42, or LEO trade in 22, or 21 be a good choice for a new(ish) shooter to get into centerfire handguns if they planned to shoot a ton?
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Get the 22. You can convert it to 9mm too if you want and have a Glock 17 as well
>glock 42
no tiny ccw guns have a much higher learning curve compared to fullsize
>glock 22
decent choice 17 would be better but 40s not that horrible of a choice
I've heard that .40 kicks hard and wears out guns much faster than .45 and 9, and the only reason I'm choosing from those 3 options over a 17 is budget.

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The absolute state of Australia


>Border farmer has guns taken after confronting man armed with a knife at his home
>A FATHER who armed himself with an unloaded rifle during a home invasion has been left wondering what he could have done differently, after having his guns seized.

This is the future you chose Australia.

Pic related: the slippery slope of gun control.
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australian posting.jpg
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File: 1471448250942.gif (1012KB, 500x225px)Image search: [Google]
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>after having his guns seized
buy them illegal subguns

It certainly is a slope at least.

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"Tonight, you pukes will sleep with your rifles. You will give your rifle a girl's name because this is the only pussy you people are going to get. Your days of finger-banging ol' Mary-Jane Rottencrotch through her pretty pink panties are over! You're married to this piece. This weapon of iron and wood. And you will be faithful!"
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But what will my dear AK think?
mine's called Sofia

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Why do Africans in uniforms look so aesthetic?
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Because you want to be cucked by BBC
Their skin matches well with the camo.
They don't. Monkeys emulating the world of humans

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Russians so poor that trees grow on their tanks.

Why are they relevant again?

Also the guy looks Chinese, maybe he was bought from China?
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I truly hope you are shitposting OP, otherwise you are impossibly retarded.
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Also this is Zapad-17. Where a couple of measly tanks is going to invade Belarus according to CNN.
What's the point of putting camo on your tank if thermal imaging exists

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What did they mean by this?
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They weren't wrong, the original Glock was by far the best polymer framed striker fired handgun on the market and only recently has competition beat it out for features, ergonomics, etc.
>only recently has competition beat it out for features, ergonomics

That's opinion though. I'd still take a glock over virtually any of the clones because I think the grip angle is better for faster followup shots, not to mention how smol it still is compared to the others of the same capacity (seriously, why can't any other manufacturer beat glock at this? An easy way would be to just take the plastic covering off the mags and make them all metal. It'd be smaller and thinner)
I agree. P10c VP9 are im most ways Superior to Glock in my opinion. While p320 and m&ps are equals

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What handgun should I get for getting into firearms? Sig P320, HK 45 Tactical, or a Glock.
I bought a membership to a range to shoot, and have been renting for a while, but the store only has glocks for rent. what should i get /k/
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CZ 85 if you want your money's worth
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short hair mum.png
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I commissioned my local Smith to put this Rifle together and it came out better than I hoped.

A .223 bolt gun with a red dot, iron sights and the ability to use stripper clips. My body is ready
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File: IMG_20170914_180854.jpg (3MB, 4048x3036px)Image search: [Google]
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Going to use my repro cartridge belt to carry strippers
File: IMG_20170914_180222.jpg (3MB, 4048x3036px)Image search: [Google]
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Irons are nice
File: IMG_20170914_175927.jpg (4MB, 4048x3036px)Image search: [Google]
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5 round clips work great.

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Go to war comfy (tm).jpg
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So this thing. I have yet to see anyone talking smack about it. Everyone seems to only have positive things to say.
What's going on here /k/ommandos?
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it's a midget matv. i'm sure that not being able to see very well over the hood due to the retarded windshield angle is going to be an issue.
I'm sure they can be mounted with high resolution cameras/thermals to improve visibility. They may even have such cameras as standard. Those things are tiny. You could easily have several hidden behind the front grill in that photo.
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Should have bought Australian.

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