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SAAB has presented a purpose built aggressor variant of the Gripen C, mainly aimed at the US and UK.
Is there any chance that the US buys foreign aircraft, even of it's only for aggressor purposes?
It would probably have some benefit over current US made aggressor aircraft as those are either old and bordering obsolete or modern but very familiar in both shape and performance to US pilots.
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No. The US already regularly trains with airforces that have Russian, French and British planes. There's no benefit in creating a logistics train just for a few planes.
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>Is there any chance that the US buys foreign aircraft
They would license build them if anything

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U.S. Navy Investigating if Destroyer Crash Was Caused by Cyberattack

when you wanna save face and just blame the usual evil

>With the McCain incident happening so close to the Fitzgerald,” questions immediately arose about whether computer manipulation could have been the cause of the crash, Tighe said. The Navy has no indication that a cyberattack was behind either of the incidents
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To be clear, proof of a cyber attack successfully disabling a ship would be an even bigger admission of failure and vulnerability than saying 7th is staffed with retards with no seaman ship.
But the 7th is staffed with retards
Its those Nork hackers again....


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What's this stance called?
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Rooty tooty point and shooty
"dumb", "smash your nose open", or "break your face", any of these work.
CAR with thumbs forward. His palm should really be on his fingers though, not the trigger guard.

Can our military veterans of /k/ share some stories with us? Preferably Iraq and Afghanistan veterans.

> non-U.S veterans can share their story as well.

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What do you want to know? I've been shot at. Mortared at. Had an RPG launched at me. Returned fire. Witness war crimes. Try to detanate a fire extinguisher by throwing it in the fire pit. seen men cut to pieces. Saw children die as their parents asked me to help. Even broke up what we call a rape room, where those scum rape women. Then there's the two guys I've shot in combat.

So I've given you some options. What do you want to know?
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OwO warcrimes plz!
>not same anon

I want to know it all. Also, who committed the war crimes? To be honest, I think war crimes is fucking stupid. War is war. This liberal pussy bullshit that has applied "rules" to war is some massive faggotry that no one even listens to. Including the United States.

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What would you be thinking at this moment if you were him?
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"I need to get this finished or we are all fucked."

Nuclear deterrence works, and it is the only way his regime will survive.
what lie will i tell my people now
"Damn, feels good to be the alpha. How will those beta cucks in the white house justify their lack of response to THIS one?"

I found this "collapsible bo staff" thats literally just two extendable police batons connected back to back and i thought it would be a good thing to keep in the car since its just a 5 foot collapsible baton.
Does anyone know what the legality of keeping one of these in the car is? Where i live keeping a weapon in your car is considered the same as keeping it on your person and normal extendable batons are legal, but i don't know about something like this.
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Its just a baton, dude. And a shitty mall ninja one at that.
Here's how you'll look using it.
I watched some torture test videos and it seems pretty durable.

I'm not actually going to use it as a bo staff, i was planning on taping one end closed and using it as an extra large baton with a reserve in case those torture tests were just flukes.

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optics or iron sights??
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lots of quality threads tonight.
irons first optics second anon
I was just thinking that too.
Depends what kind of optics we're talking about. Magnifying or little to no magnification? And at what distance?

Are Fighter Jets the top predator of the military food chain?

It seems they're capable of destroying everything a military might have.

Even things meant to kill fighter jets (such as SAM sites) are killed by jets conducting SEAD
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Can you repeat that question again?
I don't know how we could be certain.

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Is it just me, or does buying less expensive firearms feel more appealing? I can afford higher end guns but I always treat them with care and they feel less practical, these guys feel more rugged and wouldn't feel so bad if I accidentally everything.
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They make better truck guns because you don't care if they get stolen.
I'm not leaving em lying around, but I don't mind bumping them around
this is a bad thread

this is a bad reply to a shitty thread

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This is probably a dumb question but google isn't turning up anything.

Is there any gun that uses a trigger that pulls back completely straight instead of pivoting? If no would such a system even work, I'm assuming if it offered anything over a pivoting trigger it wouldn't be all that uncommon so I get it's a dumb idea, the main thing I want to know is if a trigger mechanism like this would work.

Yes, I know pic related has a lot of issues that wouldn't work, it's just a general idea of what I'm talking about.
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Colt had a wonder 9 based on a design Stoner came up with that had a trigger like that. It rolls on bearings, but the gun is terrible. HK VP70, I think, is like that, and I believe the LCR does it too. However, Ruger spent time and money making it work, which makes it unique amongst those kinds of triggers, apparently.

Although technically speaking, a 1911 trigger moves in a straight line as well.
The 1911, lol
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Came here to say that, first thing that came to mind

Steyr AUG, only rifle that I know of with a straight travel trigger

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