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so you end up being the general or the battle plans guy for nork

how would you defend against usa/japan/ and worst korea??

what's your battle plan guy
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>assassinate best leader.
>order all military to stand down.
>immediately open negations with the west on how to join the rest of the civilized world
>get executed for your flagrant betrayal of the People's Republic to the advancement of western imperialism.
Launch everything we have
Attack SKorea with everything we have

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Which sword was the best in LOTR?
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The orc chopper
Da biggest ork cleaver
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obviously sting, you cuck

Received the opportunity to join Army EOD today and am seriously considering going. EOD thread. What is EOD school like down in Eglin? Why does it have such a high failure rate? Apart from studying and not being a goon, how does one do as well as possible in the course to get their crab?
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>What is EOD school like down in Eglin?
Long. Good living standards though.

>Why does it have such a high failure rate?
1. A lot of people who think they can be around explosives become shaky and unsuitable the second you give them a blasting cap.
2. It's a long school with a lot of tests, get jammed on even a single test and you're done.
3. Some people get clausterphobic, so the bombsuit ruins them.
4. Related to #3, it's more than just being able to physically move in a bombsuit. You have to be able to think clearly and methodically in a bombsuit. It's not like a ruckmarch where you can just zone out your mind to get through it.
4. Some people will flip out under the stress, lose their cool, and go into a death spiral during a practical exercise.

>Apart from studying and not being a goon, how does one do as well as possible in the course to get their crab?

Study good, keep a level head. Having very good cardio makes the environment easier to deal with. Don't argue with instructions, because sometimes phase I and phase II will conflict, just take what they tell you and roll with it. Don't bother trying to learn about ordnance beforehand on google because all it's going to do is fuck you up by putting info that might be wrong into your head.
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Army EOD 1.jpg
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Have you been through the course with Officers trying to go EOD? If so, what have you noticed about them and their behavior and how they performed in the course? Thank you so much for the information.

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nambu vs parabellum.jpg
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Why is this cartridge so shit? It's got a longer case than, say, 9x19, and it's only got a 100gr projectile. It should be launching that thing crazy fast, but it doesn't even reach 1000fps out of a 4.5in barrel. What's wrong with this cartridge?
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Nobody knows?
Jap metallurgy wasn't so good at the beginning of the 20th century.
Shitty powder loads?

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Asian living Houston here, after the recent hurricane and subsequent chaos I have been thinking about rooftop defense against urban criminals and looters. I currently have a PTR-91 but don't know if I need a bolt action for more accurate shots
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Sweet, I've been looking for roof Koreans to hire. Are you a veteran of the LA riots?
Roof Korean k/d ratio was pretty bad. You should just give your stuff and your wife to bbc at least you can save yourself.
>Rooftop koreans
these guys are awesome.
they should have been given medals

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Is having a gun in your car concealed carry
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What if it's on top of a French flag? Fuck, I love France so much I wish I was French and could speak french
Only if the car is hidden about your person.
Like if it was up your ass.

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Anglais svp/english please
Discussion for Frenchanons and yuro gun owners.
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>Ancestral homeland fucked beyond recognition before I get to visit it once
The major cities are not "the homeland".
Only those have been infested.
Visit the smaller communities, visit your ancestor's village, donĀ“t go in a country like a typical tourist.
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Post your guns, l'ami.

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Do they even happen?

Has that ever been a thing in the entire history of the armed forces using parachutes?
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How do you think they got spies into Europe in WWII?
probably, sound very inefficient though
Nut to butt.

Or if female, ham to clam.

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I've been trying to buy a good AR15 for years, and finally stumbled upon a brand called BCM. But they're unwilling to sell me an AR in an up to date rail system. Keymod will soon be outdated yet they are still trying to push old technology. And making me feel like I'm lucky to pay top dollar for outdated technology. Mlok is what AR15's should have, and the search continues for an AR that meet my criteria (it has been years).
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If you want a good prebuilt AR with mlok just get a daniel defense V7
You sound like a massive fagget
>stumbled upon a brand called BCM
One of the biggest aftermarket brands, of course.
More like need to get rid of their stock.
>AR that meet my criteria
Literally any aftermarket MLOK rail will do.

MODS MODS MODS close this wasted thread

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>implying you need any guns besides a Glock 19 and an AR-15
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I just came here to call you a faggot.

Saged because your shitty thread doesn't deserve a bump.
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Did I strike a nerve with you fuccboi?

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