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So many faggot gear queer theads on /k/ tonight.

Can we have a Grey Man thread for the people who will actually survive a SHTF event?

Ways to carry weapons nonchalant, durable but normal looking clothing, general ideas, tricks and tips.

What tools do you have on you to survive in an area that is heavy populated, starving and on edge or war-torn?
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>people who will actually survive a SHTF event
>in an area that is heavy populated
General idea: be somewhere else.
I always see people taking about hobo camo in these threads.

I think that it is a good idea to come extend but not actually full blown homeless. I see these white trash looking people in my area and I think they are as grey man as they get.

I plan on using my "work" clothes that are covered in paint, chalking, oil and other various stains for going out in a post SHTF situation. No large packs, just a light hydration pack and a russian surplus canvas messenger bag.

Full sized pistol either OC or CC depending on what im walking into. I figure that if you look like you dont have shit but you are armed people will leave you alone more than you looking like you dont have shit and are also not armed. No one will risk dying for nothing, but they might want to kill you "just in case" you have something and you are a easy target.

Most of the population live in urban areas or near urban areas. Not everyone has the luxury to be in a cousin fucking innawoods location.

Traveling in the early stages of a SHTF event = fucked by Tyrones 13 inch black cock without stretching before hand.

Staying put and fortifying your house/making it look looted/worthless = slight chance of survival.

Assuming you didnt spend your expendable income on plate carriers and dragon dildos you should have food, water and ammo stocked up.

Ride it out as long as possible. Then barter for information and supplies. Recon and scavenging runs become next priority

File: mercs.jpg (101KB, 508x724px)
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So, who pays for their new weapons for the next contract?
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No one, because they don't actually do that.
They just hide them.
>they dont actually do that
>picture of a guy actually doing that


you can also get them custom engraved

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Exceptional Quality.

Hi /k/
Here's this thing.

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Didn't even read the article yet, but I personally would not invite a comparison to such things. Not only does bringing up cars bring up registration and licenses, bringing up drugs brings up the negative implication that it is a vice.

Treat everything as is and use logic, not metaphors to a different set of laws.
I live in Australia where both cars and guns have licences and registration so I feels it's a rough comparison.

Anyway, that article fucking dum. He uses the very tired argument of 'a gun is designed to kill people' rather than what it's actually used for.

Apparently by his logic he wouldn't want more restrictions on cars if people started using them as common murder tools running people down
You can make good comparisons to cars as long as you're not the one to bring it up.

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>can be used to treat minor wounds
>makes everything taste better
>can be used to bait traps
>can be used as a light glue
>comes in a million varieties
>adds energy to your food
>does not go bad

So why aren't you stockpiling Honey for SHTF?
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Because the stuff in the stores is shit and the stuff my boss's dad gets from his hives is fucking expensive
Inb4 Jerry Seinfeld
because we're not faggots. and it attracts bugs. and if the container it's in gets busted, all your shit gets covered in honey.

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arsenal strike one1.jpg
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>striker fired
>super low bore axis; lowest of any pistol in history
>fastest cycle time in a semi auto pistol ever
>non tilting barrel
>no feed ramp; round barely even has to travel upward to chamber
>doesn't have the Glock dingus on the trigger
>went 20,000 rounds with no cleaning and no lube in 4 days with zero stoppages




It's probably not the best looking gun in the world though. I can't wait till they sell the patents to their action (if they haven't already) so other manufacturers can jump on the bandwagon.

Imagine a pistol with the same action type and with Magpul tier ergonomics and looks.
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>wants other manufacturers to make pistols with the same action type
I want this hard, but I doubt it'll be economical.
Fuck it. If it costs twice as much as a Glock I'd still buy it.

It's fucking worth it.

