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3D GWG edition

old thread >>35186660
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All thots must hang
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You probably couldn't even lift that

What if the confederacy had sks's? Could they have won the civil war?
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Seeing as how the north still had percussion cap rifles I would say yes
If they could get ammo, maybe. Considering they couldn't reliably make ammo for captured Henrys or Spencers, it'd probably be a pretty short-lived offensive.
It would be a significant advantage.

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Does /k/ play with cowboy action?
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Thinking about doing it, ik its autistic as fuck but so is being here.
no but love cap and ball guns and bp revolvers, percussion shotguns and rifled muskets and lever guns and rolling blocks. All such gunny goodness.
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I saw on Pawn Stars that the serial #1 Colt SAA sold for 800k in an auction

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Why are armoured cars not really a thing anymore?

>simple to maintain
>pack a decent punch

Is there really no role for them anymore or has the RPG made them too vulnerable?
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In many ways they're still around, albeit in evolved forms as wheeled IFVs and APCs. Many MRAPs can fulfill similar roles.
Italy has the centauro tank destroyer while France utilizes amx-10rc...one can argue these are closer to wheeled tanks in some respects, but they are the closest things to armored cars today.
>has the RPG made them too vulnerable
You answered your own question.

Plus we don't exactly have a roll for them. Any work where light armor is needed is taken up by Strikers, LAVs, and Bradleys. Plus they are too small to be battle taxis, too slow to be decent recon vehicles, and have progressed into what the Striker is today. Armored, with a big gun, and a decent sized crew.
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Why did nobody ever stick artillery on airships? I feel like that would be more effective than trying to drop bombs from them.
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Weight of the gun, recoil mechanism, difficulty aiming and carrying enough ammunition, big blast of flame when firing...
Same reason we don't stick artillery on airplanes...
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Just dumping some photos of auction listings from James Julia and Rock Island. Feel free to contribute if you like.
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38 Super Colt.jpg
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Are guns actually similar to their anime counterparts?
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Thanks for your contribution, /pol/, now fuck off.
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Go the fuck back to /pol/ where you belong.

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Okay, /k/. I'm looking for a new manufactured bolt action rifle in 30-06. I had my eye on the Mauser M12 but after finding out that the barrels are heat fitted (making them impossible to change barrels-ever) I'm not sold on it anymore. Does anyone know any other good rifles in the $1,000-$1,500? Im wanting an open action, 3 position safety, 5 + 1 capacity, and preferably a 60 degree throw. Anyone have any ideas?
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Oh yeah, and I'm wanting it to come with iron/open sights.
CZ 550 Sonoran
Look up CZ company they make reasonably priced bolt action rifles known for their quality in pretty much all common calibers.

In my country a 30-06 is about 900Euros which is 1000$

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What is the perfect™ weapon for civilians and why is it a fully automatic Thompson™ submachine gun?

>Holds a shitload of ammo
>.45 ACP
>Full-auto baby
>Easy to reload
>Ridiculously effective at any range a civilian could realistically be expected to need one at
>Aesthetic as fuck
>Great history
>Suitable for war
>Fantastic car/ trunk weapon
>Great for SHTF if you can afford to stockpile .45 ACP

Post your favorites and tell me why, /k/.
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That stock is fucking awful, shooting a Thompson was amazing in every department except ergonomics. I'm not even a manlet but that stock was too long and awkwardly shaped for me.
You could just cut the stock down. Moron.

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hey /k/, last night a bullet dropped in my car, I do not know if they could tell me what caliber it is
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we would need measurements to do that bubs
Looks like 5.56mm/.223

What do you all think of the SA80A3 prototype?
(Don't ask why it looks like the MOD just got to 10th prestige)
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Still no polymer lower receiver like DSTL promised me

So I want to obtain an associates of science in firearms technology. Whats a good school to look at /k/.
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What kind of buzzfeed outfit is this?
You fucking watch your mouth talking about Dugan like that.
/k/ is everything you need

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I need more
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Thanks man
Saving Private Ryan

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Go to Russian /k/ and bring something back.
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a colt 4.5

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Sounds amazing
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Personally I was way more excited for "The Mighty Eighth".

This was just a proof of concept trailer that got leaked before actual work even started.
wheres my SOG movie reee
enough of ww2 already

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