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>Go to my LGS, see a retro carbine that would match my A1 clone
>Good price too, I'm excited
>Message a buddy who knows a bit more than I do, he says that these older Colt ARs won't accept FCGs from anything else due to the holes being off or something

Is this true? Could this be fixed? This thing felt great in the hands, but I won't deal with it if I can't drop other parts in.
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Is that even a Colt? Looks like a frankengun to me
check the front takedown pin and slabside lower receiver. Definitely one of the 80s Colt rifles
Tbh if it is original Colt you shouldn't be dropping other parts in it anyhow, just leave it factory. If you wanna do that just build a clone or buy a Troy for less than that Colt.

The first weapon man is born with is his body. Do you maintain it?
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>tfw just started SS

It hurts all over but I love it, gonna get yuge brah

>won't stop till I can shoot an FAL one handed
i REALLY need to get in shape.
>doing SS
do it for maximum 5 months
then if you want aesthetic jump on a different program

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Why is it so fucking ugly?
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It didnt stop your mom from getting laid.
Eternally irrevocably incredibly btfo

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ARG - Arguing about anime edition
Old >>35179066
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So... if I move out to the "frozen wastes" does that mean I get to hunt in negative fifty? Can I even LIVE in that temperature?... my comfortable temperature ranges are -60 to 32 and 90 upwards.
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Kobayashi dragon maid any good, fampai? I know you've watched it

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So I'm currently 20 and live in NSW Australia. In 2014 (@17 years old) I tried to kill myself but failed (jumped in front of train, driver noticed me looking "odd" and started breaking early). The police were called and spoke to me until the ambos showed up to take me to hospital. The police were also the ones who contacted my parents.
3 years on and my mental health has improved significantly. I've always wanted to own guns for target shooting and hunting and have finally moved into my own place so my parents views on guns are no longer an issue. However looking around online it seems that the police can reject gun licence applications based on one's mental health (which I admit is one of the more reasonable parts of our gun laws here).

So I'm now assuming the police have my suicide attempt on record and that it will result in them rejecting any application I put in. Any aussie /k/ommandos able to confirm/correct this? If it does mean I'm stuck as a noguns will this be a life long ban or do I just need to wait X amount of years?
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black powder is your answer
Only if it's pre-1900.
Only way to find out is apply.

But as a train driver I say nah get fucked cunt. Jumpers are the biggest cunts going round.

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I know this is a meme tier thread but give me a chance

What are /k/'s thoughts on the military applications of exoskeletons and do they serve a place in warfare? Try coming up with arguments for and against it

I think exoskeletons allow troops to carry more ammo and equipment which reduces the need for logistical vehicles and allow for longer aggressive pushes without stopping for supplies. Modern warfare depends a lot on mobility and aggression so there's literally no reason why we shouldn't have meme strength supersoldiers already.
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the more gear you carry, the bigger a target you are, The slower your advance because you not only take up more cover and require larger cover yourself, but theres now more that can be shot off you and damaged.

You'de be this large because you just struck away your logistics chain. Your also so much slower becasue you just strapped 1,000 rounds of ammo, food for 7 days, replacement parts, and 19 weapons to your person.

also what happens when its power source goes dead or gets damaged and you have 500 pounds of equipment suddenly become only held up by your own strength again.

unless its a super slim exoskeleton like the one in crysis, CQB is not really going to work out, the only time it might be useful is for long movements, but thats what cars are for
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>I think exoskeletons allow troops to carry more ammo and equipment which reduces the need for logistical vehicles and allow for longer aggressive pushes without stopping for supplies

Russian sapper use exoskeleton in Syria for exact same reason

>there's literally no reason why we shouldn't have meme strength supersoldiers already.
the main reason is power supply for the meme soldier

>3 guns in one month
someone stop me
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Hey I totally understand, keep going.
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>Stand to the right
>Spam G
>Crash server with no survivors
My father was buying shitty pistols & slav surplus "because it was a good deal."
2 makarovs today?
>this one's in 380 and the other's chinese
2 yugo tokarevs this month?
>they share magazines
Buying a taurus because they'll throw in an old hi-point?
>this is going to be my backup to my replacement garage gun (the taurus mags cost $50 apiece)
Shitty old 22 revolver and semi?
>I paid $150 for both

Then he retired and stopped buying crap. Now he's saving up for classic S&W semiautos every 6 months, which is tolerable.

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>does the US currently have the best trained "elite soldiers" in the world?