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Sup /k, I saw that thread earlier about Gaston Besson and the Donetsk Battalion, so I've decided to translate from French this 1993 interview with that badass mercenary.
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>putain de guerre
Whore of war?
Me, Gaston Besson, French mercenary
An inside testimony of a very dirty war
Initially, Gaston Besson seems to have the classic profile of the kid that can’t get enough of Lartéguy’s adventure stories; gold hunter in French Guyana at the age of 16 and soldier at the age of 18, participating in the rebellion with the Karens in Burma, with jungles and malaria as a background. Gaston follows his older brother. Half-journo, half-mercenary, he trains with the guerrillas of the Suriname, Laos and Cambodia. He returns to live in France, but, plagued by boredom and enticed by the images of the ex-Yugoslavian war, he departs for Croatia with a journalist friend. There, he goes fighting on the Croatian side from November 1991 to February ’93. Today, the doomed soldier has the eyes of a man who has killed too often. From Vinkovci, Karlovac, Slavonski-Brod in Croatia to Mostar, Kupres and Brcko in Bosna-Herzergovina… He talks of his actions among the extreme-right commandos of the HOS, or at the Croatian green berets, his encounters with foreign mercenaries, but also of manhunts, summary executions, of wars where no prisoners are taken and the wounded are shot.
"Fucking war"

Q: How did you enter the war in Yugoslavia?
A: I travelled there with the vague intention of taking pictures. But when I arrived in Vinkovci, the town was about to fall. The atmosphere was reminiscent of the end of the world. Yet, at the same time, there was a huge nationalist rush, a kind of last-ditch fight for liberty, where men who did not know how to fight went to the front to get slaughtered. I spent two weeks with them in the trenches. And then, one night, there was an attack, and I couldn’t take photos… So I found myself with a Kalashnikov in my hands.

File: 1384501995584.jpg (270KB, 900x943px)
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They came to us as monsters. Their ships materialized at the edge of our system out of tears in existence. We saw them first as that: lumpy protrusions radiating heat into the void suddenly blinking into existence in the middle of coronas of hawking radiation.
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We watched through lenses and antennas as they lumbered towards us. They sent no message, they responded to none of our own. Inexorably they drew closer. Still, we did not panic. We comforted ourselves, “beings which could make such ships must have evolved past the terrible scourge of war, as we did one hundred years ago.”
We said this and other lies to ourselves as their dozen or so ships entered our atmosphere. We comforted one another even as our governments restocked and refurbished our bomb shelters. There was a sublte air of controlled panic as they situated themselves into geosynchronous orbit over our largest cities. It was the smell of ozone before the storm broke.
They fell from the sky from those great ships. They fell screaming with metal tongues (in our own languages!) sheathed in hellfire. hundreds of them fell from each ship, with the clockwork precision of silicon life. They landed among orbital artillery strikes on our population centers. Their hydraulic muscles and titanium bones absorbed the titanic shock of their fall.

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ITT: Your favorite gun maker now produces pocket sand.

New from Heckler and Koch, the latest in personal defense systems!

The HK PSAND pocket sand defense system. Made from a proprietary mix of silica within it's own auto-projecting insert, the perfect defensive reactive weapon system for the modern warfighter or concerned citizen.

Each grain is harvested from HK's own beachfront in Wilhelmshaven Germany using custom designed HK harvesting equipment. They are individually laser inspected for uniformity and flight characteristics and then given the trademark Hostile Environment Finish. This sand is proven to be ballistically superior to all competitors and possess improved flight coefficient/reduced drag compared to traditional pocket sand. HK PSAND has surpassed all NATO specifications for weapon systems of this type, and has been shown to withstand 60,000 throws with no significant breakdown of materials.

(note: hk psand auto projecting pocket sand inserts are only compatible with hk brand pants. hk psand retails for double it's competitors prices, but how much is your life worth? do not expose psand to heat exceeding 90'F)

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It's all fun and games until some chick sticks one in her twat just to fuck with you.

>gettin' busy

>all of a sudden, POOOF

>You're fucking blind. Blinded by pussy.
That is the purpose of the goggles.
Recipe for pocket sand
>2 parts powdered glass
>2 parts pure capsaicin crystals/powder
>1 part coarse sand
>1 part itching powder
>1 part citric acid (mainly for density)
>1 part aluminum shavings

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for you, Feinstone.jpg
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Safe morning, roc/k/, me am get back from fun cave with new toy, only cost three shell and two smooth pebble. How me do? Me think I am get witch doctor ritual from Cavebureau of Firewater, Smokegrass, and Rocks next season so I can tie to end of stick without angering Sun God.
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>three shell and two smooth pebble
me think you tricked. Cost me only two shell and one pebble.
>three shell and two smooth pebble
You give too much. Worth only 3 shell .
>Still believing in sun god
We have fire now!
We have enslaved the sun!
We no need permission for spear!
Me already have plenty spear.