Not only does the US have the largest bank roll to supply them the best materials but they are also way more active in actual conflicts than most nations. Other than France, Russia and possibly the UK I cant think of many half-way modern militaries that are involved in anywhere near as much conflict at the US.

If not the US then who? Not talking about historically, just currently.
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I've heard Poland's GROM don't fuck around
No. Memes aside, pretty much every western SOF has about the same training and experience. Particularly commonwealth countries, since they were right there with us for the whole GWOT doing the same shit often embedded.
Then why do you never hear about France Poland or any other shit EU country doing ballsy stuff?

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how does one increase his focus ability /k/?

i'm talking about having the ability to continuously surveil someone or somewhere for at least 6 hours with zero intruding thoughts.
>inb4 drugs
i'd like a more permanent solution.
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impossible faggot try adderal
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No joke, autism. Of course partial autismos aren't physically capable as normal people so they must sit in front of a screen and be in control of a drone.
how do i get high functioning autism
i'm serious

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So I commissioned into the army recently as a medical officer and am curious why everyone wears cammies for everything?

From recruiters to bases and hospitals it was primarily combat uniforms thousands of miles away from combat.

Is the Army considering brining back pinks and green to serve as daily non-combat uniform? Navy has khakis, MC has service uniform, why doesn't the Army have an equivalent?
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Because having one kind of utilities is easier than having multiple kinds of uniforms. If you hate camo so much just wear scrubs, or, you know, get the fuck out of the military.
Just feels like they're placating generation 'wear gym clothes all the time.' Doesn't seem excessively difficult or burdensome to have and maintain ACUs, daily service dress and Class A's/blues.
bump for uniforms

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IMG_3207 (2).jpg
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WTF do I do with this arsenal I will soon inherit inherit?
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Shoot them. Clean them. Repeat.
Send it to me since you clearly don't care.
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IMG_3212 (2).jpg
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Fudd guns.

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Hey /k/, so in a couple months I'm gonna get a bonus from my job soon and i thought about buying a 1911.

I've never been a big 1911 person but as of late they've grown on me a bit. I've done my homework on budget 1911's and from what i hear Rock Island is a good option. Ironically enough Auto-ordinance, Taurus and even old Norinco 1911's are the types to stay away from i hear.

What's /k/'s opinion on Armscor 1911's? Any good. I hear they're not too bad, they're even ISO 9000 certified i hear.

>Inb4 this becomes a 1911 hate thread.
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Best budget 1911 I've ever come across. I've put about 2-3000rounds through a ugly beat to hell one I got at a gun show awhile back. It has yet to have any hangups.
I cant speak for Rock Islands 1911 but my Taurus PT1911 hasent failed me once yet. Only roughly 1000 through it so far but I'm pleased with its performance for the cost.
I bought a basic bitch GI model as a first 1911. Its functioned 100% & has a very nice trigger. The only disappointing things about the pistol are 1) I stripped out a grip screw bushing replacing the grips (not sure if my fault or the guns), and 2) theres a mark on the grip safety left from the hammer contacting it
I like mine a lot

>No gay ass camo patterns
>No baby's first assault rifle
>No "Totally SOCOM" shit
>No 50 round idiot clips
>No """"Handguns"""""
>Barrel length 16"+
>Wood grain encouraged
>Optics discouraged
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>posts a rifle with a clashing plastic pistol grip and an unsightly detachable carryhandle

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neo minigun.jpg
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answer me this /k/

How the fuck do films that are shot in Australia (most famously the matrix) are able to get automatic firearms? this was post 1996 btw

btw, the minigun that Keanu Reeves in the matrix was firing was actually real (obviously firing blanks) and not just a cheap prop
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"prop guns" fall under different categories for firearms
sauce to the paragraph in the NFA?
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Movers lost my goddamn backpacks. Any recommendations for backpacks? Ideally can also be attached to my plate carrier
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File: Icon_equipment_Back_C_01.png (41KB, 240x240px)Image search: [Google]
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This seems to work great for carrying a lot of stuff, but sometimes the enemy can see it sticking up out of the grass and it gives my position away. All in all, I think a level 2 is a better choice, even going so far as to drop it in the late game as well as my second primary to reduce the amount that I'm silhouetting
lost? you mean stole
Mystery Ranch doesn't make anything that attaches directly to a PC but a lot of their military line can be purchased with a bolster system to keep the bag from moving around. Their hunting line is also worth a look.

Other companies to take a look at:
Alpha One Niner
Hill People Gear

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