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2MB, 2112x3448px
Ask someone part of the IDF anything
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>jews on /k/
What's your baba ganush recipe that stuff is addictive
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Is the man I love exchanging pizza for sex?

Pic not related.

>Be inna MaymayKurgan
>Fighting for the glorious fatherand
>Game is pretty ordinary to start with, just what you would expect
>A new player joins the team and immediately starts speaking on team chat
>His name is Mr. Whiskers
>Mr Whiskers is probably the best morale boosting mother fucker you have ever heard
In a thick Australion accent
>Australions all let us
>Rejoice for we
Bang Bang
>are young and free

We push towards the russian held bunker with the wind in our sails and the Australian
national anthem in our ears.

>Pinned down at the open point before the bunker

>"All right cunts, lets get some Australian spirit going"
>"Aussie Aussie Aussie"
>"Oi oi Oi"
>"Aussie Aussie Aussie"
>"Oi Oi Oi"

>"Alright boys, its time to push"
>Singign and shouting, the entire axis team get up from their positions and charged the bunker
>"Its alright boys, the Australian spirit will keep us from getting shot"
>Most of the team make it to the entrance
>"See, just like in Galipoli"
>Russians start pouring into the bunker
>Entire team around us start throwing potatoe mashers into the bunker
>It's glorious
>One of our engineers runs in with a satchel charge
>"Inshalla" he shouts
>The bunker erupts with russian body parts and screams as half their team vaporised
>We charge in and the point is secured
>W chanted and sung until the final point was capped and the last Russ was dead

>mfw Australian spirit won the war
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>Babbies talking about RO2

How adorable.

You are reviled by the veterans of RO1 and Darkest Hour mod.
File: 1395921203721.gif (961KB, 245x245px)Image search: [Google]
961KB, 245x245px

Anyone still playing?

I'm thinking about reinstalling RO1, possibly DH too. I just figured no one played anymore.

File: 1397343498718.jpg (10KB, 204x250px)
10KB, 204x250px
What kind of tactical patches are you putting on your gear?

Pic related: is anyone making these?
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>is anyone making these?
turn off adblock


>Implying you know jack fucking shit about /k/

I hate fags like you who have to put every fucking thing on the pedestal that's related to any board culture and judge it like you're the ultimate authority on whats appropriate to post and what to like.

This isn't some baneposting idiocy that takes up 80% of threads, it it was I would agree with you. But to call it "overused" and calling other anons cancer for the occasional "meme" or whatever the fuck you want to call it when in reality it's just a fucking inside running joke reflects on what fags like you are turning trying to turn this board into. Please fuck off.

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Why are gun store owners invariably assholes, fudds, bubbas, or idiots ?

They make it uncomfortable as fuck or anyone who isn't one of their friends
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Maybe you're just an insufferable asshole, what with being the only thing in common with all those people who dislike you.
I have encountered some stump fuckers at gun shops in my day, but I must say that most of the ones in my area are pretty cool. A few weeks ago an older guy who owns a pawn/gun shop I was in showed me his full auto Thompson and let me play with it a bit. Never really talked to him before that, but it was cool.
It's not just gun store owners. Most gun owners are the same way. Shooting is just a hobby, but everyone pretends they're hard as fuck because they do it. It's this prison mentality which drives a lot of potential shooters away.

File: IMG_20140507_225945.jpg (849KB, 2592x1944px)Image search: [Google]
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I'm bored as fuck. Put 'em up, /k/.
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File: 2014-05-07 22.30.05.jpg (1MB, 3264x2448px)Image search: [Google]
2014-05-07 22.30.05.jpg
1MB, 3264x2448px

Fuck off faggot, I've got a bead on you at the internet yards
File: Photo May 07, 8 46 32 PM.jpg (2MB, 3264x2448px)Image search: [Google]
Photo May 07, 8 46 32 PM.jpg
2MB, 3264x2448px
It's not done yet, but give it a week and you will deeply regret your faggotry.
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Does anyone have the picure of that one guy holding up a bucket of potassium nitrate to his screen?

It was pretty recent.

Pic unrelated.

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